Season 1 Episode 2

The Ex Files

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jun 07, 2009 on E!

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  • A very fun episode. Kendra starts planning for her upcoming Wedding & introduces Hank to Hef, at the Playboy Mansion.A summary of "Kendra" 's episode two "The Ex Files"

    A summary of "Kendra" 's episode two "The Ex Files" in pics!

    Kendra helps set up the Tv, by taking out the remote control, whilst Hank does the hard work. Kendra say's "That's not my job!" (I agree!)

    Trying to get a signal on the TV, but Kendra can't remember if she set up cable or not. Time to do some Wedding planning with Brittany Binger and friend.

    Kendra takes a swipe at a cake that she thought was fake, and laughs it off. Shop assitant doesn't look too pleased!

    Neither does shop owner. Kendra checks out some lovely dresses.

    Kendra trys on a dress, and shop owners tell her the cardinal sin, of a bride is to be always pulling up her dress.

    Kendra looks the blushing bride.. then back to the mess at home, where Hank and Kendra discuss who gets the closet and who get's a dresser, pretty easy guess on the answer.

    Kendra smiles and hopes that Hank will forgive the current mess.. then they get ready to go meet Hef.

    Hank and Kendra both nervously await Hef's arrival.

    Hef greets them both, says Kendra 'is the best!' and then taken to the Wishing Well, where Hef tells this is where he proposed to Kimberley Conrad.

    Taking a tour of the games room, Hank and Hef discover their mutual love of "Flash Gordon."

    A visit to Mary's office to introduce Hank.

    Kendra wants to check out her old digs with Hank, (which hasn't as yet had anyone else move into!)

    The room sure looks different... it's clean!

    Kendra says goodbye to 'her room' and then meets Hef, to show their engagement video.

    Hef, tears up, and is very happy for Kendra and Hank.

    Hef makes and offer of hosting the wedding at the Playboy Mansion. Of which Kendra and Hank discuss upon arrival home, seeing as it makes Kendra happy, Hank agrees.
    They ring to tell Hef the news, that they accept, at first Hef thinks it's a prank call when Hank talks, and hangs up. Kendra rings back, and let's him know and they have a laugh.

    The End!
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