Kenan & Kel

Season 2 Episode 1

Pair-Rental Guidance

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Sep 06, 1997 on Nickelodeon
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Kenan panics when the school principal wants to meet with him and his parents. Fearing the worst, Kenan and Kel hire actors to fool the principal. But his "dad" overacts a little, his "mom" thinks she can do it if the pros can, but to Kenan's surprise the meeting with the principal was to discuss Kenan's improvement in school. And even worse his "mom" invited the principal over to dinner.moreless

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      • William: Roger! My name is Roger! Kenan's father! Roger!
        Martha: And I am... um... who am I again?
        Kenan: Sheril!
        Martha: Oh Yeah! I'm Sterile!
        Kenan: No! Sheril's your name mom you joker!

      • Kenan: Hey, remember how you invited the Principal over to dinner?
        Martha: Yes.
        Kenan: WHY?

      • (Martha comes in, wearing a princess costume)
        Martha: I'm sorry I'm late but I couldn't find the house...... How's it going, Konan?
        Kenan: KENAN!!!
        (Kenan tries to hide his frustration)
        Principal: You couldn't find your own house?
        Kenan: (laughs) No, my mom is a joker...... And a snazzy dresser, too!

      • (William and Martha agree to act as Kenan's parents)
        Martha: Which one of your parents will I be playing?
        Kenan: See, you're a female, so you'll be playing a female role.

      • (Kenan and his phony parents are in Principal Dimly's office)
        Principal Dimly: Mrs. Rockmore, could you tell me how you and Mr. Rockmore met?
        (Martha just stares at Principal Dimley without answering)
        Kenan: Mom, answer the question.
        Martha: You said I couldn't speak.
        Kenan: Ha ha ha. Answer the question!
        Martha: Fine. I met my...(Uses airquotes) husband...through...(Tries to make up and answer, and looks at Kel) Kel!
        Kenan: You just don't get it, do you?
        Principal Dimly: I don't understand. How could you have met through Kel?
        Kenan: No, she didn't say Kel, she said Kel...ege! College!
        William: That's right, we met in college, dear.

      • Kel: Who loves orange soda? I do I do I do ooo.
        (Kel leaves room)
        (Kyra looks at a picture of Kel)
        Kyra: Who loves Kel? I do I do I do ooo.

      • Martha: At least I came in costume!
        William: If it were only Halloween!!!

      • Kenan: What's with the goofy costume?
        Martha: I've always wanted to portray a damsel in distress.
        Kenan: You're causing me distress. Can't you just portray an human?

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