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  • The new invention of Canada since the maple syrup.

    “Kenny Vs Spenny; A Series of Spenny Unfortunate Events”

    By: Gustavo R. Lequerica

    One of the most clever and ingenious television shows of this decade; mixing comedy, reality television, game shows, drama and documentary. The first season was amazing and contributed to television by mixing different genders in one show. The first season of the show had many memorable episodes, as “Who can live in a Van the longest?” and “ Who is more sane?”; in most of the episodes the audience can observe the human conduct in extreme situations, and can be analyzed the reactions of the two leading character as they go trough different challenges in the seasons.

    “ Who can survive in the woods the longest?” perhaps is the most intriguing episode of the first season, due the characters are exposed to wilderness of the forest and we can observe the interaction of Kenny and Spenny in the wild life, also we can watch which of the two have more opportunities surviving in a peril situation.

    The second season of the show promises interesting new challenges for both of the contenders, in were they will be debating the question who is the best?. The second season of the series promise more mature competitions between this “ gladiators in their modern combats”; the new episodes are aimed for an older audience, in were we can see the new torture techniques of Kenny to Spenny. Some of the new episodes are Who can stay naked longer? Who can Drink more beer? Who can Kiss more girls?; and they are going to be aired in Canada on October 16th at 9:30pm. And if you are a U.S. resident the show you can watch it at the Game Show Network, plus in the GSN you can catch with reruns of the first season episodes.

    Talking about the first season of the show, it's going to be aired on DVD on October 4 of the present year. The DVD collection discs will include all the 26 episodes of the first season, commentary by Kenny and Spenny; a special version of the movie Pitch and more special surprises. So, if you want to learn more about the first season of the show just buy the DVD.
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