Kenan & Kel

Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Aug 14, 1999 on Nickelodeon
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In a classic Kenan & Kel turn of events, the guys do a favor for Eric and pick up his girlfriend, Melissa, from O' Hare Airport, only to pick up the wrong girl (named Melissa), knock her out cold, and give her amnesia. Now they must get Melissa to remember that she's Eric's girlfriend before he finds her gone - and before biker Mad Dog mauls the both of them for clobbering her with a suitcase.moreless

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      • Kenan: Chris? What are you doing here?
        Chris: Mother likes to make extra money in weekends playing pool.
        Kenan: Oh, so your mother's here then?
        Chris: Yeah; no. Hey, what's with the third degree?!

      • Kenan: We just have to get Melissa away from that biker.
        Kel: Do we have to? Aw, can't we just tell Eric that his woman don't love him no more?

      • Mad Dog: I want a tattoo of a really mean-looking butterfly. Now start tattooing before I get angry!

      • Kenan: She just thinks she's your girlfriend because she lost her memory.
        Kel: Yeah, I mean, who wanna be your girlfriend?
        Kenan: Kel! He doesn't mean that.
        Kel: Oh yes, I do. I mean, look at you. You're big, and ugly, and... tattooed.

      • Kel: Hello? No, my name is not hunny bunny. You have the wrong number. Stop calling me okay. Bye bye.
        Eric: Kel, that was for me. (to Kenan) What's wrong with him?

      • Kenan: (after seeing Melissa is gone) Kel, she's gone!
        Kel: Yeah, I know, Kenan. She left, I saw her.
        Kenan: And you didn't do anything?
        Kel: Of course I did. I waved goodbye.
        Kenan: Whyyyyy?!

      • (Melissa is passed out, and Kel is putting peanut butter on her face)
        Kenan: Kel! What are you doing?
        Kel: I'm putting peanut butter on her face.
        Kenan: Why?
        Kel: To wake her up...duh!
        Kenan: Hey, maybe next time you can try a good idea!

      • Eric: That was my girlfriend, Melissa. She's coming to town tomorrow.
        Kel: Whoa, tomorrow? Man, that's like a couple of days away.

      • Kenan: Uh, your mom called. She said that a crocodile bit her!
        Woman: Oh, no. Again!

      • Kenan: Wake Up Melissa, please wake up, WAKE UP MELISSA!
        Kel: Hey Kenan, here's that water you wanted.
        Kenan: Oh, good, throw it in her face man.
        (Kel throws the glass of water on Kenan's face)
        Kenan: Urm Kel, I SAID THROW IT IN HER FACE!
        Kel: I'm sorry, I thought you said throw it in your face, you know like, your.

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