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  • The show that was part of my childhood

    I loved it. The only character that I find really irritating was Kyra. She was just like Ashley from the Fresh Prince.
  • It did pretty well in its run

    I think the show did a fine job at humoring us and I think that the characters had perfect chemistry together. It was very well writen and it went well all the way to the finale.
  • Top Shows - Probably my favorite Nick Live-Action Show

    Most to all ep (96-00)
  • Irreplaceable Show

    Cherished every moment watching this show. I know it's quite late for new episodes, but Nick could always play reruns of the show. One of Nick's best shows period!
  • Who loves Orange SODA

    This show is definitely Fighting fresh prince for my favorite sitcom, I watch whenever i can. It wasn't really that much story in any episodes it was just kenan and kel getting themselves into wacky misadventures that were hilarious, The lottery episode was probably my all time favorite.
  • Awwwww here it go

    Good show enough said
  • Kenan and Kel Hilarious!

    I love kenan and kel. They are so hilarious in all all there episodes. they crack me up every time i watch them.
  • Wow what a blast

    The best nick show of all time. Very funny coedy but i wish they made more. What a total diaapointment but atleast its on teennick
  • Why was it cancelled?

    This series was and still is the funniest series EVER. Why did they cancel it so soon while crap like Johnny Test still airs? It should come back. It is my favorite real series from all times.
  • Funny funny!

    When they're together, you can't help but laugh!
  • Awwww Here it Goes


    Everybody out there go run and tell your home boys and home girls it's time for Kenan and Kel. They keep you laughing in the afternoon so dont touch that dial or leave that room. Because you gotta watch Kenan cuz' Kenan be scheming with a plot to make to the top but they always getting caught so they kinda even. I LOVE THIS SHOW

  • Before Drake and Josh,there was Kenan & Kel

    Well,Dan Schnieder is focusing more on iCarly than he is on his other great shows like Drake and Josh. However,before that,he made another great show,Kenan and Kel. Kenan and Kel is about two friends named Kenan Rockmore and Kel Kimble,who go on crazy adventures and wreak havoc. It sounds a bit similar to Drake and Josh,however it's the other way around. Kenan is the smart one,while Kel is the trouble maker one. This was when laugh tracks weren't annoying and they don't overplay. All of the characters are all hilrailous. Kenan is the serious one,and not to mention his hilrailous catchphrase "WHHHYYYY??!!!". Kel is a complete klutz who screws things up easily and has a hilrailous obsession with orange soda. The parents are not like Drake and Josh,but grounds Kenan half of the time. The sister is not like Megan,and doesn't make me angry half of the time. And just like how Josh works at the Premiere,Kenan works at a store(Forgot it's name). And the plots are hilrailous for what Kenan and Kel both do,like getting their heads stuck in a fence,suing for accidently choking on a screw,destroying a raffle TV and many more. The humor is great,and it doesn't rely on hobos half of the time. And at the beginning and end,they half to explain what's going on. And Kenan leaves,but then Kel shouts out his hilrailous catchphrase "AHHHH!!Here it Goes!!!". In my opinion,this was one of Nickelodeon's best TV shows. It was better than iCarly,but not as good as Rocko's Modern Life. Please watch this on TeenNick and stop watching iCarly.
  • Really funny, brings back good memories!

    Kenan and Kel was one of those Nick classics that were too funny to ignore. This show really brings back good memories of those 90's kids sitcoms we all love. Kenan and Kel were like the Drake and Josh of back then, only sillier, it was like a cartoon show sometimes! Just gotta love it. They made a great duo and had great chemistry. Just wish all best friends were like this!

    My favorite character was Kel, he was hilarious!I loved how he had an addiction to orange soda! lol
    One memorable moment, on top of my head, I remember in one episode they were making a giant pizza on the store's basement! lol, what was funnier about it is that they were spreading the sauce with skies! I'll always like this show.
  • I loved this show!!! Very Funny!!! Who loves orange soda?

