Kenan & Kel

Season 4 Episode 2

The Honeymoon's Over

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Aug 08, 1999 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

When Kenan dances half-naked in his living room his mom's book club comes over. This prompts Kenan to try to get a bachelor pad for Kel and himself. While Kel is watching a version of the Newlywed Game called "The Honeymoon's Over", Kenan gets the idea of going on the show having Kel becoming Kellie Rockerferstien.moreless

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    • Bob Eubanks: If you answer this question correctly, you will be today's champion, and you're gonna win a brand new house. So are you ready?
      Kenan: Ready.
      Bob Eubanks: Ok Kenan, what is Kelly's favorite drink?
      Kenan: (Kenan smiles and mouths "Thank You" to the sky) Well Bobby! I think the answer to that question would have to be none other than... ORANGE SODA! Ahahhhahh!! Yeah! Orange soda man! You hear what I say? Bobby! Let me tell you what it is. What camera am I on? Which camera am I on? Which camera? Her favorite drink, can I reiterate one more 'gain, is ORAAANGE SODA!
      Bob Eubanks: Ok. Alright. Kelly what you say?
      (Kel holds up a sign that has the answer "Root Beer")
      Bob Eubanks: Oh I'm sorry Kenan. Root beer!

    • Kel: Hey guys! What do y'all think of this one?
      (shows dress)
      Kenan: (not paying attention) It looks great.
      Kel: What... just great? I gotta look better than great if I'm gonna be on TV! Awwwww. (tears the dress in half)
      Eric: Hey man, where'd you get all those womens clothes?
      Kel: I got them from Kenan's mama.
      Kenan: WHAT? Man, you took all my mama's clothes?
      Kel: Yeah I had to. My mama wouldn't let me have hers.
      Kenan: Oh man, I don't believe this.
      Kel: I know. Yo mama got FAT taste in clothes.

    • Kel: Hey, Kenan, by the way. Where do you gonna take me for Honeymoon?
      Kenan: Lets leave this very clear. As soon as I won that house, the marriage is over!
      Kel: (feels offended) Over? After I dedicated the best years of my life, to you, that´s how you repay me?

    • Kenan: Kel, do you remember my cousin Eric?
      Kel: ...oh yeah! It´s that sweet italian woman that sold us some lollipops. What´s going on with her?
      Kenan: He´s my cousin Eric.
      Eric: What´s up?
      Kel: (to Eric) Hey, do you have some lollipops left?
      Kenan: Do you remember my friend Kel?
      Eric: How could I forget it, my dog is still bold thanks to Kel.

    • Kenan: Man, a guy can't even dance naked in his own living room.
      Kel: I know, well, I guess we'll just have to dance naked here.
      Kenan: No, nasty! My point is, I have no privacy.
      Kel: Sure you do Kenan, you have all the privacy you need here in your small little, itty bitty, small room.

    • Kel: So, you can just break everything and no one will get mad at you?
      Eric: Well, yeah...
      Kel: Cool!!!
      (Kel starts breaking dishes)

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