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  • This show is horrid! I cannot even believe Matt and Trey OR Comedy Central would want to be associated with this dribble in any way, shape, or form. This is not entertainment. This is a gross mis-use of resources that should be limited to YouTube.

    I was completely surprised to find this is actually SEASON THREE right now for this debacle of a show! It just began airing on Comedy Central in the States at the end of 2007. I really thought that it was a new show that was picked up to fill in time slots Comedy Central had empty because of the WGA Writers Strike.

    I watched at least three episodes before confirming my opinion of the show. I then came to to read about it [the show] and add my rating for it. This is where I found out that it's actually from Canada and has 50-some episodes. "Shocked" is not strong enough of a word to describe my reaction that these two rancid, raunchy, gross people are popular enough to pull off three seasons! What does that say about the viewers of this mess? Each episode I've seen has made me feel like I need a very thorough shower afterwards! The shows I watched have been nothing more than gross ways to induce unpleasant, nasty bodily functions.

    I do not see what is super about tricking each other into vomiting, getting dangerously drunk, inducing diarrhea, having flatulence contests that cause them to s**t on themselves (and then throw the feces at the cameraman!!)

    And please, tell me why they are constantly walking around in tight underwear? There is nothing attractive about hairy male thighs and rear-ends.

    I'm glad it's on very late at night and that I'm able to block the show from being viewed at my house. This show reminds me of the movie comedy with Luke Wilson where he goes into the future and finds that all "intelligent" life has been wiped out, and the people who are left are bottom-of-the-barrel dregs of humanity that poop right in their lazy-boys, scratch their genitals and continue to eat snack food while watching 24 hour TV shows of other people defecating on each other.

    It scares me that it could be the true future of television!
  • Best show on TV HANDS DOWN!

    This is easily the funniest show on TV. Focuses on two supposed best friends who compete against each other in outrageous competitions. Kenny is mischievous, insulting and sometimes just downright disgusting when it comes to winning while Spenny is always trying to do the right thing and compete with honor. Their respective characters matched against each other makes for a hilariously entertaining 30 minutes. Haven't missed an episode to date and every one makes me love the series even more. Sooo glad they are making a 6th season. If you haven't already, you need to watch this show. It is my favorite show on TV by far!
  • The new invention of Canada since the maple syrup.

    “Kenny Vs Spenny; A Series of Spenny Unfortunate Events”

    By: Gustavo R. Lequerica

    One of the most clever and ingenious television shows of this decade; mixing comedy, reality television, game shows, drama and documentary. The first season was amazing and contributed to television by mixing different genders in one show. The first season of the show had many memorable episodes, as “Who can live in a Van the longest?” and “ Who is more sane?”; in most of the episodes the audience can observe the human conduct in extreme situations, and can be analyzed the reactions of the two leading character as they go trough different challenges in the seasons.

    “ Who can survive in the woods the longest?” perhaps is the most intriguing episode of the first season, due the characters are exposed to wilderness of the forest and we can observe the interaction of Kenny and Spenny in the wild life, also we can watch which of the two have more opportunities surviving in a peril situation.

    The second season of the show promises interesting new challenges for both of the contenders, in were they will be debating the question who is the best?. The second season of the series promise more mature competitions between this “ gladiators in their modern combats”; the new episodes are aimed for an older audience, in were we can see the new torture techniques of Kenny to Spenny. Some of the new episodes are Who can stay naked longer? Who can Drink more beer? Who can Kiss more girls?; and they are going to be aired in Canada on October 16th at 9:30pm. And if you are a U.S. resident the show you can watch it at the Game Show Network, plus in the GSN you can catch with reruns of the first season episodes.

    Talking about the first season of the show, it's going to be aired on DVD on October 4 of the present year. The DVD collection discs will include all the 26 episodes of the first season, commentary by Kenny and Spenny; a special version of the movie Pitch and more special surprises. So, if you want to learn more about the first season of the show just buy the DVD.
  • Matt and Trey hit gold when they created South Park, but lost their minds when they created this trash.

