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Kendra Wilkinson grabs the spotlight in this reality series on E! Formerly one of the three stars of "The Girls Next Door". Kendra has since left the Hefner mansion and is now married to Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Hank Baskett. The blonde bombshell who is known for her fun and wild ways, now finds herself on her 'own' for the very first time. The first season focuses on Kendra moving out, wedding planning, her modeling career and trying to learn new domestic duties, including cooking and cleaning and the usual fun times and partying that Kendra is known for. The second season the camera's follow her, Hank, and Hank Jr through her new marriage and life as a mother.


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    • REALLY

      Sounds too me like some people are very uptight and judge those that are beautiful and have a sense of humor? WOW, GET a life and try judging yourself..
    • Couldn't get past ad for show.

      Embarassing for human (American) race. Can't believe this is on programming I pay for. Shame on network for its greed. I will always use this show as an example of what to stay away fromwith my nieces, nephews and stepchildren as far as building character. You want trash for a reputation and a life - then follow this show. You want to have character - then don't become her.
    • Thumbs up for this show, funny, light and not so serious... This my very short summary of "Kendra" 's first episode one "UnRappin" Pics that go along with the words at-

      A very short summary of "Kendra" 's first episode one "UnRappin" First things first grocery shopping and install a stripper pole.

      K- Dub's ? and Show mum and family the pole.

      Chuck a housewarming party, invite Bridget Marquardt.

      Look out who's arriving, and take housewarming Shots!

      Here's to you and look it's Too Short, but Kendra seems shorter :)

      Mary O'Connor arrives, bless, and Bridget work's the pole.

      Stacy Burke and party crowd look on to Bridgets and Kendra doing their thang.

      Impressed with what they see, and Brittany Binger and Kendra, congratulate eachtother on a pole dance done nicely.

      It isn't a party without a Keg, and the arrival of Mr Hugh Hefner.

      Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

      Kendra is totally suprised, and Hef and Kendra both tear up.

      Hef is chuffed, and Crystal Harris is introduced on the scene.

      Kendra thanks them for stopping by and get into unwrapping some gifts, such as toliet paper.

      Bri shows some cupcake tupperware ( I want some!) and blanket of the orginal Girls Next Door.

      Kendra is touched and Bridget says this is beginning of a new exciting life.

      Kendra welcomes Hank Baskett home, and Hank says hello to Martini and Rascal upon arrival.

      Hank is shocked by the mess and needs a hug, but its all good, they are happy. The End!moreless

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