Kenny the Shark

Season 2 Episode 7

Ocean's Three / Antiques Roadshark

Aired Unknown Dec 11, 2004 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • I like this episode.

    Ocean's Three is bascially this. Burton Plushtoy III buys an aquarium and is starving the creatures so that they can fit into one tank. Kenny sees Elly in the tank and wants to free her. He shows Kat what is going on and they decide to protest. Burton ends the protest. He decides to eat Elly and Kenny gets mad and rushes inside, ready to attack. But, Burton has installed a shark-proof cage around his desk so that Kenny cannot attack him. He demands that Kenny be part of his cllection or he will eat Elly. Kenny agrees. Before going inside the aquarium, Kenny and Kat hatch a plan where they would sneak in and save Elly. They have Marty join in. Kenny enters and discovers that Burton is going to eat Elly anyway. He gives the signal and Marty and Kat enter in. The Health Department comes in and has Burton arrested for attempting to open a restaurant and cook food without clean hands. Kenny comes back to give flowers to Elly but she is in love with Marty. Antiques Roadshark is basically this. Kat's scuba suit is old and she wants a new one but her parents do not have the money. She sees the Antiques Roashow on tv and decides to find some antiques to get cash off of. She tries to take anything she thinks is old, but her parents only allow her to take an old plate. ALong the way, Kenny bites the plate and ruins its value. She only got fifteen dollars out of the deal. Kenny eats other peoples antiques and Kat finds out. She thinks they belong to her so she trades them for cash. But then the other people find out about Kenny eating their stuff and the man has her clean all the stuff off. He spots her scuba suit and gets fifty dollars out of the deal.
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