    This show is soooooo stupid. There's no creativity or thought put into it. It's just two guys competing in stupid and nasty competions to prove absolutely nothing. How hard is it to make a show, place two awkward men in it, then give them a challenge and see who does better? Not very hard. Besides, their challanges are completely stupid. Seeing who can blow the biggest fart? Seeing who can stuff the most meat down their face? Seeing who gets a boner first? You've got to be kidding me. A 10-year old could come up with better ideas than what Matt Stone and Trey Parker came up with for this show. Utter garbage.
  • Funny, hysterical, and an absolute kick a** show.

    Two friends who compete in wacky, unthinkable, and crazy stunts, where each tries to stomp the other. Why. Well as the opening credits says "glory for the winner, humiliation for the loser." The main star(for me) is Kenny. The one who goes through all the trouble, well actually he just cheats to win. The other is Spencer. The one who gives me the laughs. We know Kenny cheats and so does Spencer. Which is why when he tries so hard to win he fools up, giving us Kenny fans a good laugh. So it doesn't matter if your for Kenny or for Spencer, all that matters is that you enjoy two Canadian fans picking and fighting, just for a win. It shows how far we-as humans-go to win and stomp all opposer's.
    ---Great Job---
  • Kenny and Spenny, two "friends" that live together go head to head in competitions in several different categories. Extremely entertaining and fun to watch.

    In every single episode, Kenny and Spenny go head to head in competitions that prove which one of the two is better at at something in a certain field/category. Some of these competitions are: Who can stay standing the longest, who can commit the most crime without being caught, and so on. The kind of competitions that are silly, and extremely entertaining.

    I have seen some people say that the show is fixed. Even if it was, so what? It's still entertaining and a blast to watch. It has frequent comedy, and is just extremely entertaining.

    If you're looking for something bizarre, something you've never seen before, I highly recommend you watch Kenny vs. Spenny. For at least one episode, and you'll enjoy it, if you don't: then, well, watch another episode.
  • Jack@ss VS Jack@ss is the best way to describe this show. If you liked VIVA LA BAM/jackass this show is for you.

    The premise of the show is two best friends(kenny hots and spenny) compete in the craziest competitions anyone could ever think up. From who can commit the most crimes to who can create the best viral video laughs will always ensue. Kenny who tends to be everyone favorite is a master of cheating and bending the rules. Where as Spencer rice tries to play the game with integrity and honor, trying his best to win the games legit. Sadly most of the time spenny's tantrums and constant need to defend himself from everything kenny says always seems to work against him. But that is part of the charm of the show.

    This is what good reality TV is! Laugh out loud funny!
  • This show is now my new favorite. I recently discovered this show and can not stop watching it. Season 2 so far is the funniest

    So far season 2 is too funny, and I can't stop watching this show. I wish they would make more episodes for the seasons since they are so short, but i'll take what I can get. If your thinking of watching this show, episodes so not carry on to seasons, so you can watch any episode, I suggest starting with season 2.

    Kenny does cheat too much, but that only makes the show what it is. Spenny almost seems like too much of an idiot for a normal human being, and needs to learn by now, that Kenny is a cheater. I recognize a lot of places they do the shootings, right here in Toronto!
  • Insanity reigns supreme on this childishly hilarious show.

    From who could fart the loudest to who could eat the most meat, each competition brings me back to childhood competitions of long ago. Who didn't compete as a kid to see who could burp the loudest or spit the farthest. These guys take it to a whole new level as adults. Challenging one another to moronic yet wildly hilarious competitions and with such enthusiasm and genuineness. I've seen debate as to whether the show is somewhat scripted. Whether they are or not, the show is fresh I look forward to each new competition and humiliation. All in all, this show is a must see for the immature jackass in all of us.
  • A great show from the beginning, but Comedy Central killed it.

    I loved this show. Seasons 1-3 were hilarious. For those who have not seen this show, it is like a combo of Jackass and a game show. Two friends compete in stupid competitions with Kenny usually wining due to cheating. Despite this, it had a weird feeling of upscale unlike Jackass. Recently Kenny Vs. Spenny was acquired by comedy central. This was a bigger mistake than Vista. They started to proclaim that trey parker, and matt stone were executive producers of the older episodes and never acknowledged that the show had a life before Comedy Central. They aired season 1-3 episodes as new. What's worse, is that it changed into a totally different show. They have a more crude approach to things.

