Kenny the Shark

Discovery Channel Kids (ended 2005)


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  • A girl has a tigershark for her pet thus paving the way for a nice educational cartoon with lots of facts about sharks, right? Wrong! It was supposed to be educational and funny, but it's just funny. And will be enjoyed for a while yet, at least by me.

    It doesn't sound like much. A Tiger Shark named Kenny gets fed up with life under the ocean, and is bought at a pet store by 10 year old Kat, who can speak the language of sharks. (Rip off of "The Wild Thornberrys"? Hardly. She can't speak to any other animals.)

    Why am I, at age 26, watching Kenny The Shark? (I even have the whole first series on DVD!) Well, it is funny, with the usual line-up of slap-stick style cartoon gagas: A shark as the family pet. Need I say more?

    This show is meant to be educational, yet in the second series it contradicts quite a few "facts" presented in the first, raising the question as to where the line between fact and fiction lies.

    (Reviewer's note: Since writing this review, "Kenny The Shark" has been cited as a great example of bad educational television, in terms of it's factual content and presentation)

    All up, though, if you can suspend disbelief (this show exists in a world of it's own at times) it's a good 22 minutes (plus commercials) of entertaining silliness. And who knows? You might learn something along the way as well. Not a classic by any stretch, but is enjoyable none-the-less.

    Afterthought - Some people I know say that just the fact that the lead girl Kat is of white father and Asian mother and has a best friend from Guatemala (named Oscar) is too politically correct. I have no issue with thier respective heritages. But if you are against "political correctness in kid's shows" then you're too grown up to have any fun and should go and play a game instead, preferably one of the outdoor variety!