    This was a classic Nick show. Why did this show have to end. I loved watching this show when i was little...and still do. This show was hilarious. I wish Nick would at least put out a DVD of all four seasons. If the DVD comes out i would be one of the first people to buy it. Anyways this show was about two friends, Kenan and Kel. Uhh...Kenan worked at this store, I forgot the name. And Kel was obsessed with orange soda. He always used to say "Who loves orange soda?, Kel loves orange soda.I do,I do, I do,I doooooo".
  • a+

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  • Rlly funny

    Kenan and Kel are two teenagers who get in evry sort of situation to get or do something, which they finally dont.

    The 90s was so full of great comedies: Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Everybody Loves Raymond, and off course ur dear friends Kenan and Kel. THis show is so funny that at first I could not believe it. The show is really good, with really funny situations and hilarous lines. This show is amazing, so funny and is just so so great. "Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda! Is that true? It is, it is, it is!"
  • i

    this show is great on the-n today i was changing channels and i saw that kenan & kel was on and when i found that out i remembered that song kel would sing about his orange soda! good times! and then i was watching the episode about kenan having actors playing his parents and it was hilarious! it's too bad that it's so early and by time you wake up it's not showing they should show it like at 10 or 11 in the morning but even if i can't watch it i will still like this show and all its comedy and laughter i would have when i watch it:)
  • the show was funny like family matters.

    this show was a funny classic on nick.i first seen it on the was funny and a cool classic.kel breaks stuff and kenan always says why?!.it was a funny show and now where is it on the N.why should this show be cancelled it should had new episodes in 2002.this show was a funny show like family matters and they should bring it back.but its a classic tv show and it should not have new episodes of it.even family matters h dint have new episodes and its cancelled.drake josh is better now and that was a funny show too.
  • WHo loves kenan and kel? We love knan and kel! is it true????

    you better believe it. There are litterly hundreds of reasons why the 90's rocked so much most of it had to do with the pure awesome callibur of the shows that came out. Shows such as Doug, Boy meets world, Recess and so many more made the 90's possibly the greatest decade of tv thus far. And near the top of the pack sits kenan and kel, a show that has influenced a generation. If you start doing kel's orange soda bit, i can say that 89% of people will know exacly what your talking about. This show was great, in an era where convienintly placed mishapes were common this was the one that really knew how to use them affectivly. So what if we all know now that that hot cup of coffee is going to end up on someone? it doesnt maKe it any less funny!!While it may seem a little dated when compared to some of todays shows, if you ever wanted to watch some good clean entertainment with plenty of laughs this gem still packs a punch and shouldnt be passed by
  • a classic comedy show...

    i love Kenan & Kel! it was a hilarious show! every joke made me lmao. all of nick's newer live-action shows suck. K&K was one of the last good live-action nick show. all the eps were really funny! Kel's obssession for orange soda always cracked me upxD i found a website that sells some classic nick shows on DVD. i ggot this show on DVD & i watch it all the time. nick should really show this show again. at least show the tv movie. i miss this show!=[ i recommend this show to anybody! it's something the whole family can enjoy=D
  • best comedy show!

    funny very funny just like kel they've made lots of episodes but ive not seen all of them its just like drake and josh one stupid one smart.i think they should of made more episodes because every time i watch an one i cry laughing.nothing better than a classic kids comedy eatch episode wants to make u cry with laughter every episode i watch i fall of my chair lol.but seriously nothin better than this live tv show be a fan! watch the show if u can find where to get it most people would agree with me who agree's :)
  • This one one of nickelodeons GREAT'S , a show that for me was actually worth my time watching. And it was halarious.

    This show was for me one of Nickelodeons Good show there are some other shows like it but they were all in the past just like this show. This show revolves around Kenan & Kel two buddies who sometimes get into trouble, mess up, and you known before you even watch the show that something is going to happen. This show is very funny, Kel mostly but Kenan has his moments, one of the weirdest thing about this show was Kel's obsession with Orange Soda, he had to have it. This show was a timeless classic that I think lots of people would enjoy.
  • Kenan Rockmore, a high schooler who works at Rigby's mini grocery store. Kel Kimble is his orange soda-loving best friend. In Kenan's home life there is his mother Sheryl, his bald father Roger, and his Kel-loving sister Kyra.