    In Summary, great show from seasons 1-3 and must see but avoid season 4 by all means.
  • first off... matt and trey parker didnt create this show, and secondly this show is soo incredibly funny and it is a great show

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  • Saw-saw

    After purchasing the first season on DVD, I couldn't turn it off, I thought it was hilarious. I did, however, find myself beginning to question whether or not the show was scripted as the constant theme of Kenny "out-smarting" Spenny rather than staying true to each contest became a little too predictable.

    I have just picked up season two and now have no doubt that the outcome of each episode is predetermined. This has become so obvious in the first few episodes of season two that I have begun to loose interest. The show has a great premise and two likable stars and would be much funnier if the two just went at it a stuck to the rules rather than each episode being a mockery of how Kenny manages to find a way to fool Spenny into losing. Gimme a break, are you going to tell me that Spenny is that big of an idiot, Christ, Spenny why don't you just take a look at the videotape before just always jumping right into your "humiliation" week after week.

    The "who can drink more" contest was really when it hit me that I may as well be watching a sitcom rather than a reality show. Kenny once again "fools" Spenny by drinking "non-alcoholic" beer and states that Spenny will never know because Kenny has selected a beer that packages their "non-alcoholic" beer exactly the same as their regular beer. The beer they are both drinking is "Becks". "Becks" bottles their non-alcoholic beer" with a blue label which clearly says "non-alcoholic" right on the front. Of course, keeping with the standard theme, Spenny doesn't realize that once again he is the only one sticking to the rules. The episode probably would have been quite hilarious of the two of them would have just gone head to head with each pounding beer after beer.

    Realizing you are watching a scripted reality show is kind of like finding out Santa Claus doesn't exist. Well, I guess it's back to reruns of "Jackass".
  • This is one of the most unique shows ever. Basically, two real life friends Kenny and Spenny compete against eachother in a series of contests.

    This is one of the most unique shows ever. Basically, two real life friends Kenny and Spenny compete against eachother in a series of contests (ranging from boxing to staying awake the longest) to avoid humiliation, which is decided by the winner (eg. eating dog food, running naked down the street).

    But what makes this show as great as it is is how far Kenny will go to win, some of the stuff he comes up with seems like it's ripped straight from an episode of South Park, and other times it's just plain cruel. One episode (who is the better boxer) involved Kenny locking Spenny in a prison he built in his cupboard and running off to Niagra falls for 3 days until the contests is officially over, even convincing Spenny's crew to leave him. Another involved an elaborate scheme to trick Spenny into thinking he had aids in the Who is funnier contest.

    Overall it's a great show with some far out schemes, worth a watch!
  • Really funny stuff.

    Basically this is just two friends competing against each other in really stupid competitions. Kenny is always the one who thinks up schemes and cheats to win and Spenny is always the honest one who always plays fair but usually ends up losing because of it. With loads of stupid and funny competitions humor is never far away. I recommend Kenny vs. Spenny to anyone who enjoys a good laugh.
  • there are very few shows Canada can call its own and i am happy that this is one of them, this show is funny sure Kenny might go to far sometimes but come on it is all for fun

    the first ep i saw was the first one to talk loses, that was funny, one used a laptop to talk while the other used a whiteboard i mean come on that is amazing, and the way Kenny "wins" is also cool i think the only ep i can think of were Kenny did not cheat was the Cooking competition but spenny was the one to cheat and he still lost!!! that was funny, even the very very first ep the pliot "who can gain the most weight?" was also funny, u see Kenny cheat from the very start of everything (did u no that they had a DOG! O.o) i wonder what happened to it but anywayz there should be more shows like this
  • This show keeps getting better and better every season.

    I've been watching this show ever since it started a few years ago on CBC. When i found out that Showcase picked it up I was so excited. This show has to be the best reality show out there and is definitely the funniest. While the show was on CBC it was fine but when Showcase started airing it they took the show to a whole new level and the competitions got way better.
  • In a class of it's own.

