Kenny's World

Wednesday 8:00 PM on Network Ten Premiered Sep 10, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Kenny's world is based on a non-intelligent Plumber who is traveling the world learning about the history of Toilets and plumbing from Egypt to Japan to Germany.

    Kenny's world is an Australian TV show based on a fictional man named ''Kenny''. He travels the world learning about the history of Toilets and Waste. The show is animated in some parts and is obviously intended for kids who are at home who haven't gone to sleep at home yet. It tries to be funny allot and doesn't really grab the essence of a well scripted, well written comedy. It has an educational show, but can make you sick occasionally with just- to much satire. The show can sometimes have a few chuckles but isn't really going anywhere, and it does have interesting moments of when he is traveling but really it is nothing you would really go out of your time to watch. If you're at home bored and want to watch TV than maybe you should watch it. But don't be eating whilst watching. Haha, but it is really just a Mediocre comedy intended for Young kids while you can go do something in your spare time.