Kelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show

FOX (ended 2005)


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  • FOX needs people who know comedy. They get stupid shows and think they'll last forever, but they last about three weeks. They should have learned their lesson when Family Guy was a smash hit on DVD. FOX needs to keep it's good shows and get rid of the BAD

    Kelsey Grammer Presents The Sketch Show is another example of FOX murdering an absolutely funny show! They aired about five episodes, and then they did not say anything about it after that. They replaced it with The Princes of Malibu, a show about two annoying brothers who are in their twenties, still live with their parents, and are too lazy to work. FOX probably said, \"Hey, I got a great idea! Let\'s get rid of this show that is hillarious and replace it with two selfish kids who manipulate their parents. It can\'t fail!\" It did. I think it lasted only two episodes. I was so angry with the show that I did not even see the whole first episode. I don\'t know why FOX loves to kill good comedy. It goes back as far as The Critic, then Family Guy, then Futurama, and, most recently, Arrested Developement. The Sketch Show was pure comedy. It had sight gags, puns, and, best of all, it was witty. It had a feel like a British comedy such as Benny Hill or Monty Python (but not as outragous). The Sketch Show just needed an audience. Sunday was a great night for it and they should put it right after The Simpsons and in front of Family Guy. That way it\'s sure fire that people are going to watch. Since they probably won\'t bring it back, though, they should release the episodes on DVD. That would make me happy.