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  • Season 1
    • I am Sergeant Keroro! / Keroro Lands
      I Am Sergeant Keroro!
      The Hinata household is a fairly typical Japanese family... except they have a would-be alien invader living with them! But Sergeant Keroro has been earning his keep during his stay with the Hinatas, so despite Natsumi's protests, mom Aki thinks it's time Keroro had his own room. After all, it's not like the rumors about the old storage room in the basement being haunted are true... or are they?

      Keroro Lands
      The tale of how Keroro came to be at the Hinata household is revealed, as the sergeant accidentally makes contact with pre-teen paranormalist Fuyuki and big sister Natsumi, and struggles to get back his secret weapon... the "Kero Ball"!moreless
    • Momoka and Tamama Move Out! / Momoka and Tamama Land at the Hinata Household
      Momoka and Tamama Move Out!
      Momoka Nishizawa is a girl with a desperate crush on Fuyuki, and a surprise for him... but when her "surprise" (which turns out to be Private Tamama, one of Keroro's subordinates) nearly spoils her attempt to get closer to Fuyuki, she shows Tamama her "dark side". Can Keroro save the private from Momoka's wrath, or is it Momoka who needs saving?

      Momoka and Tamama Land at the Hinata Household
      Momoka is invited to Fuyuki's house for a meeting on how to deal with their new alien houseguests, and she sees this as another chance to get closer to Fuyuki. But it's not that easy, what with interruptions from Keroro and Tamama, her own shyness, and some recalcitrant alien cooking that's more than a little undercooked and more than a little surly.moreless
    • Critical Point Breached / Secret Mission Begins
      3a - Critical Point Reached!

      There's a terrible smell coming from Keroro's room, and Tamama knows what's causing it - the Sergeant is getting overly stressed, and he's reaching his critical point. Quite how he's gotten so stressed is a mystery, as all he does most days is laze around. Being cooped up in the house seems to be part of the problem, so maybe some fresh air will help - but how can an alien bent on world domination take a quiet walk without being spott ed?

      3b - Secret Mission Begins

      Natsumi's suspicious - Keroro's been unusually helpful lately. Time for a family meeting - just what is he up to? Unfortunately, she can't persuade the rest of the household that there's anything wrong - Fuyuki won't believe he's up to anything, while their mom just thinks he's cute. Determined to prove she's right, she sets up the Keroro Surveillance Project. Is Natsumi right, or was it all just in her head? Meanwhile, it seems someone is keeping an eye on Aki, Natsumi and Fuyuki - but who..?moreless
    • The Most Dangerous Man in the Universe /Rain With a Slight Chance of a Dangerous Man
      4a - The Most Dangerous Man in the Universe

      The mystery of who's been watching the Hinata family is revealed - the third Keron invader, Corporal Giroro, has appeared, and he's not happy that his comrades appear to have become Pekopon prisoners of war. His solution: take over the Hinata home, to use as a base for their invasion. Keroro's fine with the 'base for invasion' part, but Giroro's plans to kill the former inhabitants are a bit much. He's already placed a number of traps, ready to catch the family out as they return home...

