Kenny vs. Spenny

Showcase (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Christmas Special
      Christmas Special
      Episode 15
      After 87 episodes and 6 seasons, the final hour long series finale features Kenny and Spenny as they compete to see who can create the best Christmas themed variety show.
    • Who Can Stay On An Island The Longest?
      In a survival/endurance competition, the guys try to live on a deserted island.
    • Who Can Put On The Best Play?
      The boys hit the theater and attempt to see who can produce the better play.
    • Who Can Produce The Best Commercial?
      Kenny and Spenny get creative and produce a commercial for a frozen pizza.
    • Who Can?
      Who Can?
      Episode 11
      Kenny becomes a Roman emperor in a a very unique episode.
    • Who Can Have More Fun?
      Spenny gets wasted and Kenny is off to Amsterdam at Spenny's expense in an episode to see who can have the most fun.
    • Who Do Black Guys Like More? Pt. 2
      Spenny wraps up his race relation retreat while Kenny spends his time with the brothers convincing them that Spenny is not as honest as he claims to be.
    • Who Do Black Guys Like More? Pt. 1
      In the first of this two-part episode, the boys spend the day with three black guys to find out which one of them they like more. Spenny impresses them by going on a Race Relations Retreat to talk and be honest about race related issues. Meanwhile, Kenny is focused on proving that Spenny is a racist.moreless
    • Who's A Better Basketball Coach?
      Kenny and Spenny spend a day each coaching their own basketball team. Spenny is obsessed with winning and finds the best team he can all the while becoming an annoying taskmaster. Meanwhile, Kenny tries to psyche-out Spenny's team without having to coach at all.
    • Who can win a Cockfight?
      The boys have their ballsiest battle yet competing to see who can beat the other one up using only their penises in the legendary cocktagon. Although Spenny lacks the size to compete effectively, he works it using martial art like techniques. Meanwhile, Kenny uses explosive robotic technology.
    • Who Can Get Further With The Other Guy's Mom?
      The boys compete in order to determine who can get further sexually with the other guy's mom. Spenny resorts to various methods of seduction and groping, while Kenny wines and dines Spenny's mom.
    • Who's The Bigger Idiot?
      In this webisode, the crew judge who's the biggest idiot.
    • Who Can Keep His Head in a Chicken Coop The Longest?
      The guys wear chicken cages with live chickens on their heads. Kenny's strategy creates an argument about who is smarter ultimately making the contest into something more academic than the boys are used to.
    • Who can Squeeze More Boobs?
      Kenny and Spenny set out to see who can touch the most breasts.
    • Who can 69 the most?
      That's right you read the right title. In this zany episode the boys try out the sexual position and see who can "last" the longest.
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