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Discovery Channel Kids (ended 2005)


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  • The highlight for my family back then,,,

    Funny and awsome would discribe this show followed by tunstain. Much better than the crap they show this days like "The "Regular Show" which are pure trash, I wish the show would come back . We miss it BIG TIME.
  • You'll have much fun watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel than this junk


    I love sharks,but If you can guess one of the worst cartoons of all time and a disgrace to sharks everywhere,it's Kenny the Shark. It's such a horrendous cartoon,and I will never understand why everyone likes it so much. This show is about a tiger shark named Kenny,who is found by Kat,and is now her pet. Okay,who would adopt a shark? They kill and eat people for god sake! So,the show has a horrendous plot. The second problem is logic. I mean,Kenny is a shark,yet he could walk,talk,and can live without water. He barley goes in water as if he was God or something. I've also noticed how he never craves humans. I mean,he's a shark,he's supposed to eat and kill humans. The characters are no better at all. Kenny is annoying and hyper,Kat is stereotypical,the parents are idiotic,and her friends are just as stereotypical as her. I've also noticed how nobody notices Kenny as a real shark. In one episode,Kenny had to join a school play,and everybody,even the drama teacher,thought that it was a kid in a costume. Wow,no one knows when an animal is in disguise? It's just like how no one could recognize the Barnyard animals in their costumes. The artwork is horrible,and everybody has such odd shapes for bodies. Overall,this is such a horrible cartoon. Not only does it point a middle finger to logic,it also breaks every rule in the shark book. Just go watch Jaws and forget this.

  • Kenny the Shark is such a cool show!

    I love, love, love, love, love, love, love this show!!!!!

    It's so cool! And very, very, very, very funny!!!! All of my friends like it! And I'm so happy they do because there's a show called "Grossology" that they don't like. But, I just love this show!

    It's so funny! I especially love the episode "Watching Karl" when Kenny and Kat had to catch Karl before her parents came back home! That episode was like, awesome!!!

    I absolutely love this show! It's right up there with "Grossology"!

    But, I can't believe they canceled the show! I mean, it was so cool! Why did they have to do that?! Why?!

    Still, I don't care what anyone says, I love Kenny the Shark!

    I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it!
  • A good, funny show I enjoy watching.

    This show is very good, especially for younger kids. Some of the dialoge is corny, and a few of the facts presented seem a bit forced. But I expect that out of a slightly educational cartoon. By slightly educational I mean every episode presents maybe one fact, and most of them are repeated. Also, a lot of the jokes aren't satisfactory. Okay, all of the puns fail so badly I end up staring at the screen in awe, mouth dropped to the floor, bewildered at the amazingly, impossibly terrible "joke". Are the jokes written by 4-year olds or what? The rest of the show is good though, and I end up watching the show every day.
  • A girl has a tigershark for her pet thus paving the way for a nice educational cartoon with lots of facts about sharks, right? Wrong! It was supposed to be educational and funny, but it's just funny. And will be enjoyed for a while yet, at least by me.

    It doesn't sound like much. A Tiger Shark named Kenny gets fed up with life under the ocean, and is bought at a pet store by 10 year old Kat, who can speak the language of sharks. (Rip off of "The Wild Thornberrys"? Hardly. She can't speak to any other animals.)

    Why am I, at age 26, watching Kenny The Shark? (I even have the whole first series on DVD!) Well, it is funny, with the usual line-up of slap-stick style cartoon gagas: A shark as the family pet. Need I say more?

    This show is meant to be educational, yet in the second series it contradicts quite a few "facts" presented in the first, raising the question as to where the line between fact and fiction lies.

    (Reviewer's note: Since writing this review, "Kenny The Shark" has been cited as a great example of bad educational television, in terms of it's factual content and presentation)

    All up, though, if you can suspend disbelief (this show exists in a world of it's own at times) it's a good 22 minutes (plus commercials) of entertaining silliness. And who knows? You might learn something along the way as well. Not a classic by any stretch, but is enjoyable none-the-less.

    Afterthought - Some people I know say that just the fact that the lead girl Kat is of white father and Asian mother and has a best friend from Guatemala (named Oscar) is too politically correct. I have no issue with thier respective heritages. But if you are against "political correctness in kid's shows" then you're too grown up to have any fun and should go and play a game instead, preferably one of the outdoor variety!
  • Why do I like this show?