      4b - Rain, with Chance of Dangerous Man

      Tamama and Giroro would quite like to get on with the plan to invade Earth, if only they could persuade Keroro to stop reading manga and join them. Seems he's gotten a little too used to his comfortable life on Earth to be bothered - but if they can somehow get him back to his 'usual' self, maybe that will change. Their plan: increase the humidity in Keroro's room to something more like Planet Keron - but when Giroro overdoes it (a few too many humidifiers, it seems), Keroro becomes drunk on the humidity, and chaos ensues....moreless
    • The Song of Men Who Love Their Toys
      Keroro is targeting an old toy store to get his hands on a new Gundam model, but the thing is that it's about to be demolished! Can Keroro stop this, or will he end up learning a lesson?
    • Momoka Love-Love Operation / Momoka Ghost Operation
      Momoka Love-Love Operation When Momoka calls Fuyuki and invites him to the beach, unfortunately for Momoka, he brings the whole family with him. Momoka has various plans to get her first kiss from Fuyuki, and complete her "Getting Close to Fuyuki-kun in the Southern Tropical Paradise and Falling in Love" operation. After various attempts, will Momoka succeed with her operation? Momoka Ghost Operation The second-half starts out with Momoka about to confess her true feelings to Fuyuki, but is interrupted when a space octopus runs away from Keroro and Tamama. Momoka is not aware that the next operation has already begun though. The plan is for Paul to have a mask on, and then pop out of nowhere with a chainsaw, without anyone noticing him, Momoka would pretend to be scared and cling on to Fuyuki's arm, to get her first kiss. Will Momoka finally get her first kiss from Fuyuki with her Ghost Operation?moreless
    • Moa Her First Time Destroying the Earth / Tamama vs. Moa Tamama's Loss
      Moa Her First Time Destroying the Earth: It has been told that a Lord of Terror will come to Earth at the year of 1999 and destroy the whole planet, but it's 2004 right now, and it can possibly be true, right? This is very wrong, because when a mysterious girl lands near the Hinata house, the siblings and the platoon are about to get a big surprise!

