Kenan & Kel

Season 1 Episode 14

Twizzles Fizzles

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Jan 17, 1997 on Nickelodeon



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    • Shopkeeper: You're very lucky to find a cockatoo like this one.
      Kenan: Why's That?
      Shopkeeper: 'Cause, this is not an ordinary cockatoo. See the yellow breast?
      Kel: (Chuckles silently) Haha, breast.
      Kenan: (Staring at Kel) Stop that!

    • Kenan: Kel, If we don´t buy another cockatoo the same as Twizzles. We're gonna have a lot of common with Twizzles.
      Kel: But Twizzles' dead.
      Kenan: Good, now run it all together.
      (Kel thinks a little and hyperventilates Then he runs out)

    • Kel: What are you doing?
      Kenan: I'm packing!
      Kel: Why?
      Kenan: 'Cuz I'm moving!
      Kel: Moving, where?
      Kenan: I don't know, California, Wisconsin, Japan, Jupiter; wherever my daddy isn't!

    • Kel: Kenan's not here, he went to get some....underpants.
      Kenan: Underpants?
      Sheryl: (at phone booth) Underpants?
      Roger: What?
      Sheryl: Kenan went to get some underpants.
      Roger: Kel, put Kenan on.
      Kel: They didn't buy the underpants scenario.
      Kenan: No duh! give me the phone, dip!

    • Kenan: He wants to speak to Twizzles.
      Kel: But Twizzles' dead.
      Kenan: I know that!

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