Kenny the Shark

Discovery Channel Kids (ended 2005)


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  • You'll have much fun watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel than this junk


    I love sharks,but If you can guess one of the worst cartoons of all time and a disgrace to sharks everywhere,it's Kenny the Shark. It's such a horrendous cartoon,and I will never understand why everyone likes it so much. This show is about a tiger shark named Kenny,who is found by Kat,and is now her pet. Okay,who would adopt a shark? They kill and eat people for god sake! So,the show has a horrendous plot. The second problem is logic. I mean,Kenny is a shark,yet he could walk,talk,and can live without water. He barley goes in water as if he was God or something. I've also noticed how he never craves humans. I mean,he's a shark,he's supposed to eat and kill humans. The characters are no better at all. Kenny is annoying and hyper,Kat is stereotypical,the parents are idiotic,and her friends are just as stereotypical as her. I've also noticed how nobody notices Kenny as a real shark. In one episode,Kenny had to join a school play,and everybody,even the drama teacher,thought that it was a kid in a costume. Wow,no one knows when an animal is in disguise? It's just like how no one could recognize the Barnyard animals in their costumes. The artwork is horrible,and everybody has such odd shapes for bodies. Overall,this is such a horrible cartoon. Not only does it point a middle finger to logic,it also breaks every rule in the shark book. Just go watch Jaws and forget this.