      Tamama vs. Moa Tamama's Loss: Moa has been spending a lot of time with Keroro in the household, and Tamama is very jealous. So when Tamama cooks up a plan to finish her up... but could this alien that is dark with jealousy defeat someone as pure and innocent as Moa?moreless
    • Keroro, Invasion. Battle in Good Times
      It's a big clean-up day in the Hinata household, but when you have four aliens helping out and one of them is a complete neat-freak, things might turn out quite interesting. Better yet, the Hinatas discover something that is almost unbelievable in the sergeant's portable refridgerator!
    • Natsumi, Kururu Stepping To the Road of Love
      Mutsumi Saburo, a senior at Natsumi's school (who just so happens to be Natsumi's love interest), is trying to approach her. Meanwhile, the Keroro platoon is trying to find its fourth member, even if it means scanning through all of Japan and its giftshops! But while Fuyuki starts to have suspicions that Mutsumi could be one of the infamous Men in Black, Mutsumi comes into the household at an incredibly fast pace, and his entrance is also completely suspicious. Is Mutsumi really a Man in Black, or is he the partner of someone incredibly special?moreless
    • Battle! The Third Molar
      Keroro gets a cavity and it's up to everyone to help him defeat the aliens at the root of it.
    • Keroro Team on the TV
      The Sentimental Consultans arrive to film Keroro Platoon on earth. These celebrities are less than desirable characters when they try to take advantage of the platoon and the Hinatas. As things begin to get out of hand, Space police officer Poyon arrives to arrest the imposters. However, what happens when the real Sentimental Consultants arrive?moreless
    • Sumomo, Idol of All Space / Giroro, the Little Angel on the Battlefield
      Sumomo, Idol of All Space When Fuyuki wakes up one morning, he finds Sumomo, a famous idol from space, sleeping on his bed. Keroro comes into the room and when he see's Sumomo, he gets all excited. Later, Keroro asks Sumomo if she was on earth to support the troops. Sumomo doesn't know what to say, even the though the true reason is because she wanted a break from being an idol. Giroro, the Little Angel on the Battlefield Giroro loses his belt and it is causing him to be clumsy and usless. What will Giroro do without his belt?moreless
    • Dororo, the Forgotten Soldier / Dororo and Koyuki's Beautiful Friendship
      As other alien invaders on earth are being exposed, the platoon becomes concerned for their own security. Soon an intruder is discovered, but she turns out to be Natsumi's new classmate and the friend of the missing Zeroro. Disappointed and feeling abandoned all those months, the new Dororo breaks off relations with the platoon. In the house, Keroro reflects back on how he, Giroro and Zeroro were childhood friends and included some of the trauma he caused. In the meantime, Dororo and Koyuki have been kidnapped by Viper. The platoon attempts a rescue operation, but is quickly defeated by Viper (who is much stronger than the incomplete platoon). A remorseful Keroro wholeheartedly apologizes to Dororo for breaking his prized music box and awakens him. The now complete platoon, using an energy ball defeats Viper. However, the shock of knowing that Keroro broke the music box greatly upsets Dororo and causes him to reconsider joining the platoon.moreless
    • 5 Battle Together, The Biggest Battle In History
      Keroro wracks his brain to come up with an invasion plan that Dororo will approve of. When he does, it takes the combined might of the Keroro platoon and their human friends to carry it out. But does Keroro have something up his sleeve?
    • Momoka, Another Momoka Appears
      In a freak lightening accident, the violent aggressive Momoka is spun out of the usually sweet and docile one. The spiked hair Momoka using the vulgar male pronoun "ore" takes over the base and forms the new "Momoka Platoon" and starts the invasion of earth. Defeated, the inept Keroro goes into hibernation. Just as the violent Momoka is ready to push the button to launch the missile, the docile Momoka arrives in time to stop her other self from destroying the earth. They agrees to join back together in one body and will one day declare their love for Fuyuki. Keroro, revived, offers to join them through synchronized swimming. After a wonderful performance, a complete Momoka emerges from the pool. However, another complete form also emerges - the Keroro Giroro combination.moreless
    • Moa, Another Moa Comes
      Members of the platoon and their human allies witness Mois beating up people and taking their money. In disbelief, they try to find clues to Mois's secret activities, but not even her videogram to her father yields any. Hurt that no one believes her innocent and at the same time embarrassed to tell them of her activities, Mois runs out. In pursuit, they encounter a delinquent Mois getting ready to harm some of Natsumi's classmates. To the rescue, Natsumi fights Mois, until another Mois appears. Through a flashback, Mois reveals that she modelled herself after Asami, a brave girl who had once defended the weak. Now Asami has become a delinquent and they must intervene to bring her back from her lone wolf days. Through Kururu's invention, Fuyuki's script, Mois's acting, and everyone else's assistance, they manage to have her return home.moreless
