Kenan & Kel

Season 3 Episode 1

Skunkator VS. Moth Man

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Oct 17, 1998 on Nickelodeon
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There's a big comic book convention in town and Kenan & Kel are dying to go. Too bad Kenan has to train Rigby's new employee, Sharla, that day. The guys decide to go anyway and things go downhill from there.

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    This episode was great!!! I loved it!!! It was really funny and very adventorous and exciting as well!! THis was a really good episode!!!!! Chris feels that Kenan is being overworked and decides to hire another worker to help him out. The Comic Book Convention is near and he must work on that day. However, Kenan needs an issue of a comic book, Skunkator. He only needs issue six to complete his collection. So, Chris hires a new worker, Sharla, to give Kenan a hand. Sharla does not know the flaws of the ice machine and the hot dog machine. Kenan leaves Sharla alone in the store on a busy day to go to the convention. This episode was AWESOME!moreless
  • This episode is truly unique. When Kenan sneaks away from work to go to the comic book convention, leaving the new Rigby's employee there alone, mayhem arises.

    This episode was wonderfully thought out and stands in one of the best positions of the series. We find that Kenan is a great fan of the Skunkator comic books and has the entire collection... almost. Missing issue #4, when Kenan fionds that it will be available in the big comic book convection, Kenan is glee-stricken. But then he realizes he has to work on the big day; until Chris announces a new Rigby\'s employee!

    After the hilarious auditions, a girl named Sharla is hired for the job. (This is one of the rare Kenan and Kel episodes with an event) On the big day, Chris tells Kenan he has to help out Sharla with the store and teach her about it. Kenan rushes this and goes to the convention, where he finds Chris is buying the comic book for him! Hilarious antics ensue in the building when Kenan gets into a fight with Moth man. Meanwhile, there are some crazy laughs at Rigby\'s when Sharla is left handling the customers, the brand new broken ice machine, and the har-to-handle hot dog grill.moreless

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    • Kel: Hey Chris! Did you know that Chris Potter is spelled backwards "Sirhc Rettop?"
      Chris: (sarcastically) Yes....

    • (Kenan gets fed up with the old lady saying about the apples)
      Kenan: Look it here. These are Washington, red, delicious apples! They're apples, they come from Washington, they're delicious, and they're reeeed!
      Old Lady: I see.
      Kenan: Now I got people waiting over there. You want to buy an apple or not?
      Old Lady: No thank you.

    • Customer: I can't eat this hotdog!
      Kenan: Sure you can!
      (Kenan shoves burned hotdog to customer)

    • (During the hiring)
      (The guy is filling out the application)
      Chris: So Ned, is it? You're supposed to fill out the application before you came in here.
      Ned: (in a angry way) Are you telling me what to do?
      Chris: T-t-telling? I wouldn't say telling. Suggesting might be...
      Ned: (screaming) Because I don't like people telling me what to do!
      Kenan: Uh, Ned, did you ever think that part of having a job was people telling you what to do?
      Ned: (screaming) Nobody tells me what to do! (he runs out)
      Kel: (smiles) Not bad. I like him.

    • Chris: Oh please, call me Chris.
      Kel: I call him Sirhc Rettop.
      Chris: You make my head hurt.
      Kel: Really? This is what makes my head hurt. (He hits himself in the head with a bottle.)

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