    It's not quite a game show, it's not really reality tv and not exactly a mockumentary. Whatever it is,it's one of a kind. Or was, until it was adapted to the U.K. as 'Ed vs. Spencer' and Germany as 'Elton vs. Simon', but Canada was first. "Best friends" and roomates, though you wonder how they stay that way week after week, Kenneth Hotz and Spencer Rice each week compete in some sort of competition. The challenges test physical abilities (Who can lift the most weight with their testicles? Who can drink more beer without getting sick?), social interactions (Who do old ladies like more? Who can kiss more women?), talents (Who's a better journalist? Who's a better male stripper?), and just plain weirdness (Who can keep a dead octopus on their head the longest? Who can stay in a haunted house the longest?). But it's never that easy, Kenny almost always has some sneaky way to cheat into first or sabotage Spenny, and Spenny usually suspects that Kenny's up to something, whether he is or not. Eventually through hard work or treachery, one is proclaimed the winner. The winner then gets to pick a humiliation that the loser is forced to perform. The humiliation stunts are the kind of thing you might see on Jackass or drunk college boys do on a dare. Bizarre, twisted, hilarious and sometimes even cruel, it's uniquely engaging.
  • One of the funniest shows ever.

    Kenny vs Spenny is allways good for a laugh, especialy Kenny.
    The way they fight and insult each other only adds to the humor of it all. When Kenny cheats or uses some sort of evil scheme to win is always the best part unless you go for Spenny. The humiliations are always great and so are the competitions. An awsome episode is "who is a better parent?" What Kenny does to Kenny Jr is hilairious.
    Every episode is funny and intense. Over all this is a excelent show for people who just want some pure, good comedy in a reality TV show.
  • Kenny vs Spenny takes two Canadian blokes and puts them against each other in various competitions that are all quite different from any other television show out there.

    Kenny V.S Spenny is quite a different show from anything else i have ever seen its like reality cross game show.

    It takes two best friends kenny and spenny and they both compete against each other in funny as hell competitions like who can stay awake the longest, who can live in a car the longest, who can stay handcuffed to the other one the longest, who makes a better women and all sorts of stuff like that.

    Kenny is the more fun crazy type and spenny is the book smart kind off one, When the show is all over and done and the winner has been proven the loser must be humiliated buy the winner and the task is chosen by the winner.

    So all and all it’s a really unique show worth watching.
  • Whoa, that's funny.

    Kenny vs Spenny is the funniest comedy show made with a low budget. It's so freakin good. I would do this with my friends if I had enough time on my freakin hands, but I just don't. Hilarious competitions, like who is more sane? or who is the better journalist? It's just so freakin funny. How many times have I said the work freakin? You count.
  • First SCTV, then Kids In The Hall, now Kenny Vs. Spenny. Canadian comedy rules!

    Once again, the Canadian cable channel Showcase brings the funny by resurrecting Kenny Vs. Spenny, originally aired on the CBC as an afterschool kids?? show (or so I thought). After catching an actual episode of Season 1 on the CBC, I was blown away by the brilliance of this show. Shows this good rarely make it, so when Showcase announced that they were picking up the show for Season Two, I knew that it could only get better. Sure enough, only a few episodes into Season Two, every episode has practically been "classic". Free now of the constrainsts of an after-school public television timeslot, Kenny and Spenny have stepped it up with the insanity of their contests. Just as I had hoped, Season Two's contests have pushed the boundaries of good taste (and Spenny's sanity) with amazing results. If you haven't had a chance to check this show out (as well as Showcase's other original and brilliant comedy, Trailer Park Boys), get it any way you can. Cheers guys, and keep it coming!
  • This show is too funny.. good stuff man..

    When I first heard of this show, it was on the TV GUIDE channel, and I just happened to catch the end of it luckily because I would wait for The Simpsons to be on next..

    Unlike other shows though, this one immediately looked funny as hell (because I would always catch the HUMILIATION part at the end of the episodes..)

