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Bring the show BACK TO LIFE (episode ideas)

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    [1]Jun 5, 2010
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    i know some people might think now that kvs comps have gone downhill and arent as funny but mabye if we gave them some ideas they could really do good for season 7, so my ideas are who can be the most extreme or do the most extreme thing,wich guy is the most convincing loser ( kinda like the convincing woman ep but funnier) and another behind the scenes episode. so i know most kenny vs spenny boards are dead but mabye some of you will give some good ideas. so GO!

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    [2]Jun 25, 2010
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    i wish they'd make more classic episodes, now they are trying too hard to make entertainment. they should make really creative competitions with a lot of potential, those episodes are the best anyways. competitions that don't focuses on the skills of only one of them, but with room for kenny to mess up and spenny to be creative or whatever he does(like "who can immitate the other guy the better" and "who can make the best commerical"). also they should make each episode over a longer period of time i think.

    i had a lot of ideas, but don't remember any of those, so here's some off the top of my head: "who can get most media coverage", "who can lie to more people", "who can be isolated the longest", "who can touch most penises", "who can get the show cancelled", "who can can get the most people to drink the kool aid", or i don't know..

    i think they used most of the shows potential too early. to top the seasons before they have to come up with something crazy, but i'm still hoping for a new season as i really enjoyed season six!
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