    • Keroro vs Natsumi, Battle In the Waters! / Fuyuki, Welcome To the Horror World
      Keroro vs Natsumi, Battle In the Waters! Keroro, Tamama, and Giroro sneak out of the Hinata house for a day at the pool. What seems to be a simple trip to the pool turns into an exercise in pain for Giroro and Tamama, and a contest between Keroro and Natsumi to see who the fastest swimmer is Fuyuki, Welcome To the Horror World Everyone at the Hinata house takes a turn telling scary stories to try and scare the others.moreless
    • Natsumi Is Hilarious! Coast Story of An Adult
      Fuyuki and Natsumi want to hit the beach, but their mother is too busy to go with, so it's Kururu to the rescue with his "What if I can do it all over again" Gun. Reversing the gun ages Natsumi to an adult... with some unintended consequences.
    • Keroro vs. Natsumi Festival Showdown! / Keroro, Your Ears Have Been Invaded By the Radio
    • Fuyuki Meets A Girl / Fuyuki, Messenger of Nontolma
    • Keroro's Invasion Can Conserve Energy / Keroro Charges To the Countryside
    • Tamama, I'll be Team Captain From Now On
      Tamama Becomes the new leader, But what happens when the young private get out of control?.
    • Panic! The Noisiest Day of the Hinata Family
      Keroro maintains his weapon, the Kero Ball, to fix his broken Gunpla. Then all of the sudden, due to Fuyuki damaging it a while ago, the Kero Ball begins making clones of Keroro, and the clones make the Hinata house extremely crowded, but Keroro can't figure out how to make the Kero Ball stop multiplying, so it leaves everyone in a big mess!moreless
    • Keroro, The Space Detective of Righteousness and Poverty / 566 Employment On The Frontline
    • Momoka, Escapee of Love, Youth and Troubles
      Momoka's father arrives to take his daughter overseas for school, however Momoka's got her own reasons for not wanting to go. Fleeing to the Hinata house, she drags Fuyuki, Keroro, and the rest of the platoon in a battle with her father.
    • Keroro Unite Together! Let's Invade the Sports Meet
      Natsumi wants to compete with her mother in her school's Sport's Meet, but she's unable to attend due to work. It's up to Giroro to save the day.
    • Keroro Father Kital and Father Frog / Keroro Hotspring GO! GO! GO!
    • Keroro Snowball Fight Survival / Kururu's Kukkukku
      Keroro Snowball Fight Survival: a sudden snowfall means harsh winter survival training for the Keroro Platoon in the form of a snowball fight with their human friends. Kururu's Kukkukku: with Kururu on the rampage with his practical jokes and abuse of the platoon and the others, Keroro decides it's time to confront Kururu... which proves to be much more difficult than anticipated. All seems lost until Mois offers to talk to Kururu.moreless
    • Natsumi and Koyuki's Youthful Stage Debut / Keroro Scoop NG
      Natsumi and Koyuki's Youthful Stage Debut: Koyuki and Natsumi are talked into helping the drama club with their performance of Peter Pan. Problems arise when Natsumi's inability to act forces her to turn to Keroro for help, but as usual, he takes it a little too far. Keroro Scoop NG Thanks to Keroro's antics at Natsumi's play, the school newspaper club takes an interest in him. When they catch him falling out of his Pekoponjin suit, they become hell-bent to prove his existance to the rest of the world. However Keroro and the rest of platoon have other ideas.moreless
    • Tamama, Youth From Keron Planet / Momoka's Ideal Nice Body
      Tamama, Youth From Keron Planet Taruru, a young Keronion comes to earth to visit the one he idols the most, Tamama. Taruru ends up causing Tamama some trouble by saying everything Tamama has been saying behind everyones back. Momoka's Ideal Nice Body Momoka wants a nice body so Fuyuki will fall for her. Keroro hears about this and goes off to help her out, by selling her products to try to make a fortune. Will the plan be a success, so that Keroro will get enough money to plan an attack on Earth?moreless
    • Keroro Wants To Go Back, Go Back...
      Keroro orders an anti-gravitational flying bike from an online space auction. But soon finds out that he's tricked when he goes off for a flight on his machine even though Natsume forbids him to. Finally he finds himself on a deserted road on a mountain, all alone he tries to return to the city. Natsume gets worried about him and with help of kururu's gadgets she rescues him.moreless
    • Keroro Animal Platoon Assemble / Giroro Wants To Say
    • Keroro Platoon Invades Pecopon In the Anime
    • Momoka vs. Koyuki Hotspring Battle / Keroro and Fuyuki Go Together
    • Top Secret! Natsumi's Birthday Strategy
    • Keroro Death Battle! Gunso vs. General Fuyu / Fuyuki That's How It Is, Nishizawa-San
    • Dororo To The Ninja Classroom / Keroro's Dinosaur
    • Giroro Love Robot Soldiers / Giroro vs. Natsumi Re-encouter...
    • Keroro Christmas Battle / Keroro Spring Cleaning Battle
