Kenan & Kel - Season 4

Nickelodeon (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • Two Heads Are Better Than None
    The Rockmores set out on a family road trip with an uninvited Kel stashed in the trunk. While camping out in the woods, Kenan has a scary encounter with a mysterious, shadowy figure... A gas stop during the family road trip hints of trouble when an old man warns the Rockmores to stay away from the evil town of Rockville. When the family car breaks down, Kenan and Kel go off to find help in the nearest town...Rockville. When they get there, the boys are invited to dinner by a strange man who they suspect is more (or less) than he appears to be.

    When one of their fellow dinner guests is abducted, Kenan and Kel suspect their eerie host is somehow involved and set out to uncover his true identity. While unraveling the mystery, the boys wind up face-to-no-face with the legendary Headless Knight himself.moreless
  • Tales From the Clip
    Episode 13
    Clips from the past 4 seasons.
  • The April Fools
    Episode 12
    Kenan and Kel become masters of practical joking, until it starts making them suspicious of everything and everyone.
  • Futurama
    Episode 11
    Kenan & Kel go to the year 3,000 to see what the show would be like then.
  • Oh, Brother
    Episode 10
    Chris' brother comes to Chicago for a visit, bringing with him sibling rivalries and a ghoulish adventure for the Rockmores.
  • 9/25/99
    Kenan and Kel meet up with Britney Spears and David Alan Grier. Then end up making and unexpected appearance on the Julie Brown show.
  • 9/25/99
    Kenan and Kel end up on the wrong plane and end up in Hollywood.
  • The Graduates
    Episode 7
    Kenan's senior prank on Principal Horn ends up getting him removed from the graduation exercises - and his parents and family best not know, or he's in deeper than usual!
  • Natural Born Kenan
    Episode 6
    Kenan gets the mistaken impression that he's adopted and sets out to the adoption agency to find out his truth. When at the agency, he finds out that another person was born on the same day, at the same time, in the same hospital, named Kevin Rockmore.
  • 8/28/99
    Kenan winds up with three dates for the same night, and tries to keep them from discovering each other.
  • Car Trouble
    Episode 4
    Kenan wants to get his Drivers License, but his parents forbid him to get it until he's 18. So with Kels so-called "help" and Marc Cram's dad's car, he tries to learn, but puts off his science project in the process, causing him to sleep on his exam day - during the exam!moreless
  • Girl-Watchers
    Episode 3
    In a classic Kenan & Kel turn of events, the guys do a favor for Eric and pick up his girlfriend, Melissa, from O' Hare Airport, only to pick up the wrong girl (named Melissa), knock her out cold, and give her amnesia. Now they must get Melissa to remember that she's Eric's girlfriend before he finds her gone - and before biker Mad Dog mauls the both of them for clobbering her with a suitcase.moreless
  • 8/8/99
    When Kenan dances half-naked in his living room his mom's book club comes over. This prompts Kenan to try to get a bachelor pad for Kel and himself. While Kel is watching a version of the Newlywed Game called "The Honeymoon's Over", Kenan gets the idea of going on the show having Kel becoming Kellie Rockerferstien.moreless
  • Corporate Kenan
    Episode 1
    One of "Crazy" Roger Rockmore's old friends is now a multi-millionaire with his own company (And he started in the mail room). Kenan then uses the ploy of "quitting" to get a raise, but he ends up having to actually quit. Now it's time for a new job, so he heads to find an opening in the mail room of any large company. He finds one at Dim-Sum enterprises and goes for the interview, but when he ends up switching resumes with the soon-to-be executive vice president, he ends up in a real fix - he's the VP and must give a speech for his plans for the company. Now all he has to do is figure out what they do.moreless