Kenan & Kel - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • Twizzles Fizzles
    Episode 14
    Roger and Sheryl leave Kenan in charge for the weekend when they go out of town. The rules are simple: don't make a mess and take care of your father's beloved cockatoo, Twizzles. Within an hour of their departure, Twizzles expires and the boys are panicked. They find another bird that looks just like twizzles but kel lets it fly out the window.moreless
  • Safe And Sorry
    Safe And Sorry
    Episode 13
    Chris sends the boys down to the little-used storage room in the basement of Rigby's to clean up. When Kel picks up a book to kill a large spider crawling on Kenan, a map falls out. The map gives directions to a safe, but the boys are hesitant--they've just seen a movie about the mob where a character who found a safe met with an unfortunate end.moreless
  • Baggin' Saggin' Kel
    Baggin' Saggin' Kel
    Episode 12
    It's time for the yearly bag-off competition between Rigby's grocery store and the store owned by Chris's nemesis--Angus's Food Barn. It looks like Rigby's will lose for the 18th year in a row until Kel unknowingly reveals his bagging skills and becomes a Rigby's employee. Nervous about the competition, Kel and Kenan come up with a sure-fire way to win.moreless
  • 12/14/96
    Kenan has been saving up all year to buy a Christmas present for himself: the world's coolest mountain bike. To get the last few dollars he needs, he accepts a job filling in as a department store Santa after the other Santa meets with an unfortunate accident. Excited about finally being able to afford the bike, Kenan is thrown into turmoil when he meets a little boy who wants nothing for himself, just a bike for his little sister. The little boy inspires Kenan to learn the true spirit of Christmas and giving, and Kenan becomes a real-life Santa for the little girl's family.moreless
  • Dial O For Oops
    Episode 10
    It's love at first sight when Kenan meets the daughter of his father's mean boss, Mr. Dawson. Ignoring his father's warnings, Kenan sets out to ask her for a date. But when the answering machine records more than just him hanging up, Kenan and Kel set out to switch the tape before the Dawsons can get home and listen to it.moreless
  • In the Line of Kenan
    The President of the United States makes a visit to Rigby's during a stop in Chicago. While walking through the store, he falls prey to a toppling display of orange soda cans the boys have erected. Saved from disaster by Kenan, the President tells him to drop by the White House as his special guest if he's ever in town. The boys take him up on his offer and wreak havoc at the White House.moreless
  • The Cold War
    Episode 8
    Kel has a bad case of the flu. Kenan tries to cure him with a homemade remedy consisting of just about everything in the kitchen. To their surprise, Kel is in perfect health the next morning, which gives Kenan an idea. In their quest to reformulate their cure for the common cold, more than a few ingredients are mistaken and they end up with a cure with an uncontrollable side effect: deep sleep. All is well until the boys realize they have given the cold medicine to Kenan's father--an air traffic controller.moreless
  • 10/26/96
    Kenan's parents are getting ready to celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary. Roger really wants to go all out to impress Sheryl, so he visits an old friend who owns a jewelry store. When Roger is unable to decide which cubic zirconium he wants, Nate--the store owner--lets him take the stones home to think it over. In the meantime, Kenan and Kel are watching "America's Criminals" and see a diamond thief who looks exactly like Kenan's father. Later they find the zirconium that Roger brought home and conclude that he is the thief. They get themselves into an even bigger predicament when they try to return the "diamonds" to the jewelry store.moreless
  • Mo' Sweater Blues
    Episode 6
    Kenan finally gets up the nerve to ask out Brianna, the girl of his dreams. On the night of their date she arrives wearing a beautiful white sweater her grandmother knitted for her before she died. Kel accidentally spills a drop of orange soda on it. Kenan panics and the boys race to clean it up, spilling grease on it in the process. Ushering Brianna out of the house, sweater unseen, the boys spend the rest of the night frantically trying to clean the sweater without letting Brianna know anything is wrong. Instead of cleaning it, though, they only succeed in making it worse and worse.moreless
  • Duh Bomb
    Episode 5
    When two hip older teenagers scoff at Kenan and Kel for being too young to get into a real club, the boys set about making their own dance club--in Rigby's. Things turn disastrous as the party-goers begin to eat everything off the shelves and trash the store just as Chris walks in.moreless
  • Mental Kel-Epathy
    Episode 4
    Kel begins showing uncanny psychic abilities by telling Kenan and the family things he couldn't have known, so Kenan decides to bring him on a daytime talk show.
  • 8/24/96
    Kenan decides that to live life to the fullest he must be like Ernest Hemingway, and he sets a list of goals to accomplish. At the top of Kenan's list is Brianna--the girl of his dreams. He decides that in order to get her attention he must climb to the top of the Sears Tower and hang a banner declaring his love for her. However, after walking up 110 flights of stairs and hanging the banner, Kenan and Kel get stuck in a window washing cart on top of the Sears Tower; worse still, the banner tears and reads "Kenan loves Brian."moreless
  • 8/17/96
    When Kenan nearly chokes on a screw he finds in his tuna sandwich, he hatches a devious plot to sue the tuna company for $10 Million. They meet with a lawyer to discuss their plans.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    After Kenan buys a car that he makes an agreement with the police to catch the thief with the password being The chipmunk has pneumonia.