Kenran Butoh Sai: The Mars Daybreak

TV Tokyo (ended 2004)


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  • A very good anime.

    A very good anime that's what I'd call Mars Daybreak, not great or a classic, but very good.

    Mars of the future has become a flooded, ice-covered planet where humanity lives in drifting city-ships. The economy has turned bad since the end of an off-world war reduced demand for water, the planet's main export, making work hard to get for Gram and his friends, and governmental corruption only worsens the situation. The environment makes a perfect setting for pirates using futuristic submarines, who regularly raid the city-ships for supplies. The most renowned and feared of the pirate vessels is the Ship of Aurora, which makes a habit of reselling its booty cheap so that it can be redistributed to less fortunate folk. Such a problem do the pirates pose that the Earth government, which still controls Mars, has dispatched an elite team of fresh military recruits to help deal with their threat. The story follows Gram River who joins the pirate ship Aurora and his ex girl friend Vestemona Lauren who is part of the military out to get Gram and the crew of the Aurora.

    Now to the review. The story I'd give a 8, it wasn't original, but had some twists. Also the feel of the show was a little to light hearted for me. The characters I'd give a 10, they were intresting and compelling, and made up for the lack of story. The animation is a 10, it was great. The visualization of Mars was great. The music is a 5, it lacked emotion. Overall a 8 out of 10.