    The premise of this show is a silly one: a shark who can somehow magically walk on land without suffocating and dying a horrible death befriends a girl who likes sharks. Maybe it's because I'm lenient towards anything animated, but this show is quite amusing. While Kat isn't really too interesting as a character, Kenny himself is fun to wath and actually does have some character development. For some reason, I like the show's main villain, the eeevil Berton Plushtoy III, with his snooty British accent and his tendency to kill and eat pets who don't amuse him (I kid you not). Overall, a decent show which has it's moments.
  • A nice shark never see that too much.

    First they need to stop having Kat's parents act like Hippies. And then put the show on more, give Kenny more friends and bring back that girl bull shark he liked. But it's still a good show. But If Kenny was not a shark, I would never watch. So this should stay on, because the gold days of saturday cartoons are almost gone.
  • It's a pretty good show.

    It's pretty good. It's funny at leats, and many people hate it-Why? It does have some flaws, like the fact that Kenny is out of water (and should fo died by now) but it's a cartoon, right? I like this quite a lot. I hope they don't cancel it, it's kinda funny and kinda cool if you ask me.
  • A girl whose pet is a tiger shark. Intresting.

    Kenny the Shark is a how about a girl named Kat who wanted a pet that would stand out from the rest. On the same day Kenny moved from sea to land, she and her family went pet shopping and she picked Kenny. A weird choice for a pet but hey. It keeps bullies in line.
  • Its different.

    I like that this show is like nothing i ever saw before in my whole life. I like the fact that a cartoon shark can be so funny. I mean a shark is talking and you ain't gonna run makes me crack up. Also the fact that he was about to eat some people and you still consider him your pet is umm let me say out there some thing like rather mad, weird, different, funny, or all theses words mixed together. Kenny is a cool shark though even though i would never want to be near him never ever.
  • I want Kenny the Shark!

    In this show there are two classes: Upper class and lower class. You don't want to be the lower class.

    This show is about a shark who move to land to be like a regular humen being. They seem like a fairly normal family except for the the family pet shark. Always being teased, bossed around, and ridiculed by "The Hill" (upper class) people, Kenny and his ower Kat try to fit in and make their way through life. If you're into strange and funny shows, this is the show for you!
  • I love this show. It's so original!

    I used to want this show every Saturday, and I still do! It's a show about a girl and her pet shark, with their wild adventures and such. I think this is the only show I have ever watched on Discovery Kids channel. The other shows...... not so much. Sure, there aren't many shows these days with things like this, but hey, at least it's original. Its got its own style too, funny, entertaining, informative, all of the above. I wish I could have a pet shark named Kenny. That would be so awesome! But, I think most of my friends wouldn't come over anymore because they'd be too scared. At least he migtht be albe to scare the neighbors away!! :)
  • girl has pet shark

    Kat is a girl who has an unusal pet- not a cat or dog- but a tiger shark... who soehow can break on land and walk on his tailfin... pushing aside these unrealistic facts (after all this is a cartoon and therefore not subject to the limitations of our universe)... its an allright show i guess. Not extremely cool but allright... Kat and Kenny have the usual comedy pet/master relationship... with Kenny getting up to no good and trouble, learning his lesson and getting a reward for it... and the trouble follows the usual sorts... Kenny invites his shark friends over (or they come over by themselves)... Kenny eats too much.... Kenny eats stuff that just isn;t describable as consumable food like tables and tv sets... Not a bad show...
  • Why does everyone like this show but me?

    Ok, i really friggin hate this show.*RANT WARNING* I mean, what is up with the animation? It is really dumb. Also, I really hate Kat. The only charaters i like in this show are Kenny and Marty. Atleast they are a bit funny. But Oscar is really weird. Plus, if that shark got hungry and had nothing to eat, i think he would eat Kat. I mean he is a TIGER SHARK. He is suppose to kill people. Plus this show has no Action, bearly any Adventere, Dialouge, Swear Words, or Violence. Its just a repative show about some dumb 10 year old. This show deserves a 1.0/10