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  • This show is horrid! I cannot even believe Matt and Trey OR Comedy Central would want to be associated with this dribble in any way, shape, or form. This is not entertainment. This is a gross mis-use of resources that should be limited to YouTube.

    I was completely surprised to find this is actually SEASON THREE right now for this debacle of a show! It just began airing on Comedy Central in the States at the end of 2007. I really thought that it was a new show that was picked up to fill in time slots Comedy Central had empty because of the WGA Writers Strike.

    I watched at least three episodes before confirming my opinion of the show. I then came to to read about it [the show] and add my rating for it. This is where I found out that it's actually from Canada and has 50-some episodes. "Shocked" is not strong enough of a word to describe my reaction that these two rancid, raunchy, gross people are popular enough to pull off three seasons! What does that say about the viewers of this mess? Each episode I've seen has made me feel like I need a very thorough shower afterwards! The shows I watched have been nothing more than gross ways to induce unpleasant, nasty bodily functions.

    I do not see what is super about tricking each other into vomiting, getting dangerously drunk, inducing diarrhea, having flatulence contests that cause them to s**t on themselves (and then throw the feces at the cameraman!!)

    And please, tell me why they are constantly walking around in tight underwear? There is nothing attractive about hairy male thighs and rear-ends.

    I'm glad it's on very late at night and that I'm able to block the show from being viewed at my house. This show reminds me of the movie comedy with Luke Wilson where he goes into the future and finds that all "intelligent" life has been wiped out, and the people who are left are bottom-of-the-barrel dregs of humanity that poop right in their lazy-boys, scratch their genitals and continue to eat snack food while watching 24 hour TV shows of other people defecating on each other.

    It scares me that it could be the true future of television!
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