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Taj Lewis and his friends, Danny & Seymour have a organisation called Rude boy. Taj is trying to mmm (make a million for mum) as he says it. This series is fantastic, Taj has only this series let will he make his million. Well u have to watch out when is coming on. Why'll Taj is trying to make a million he got to try and impress Alex Moss (the girl who he fancies).
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  • This is a very funny show it is vey cheesy sometimes it is not funny but it still makes you laugh :)

    I really like this show when I first watched I coudn\\\'t go away from it even though i needed the toilet. I litterally sat there for the 25 mins it was on. The show is about a boy called Taj Lewis who want to become a .com millionare for his mum. His target is to make a million for his mum. Awww how sweet. He wants to sell lots of cool things and set the latest trend and he desides to call himself RUDEBOY. With the help of his two friends Danny and Seymour they have loads of laughs. My favourite character is Danny as he is so silly and makes you laugh. I reccomend this to anyone who likes a cheesy comedy. and a LAUGH!! My advice to the BBC is make another series don\\\'t end it!!!!!moreless
  • wow

    when i come in from school i switch on the tv and when its on i think its amazing apsalutley cool the best show since south park my best epasode is where taj is being sued by cartoons are us for 80million pounds for ripping of octipuss man with teranchular boy pure classic
  • Hey! Its me again, Monique! Just wanted more info about the whole review thing and whether mine can be sent directly to the person!

    Hey! This is Monique! I just recently sent a review about Devon Anderson, who plays Taj Lewis in Kerching. I just wondered where the reviews are sent to, for example, are they sent to the person who its about or are they just kept on the site? You mnay think why do I want to know this but its just that I have been surfing the net and I cant seem to find many fan clubs for Dev which is a bit odd because he is sooo cool. And usually, fan clubs allow fans to write messages and reviews about their favourite stars which will be mailed to them as fan mail. I would really like this review to reach him! Is this possible and if not, are there any sites available which allows this. I am truly a big fan!!!

    Looking forward to your reply!



  • I think Kerching is the best show on cbbc. The star Devon Anderson whos plays Taj also known as rude boy. Has been in the show for five episodes. His mates on the show Jamie Sweeny whos plays Danny and Tendayi Jembere who play Seymour are very funny keep,moreless

    Kerching is about a teenager in year 11 called Taj Lewis. His two best mates Danny and Seymour talk about how to make a millon for Taj's mum. They talk about Taj\'s secret organization called rudeboy. The last episodes is coming up and is an ace episode so keep watching.
  • i luv kerching

    kerching as a tv show cannot be beat the storylines great and so are the cast taj (aka)devon anderson is a great actor and the perfect person for the job and tthis show can not be ruind if they tried to ruin this great show and the slot on bbc1 its a great idea if they take it away there foolish