    I wished this series never ended because it was really funny and good to watch. But I guess the show had to end because for some reason people got too old for it or maybe people just stopped watching the series after a while. Anyway, I am glad I was able to watch this show when I could and to anyone who go looking for the series good luck at that where ever you go looking. To the Kenana and Kel, I see you a few times and I hope to see you again in some new movies hopefully this year and/or into the future.
  • Awesome show!

    This show is terrific. An absolute classic. Without a doubt my favorite show of all time. I still find shows that I have watched several times funny every time I watch them again. It was such a disappointment to see this show end with just a few seasons. Both of these guys worked really well together and the plot with Kel being the far less intelligent trouble maker and Kenan having all his plans to try and get things right just made this show so funny and adventurous. I wish they would do a reunion show just for old times sake and to remember how great this show really is.
  • I loved this so much!

    Kenan and Kel is such a cool show. I mean like no matter how stupid this is, its still classic. I love it so badly.
    love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it. i just love this show so badly. Why did it have to end so early? gimme more comedy. Well, i guess its substituted with other great shows like Drake and Josh, iCarly and Ned's Declassified. Whatever it is i will still love thi sshow. Argh! Why cant they just bring this back
  • kenan and kel are best friends who get each other into wacky situations every day; kenan has the brains and the scheming mind and kel is his less intelligent friend who is his lackey and goes along w/ everything kenan says

    this show was one of the best shows back in its day and even as reruns play today it is still always and forever a classic that is so memorable and wonderful..this was also one of my fav shows in the now i sound old lol..kenan always had plans and they got messed up either by kel or just b/c they were never supposed to work in the first place..i also loved how kenan's sister had a crush on kel..and who could forget kel and that orange soda..i had actually forgot his phrase until someone mentioned it and now im doing it all the time just like back when i watched the show..i hope this show has reruns on tv for many yrs b/c i will enjoy them
  • This show is possibly my most favorite show of all time.

    Kenan Rockmore is an ordinary teenage boy. He and his family live in Chicago and he has a little sister named Kira. Kenan has a friend Kel, who unusually strange. Kel loves orange soda. "Is it true? Mhmm, I do I do I do-ooo".
    Little is known by the audience about Kel, although Kenan and him seem to be best friends for years. Kenan and Kel know everything about each other. The show centers around the two and the kind of trouble they can get into. Most of the time, it is one of Kenan's plans that always leads them into trouble.
  • Kenan and Kel is a classic Nickelodeon show

    Kenan and Kel is a classic Nickelodeon TV show They are one of my favorite comedy partners Kenan and Kel is hilarious! It's about two friends, there's Kenan who is like the smartest, serious and likes plotting schemes. Kel on the other hand, isn't smart. He is stupid, but LOVES Orange Soda best comedy show for ages You'll laugh out loud from beginning to end.The show stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell as a teenage duo who get into off the wall situations either from a get rich quick scheme or trying to fix a mistake. Kenan and Kel is my personal favorite and this show made me laugh so much. Both together make the show great and my favorite. Kel with his love of orange soda is funny. He talks to it and is in love with it. Kenan with his mischeif and getting into things because of Kel and getting out of it barely and sometimes not getting out of it at all.
  • This show is so awesome!

    Kenan and Kel is a classic Nickelodeon show that ran in the 90's. I like it a lot. It's really funny too. It stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. They are one of my favorite comedy partners. Kel especially makes me laugh. Kenan does too but not as much and Kel. I watch this show often on The N. It's on I think every night at 7:00. When I saw that they are starting to play this show again, I was really happy. I have seen about 10 episodes so far, but probably more but I can't remember the ones that I saw a while ago.
  • best comedy show for ages

    i rememeber watching this show when it first came out and not wanting to miss a single episode. one of the best episodes is when kel wins the $64 million lottery and loses the ticket. The show also had a two part episode where kenan moves away with his family and kel goes to find him and bring him home. I think chris was brilliant as the store owner who although would get annoyed was thought allot of kenan and kel (although they did manage to mess the store up on more than one occasion, And lets not forget who loves orange soda,
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