    Regardless though; it made me want to see it from the beginning each episode, so soon enough it became my new show to watch in its timeslot, and I knew right from the beginning it would be much better if it were on a channel like SHOWCASE and had more explicit challenges, with bad language and the whole nine yards..

    Sure enough, I just managed to catch the "Who can drink more beer challenge" yesterday, and OH MAN, I must say, that was truly golden.. This show and SHOWCASE should potentially do great together, because now that they aren't catering to the CBC audience in the children's timeslot it leaves tons of opportunites for this show open.. Excellent job on the new episodes!!

    9/10 !!
  • Kenny vs Spenny is a half hour Canadian show about best friends battling out in strange competitions. There's glory for the winner, humiliation for the loser.

    Kenny vs Spenny is a half hour Canadian show about best friends battling out in strange competitions. Kenny is a schemer who cheats to win at every opportunity, while Spenny likes to stick to his morales of play fair and stick to the rules. In almost every competition Spenny is the underdog. Some of the unusual competetions include - Who can stay awake the longest?, who can stand the longest, who can go the longest without using their arms and who can drink the most beer?. After the competitions are over the loser must go through with a "humilation". Some humiliations have included getting an atomic wedgie, getting eggs thrown at you and walking the streets naked. GREAT SHOW.
  • A show i'd love to make if i had a lot of money and time on my hands

    Kenny versus spenny, it’s amazing no one has come up with this concept before, spenny is so real he makes my skin crawl, Kenny a little over the top, but that makes spencers triumphs oh so sweeter,
    My heart sank when they stopped airing episodes hear in Australia, so I think the dvd will be my first and only internet purchase.
    Though, I gotta ask, are these guys gay? They act like raging queens in some episodes, yet still remain men. In summary if they are gay they could become cult status in the community.
  • 2 best friends having their own style of competions against each other... and trying to win in their own styles. ;-)

    It may just be me but the best original shows worth watching (and independent clothing lines for the hip young men and women of the world)always seem to come from Canada! Kenny and Spenny is a brilliant show... thank god it's gonna be released on DVD so I can actually hear what they are saying when gsn interrupts the very end. We need more of this show,Kenny, so please bring it on! Los Angeles is lovin' you guys!
  • I love this show.

    I love this show and will love it until it ends, then I won't be happy.

    Kenny Hotz is the main character, because he mostly always wins and Spenny is not as good because he never cheats.

    If anybody has info on Season 2 I would like you to message me with any info you might have.

    Thank you, and watch this show.
  • Not everything from Canada is boring (curling) or unbearable (Celine Dion).

    Kenny vs. Spenny is a very funny hybrid between comedy and documentary. If you consider this a reality show, then it's a rare exception to my rule, which states that all reality TV sucks.

    This series is real, but without taking itself too seriously (which is a mistake of many "real" shows). It has the feel of an improvised comedy rather than a stiff reality game show.

    The zany competitions between evil Kenny and sensitive spenny are always amusing. Kenny's cheating is oftentimes hilarious and Spenny's earnest pursuit of honest victory provides a perfect foil.

    Unfortunately for fans in the US, KvS is toiling in obscurity at 1 am on GSN. Use your TiVo to your advantage and record this hidden gem.
  • If you are on this site then why should I summarize the show for you? Retard.

    This is by far one of the most brilliant, well done and UNDERAPPRECIATED shows on TV. Figures it's on GSN, an underappreciated network that keeps the underappreciated talent of Chuck Woolery alive.

    If this show was on MTV it would be the biggest show on TV and these guys would probably turn into arrogant jerks. But they deserve it. I hope this get's them rich and they hire Tom Green to clean their toilets with $100 bills or whatever Canada money is.
  • a great show with an awefull english rip off called ed v spencer. bring it back for a second season.kenny is the devil.ROCK!!!

    the only show of 2004 that came close to the same level of enjoyment as carnival',strangely both from fx289. kenny is evil and thats why hes hilarious but its great when spenny gets his own back.
    loved the show hope they bring it back as myu friends only saw ads for it and really wanted to see it but alas (alas??) its finished on fx and challenge.