    • Moa, Happy New Year? / Keroro The Food Is Good, Same For Homework
    • Keroro Invasion Strategy / Dororo Is a Fiery Spirit
    • Keroro and The Red-Blooded Keroro Platoon / Tamama, Envious Friendship Shot
    • Giroro The Red Demon Who Cannot Cry / Giroro Feels Like Dashing Out
    • Keroro vs. Fuyuki Heated Sports Match / Kururu vs. Aki, Exploding Invasion of Robo
      Kururu proposes a formal competition to compare human and Keronian physical proficiency. Natsumi, still seething after the events of episode 17, accepts Keroro's challenge, whereupon Keroro picks Fuyuki as his opponent. Momoka's snowy mountain complex forms the backdrop as Keroro and Fuyuki go to battle in winter sports, but one unexplained phenomena after another (a freak updraft, a stray missile, a bobsled rail coming off for no reason) threaten to throw the competition into disarray. All the happenings in the first act are finally explained - Kururu's true intention was to build and test his new giant robot (which eager test pilot Hinata Aki dubs the Autumn H), without unnecessary distracions from the Hinata children and his fellow soldiers. Unfortunately Aki goes crazy with the robot's weapons, forcing Kururu to move out in the Kururu Robo to bring her in, resulting in all the unexplained phenomena from the first act.moreless
    • Keroro, Sudden Love for Dango / Natsumi and Momoka, Valentine Operation Initiated
      It's the day before Valentine's day, and Keroro, inspired by the sales of chocolate on this occasion, plans on cashing in by manufacturing and selling traditional ikinari dango or sweet potato snacks, as a substitute for traditional Valentine's Day chocolate. Unfortunately, all the marketing and promotional power of the Keroro platoon fail to overturn international tradition, and Keroro is left with stacks and stacks of ikinari dango that will haunt him for many episodes to come. Valentine's Day arrives at last, and whether it be chocolate handmade from store-bought ingredients or coca flown from Ghana by the Nishizawa Peach Group, Natsumi and Momoka are on a sacred mission to give their chocolates to the men in their lives (Saburo and Fuyuki respectively), but each has her own obstacles to overcome - Natsumi's own nerves get the better of her at each turn, and Momoka watches helpless as Fuyuki receives Valentine's Day chocolate from other girls (Fuyuki himself has a different sort of problem, in the form of the combined jealousy of the menfolk of Kisshou Gakuen.)moreless
    • Keroro, Do Not Tell Me You Have Forgotten?
      Spooky happenings take place in the Hinata household, and Natsumi is first to point fingers at Keroro - but Keroro's air-tight alibi leaves everyone puzzled. This somehow leads to bigger unexplained manifestations, and finding the logical explanations for them leads to one final manifestation, as the Hinata house ghost is sick and tired of everyone forgetting her existence by simply explaining it away. A ghost with a grievance is a powerful thing indeed, as the house ghost spirits Natsumi and Keroro away, and her long and painful history is revealed at last - as a child, she found a kappa (an amphibious Japanese demon), befriended it, and was deemed a heretic and locked in a vault by her fellow villagers for it...moreless
    • Natsumi, Protect the Sunflower / Keroro Becomes Afro
      The story begins with Natsumi inviting Koyuki to spend Hinamatsuri, the Japanese Girls' Festival, at the Hinata household. Keroro intervenes once again, hoping to 'spice up' the traditional festival in his own way, and Kururu unveils his newest invention - Kururuko, a Cardcaptor Sakura-inspired Pekopon suit, its perfect human likeness spoiled by Kururu's attempt at a girly voice from inside it. Kururuko then proceeds to send the humans into a holographic realm, introducing them to Hinamatsuri, Outer Space style. Debuting in this episode is Dance Man, the white-suited afro-coifed singer of the Afro Gunso closing theme... and Dasonu Maso, his alien bootleg version. The story begins when Keroro tricks Natsumi with what appears to be a Dance Man concert ticket, but ripping off the counterfoil summons Dasonu Maso from deep space, and Natsumi is subjected to the truths of Dasonu Maso as well as the threat of her very own afro....moreless
    • Keroro Platoon, Springtime U-La-La Battle / Fuyuki No-No Hazard Rescue Mission
      Springtime rolls in at last, and a form of seasonal laziness begins to affect all people - which inspires Keroro's latest scheme, to channel the energies of the world's laziest lifeforms and use it against the people of Earth. Kururu creates a reactor chamber to house this 'Keron March Energy', and a successful test with 556 as the subject is run, but things go horribly wrong when Kururu opens the reactor to let out 556... and all the Keron March Energy at the same time... Keron March Energy spreads rapidly throughout the city, and it's up to Fuyuki, protected from the ominous fog by his diving suit from episode 20, to put a stop to this. Making his way through the underground base, Fuyuki uncovers one cryptic clue after another, and finally locates Keroro - trapped by the now self-aware Keron March Energy (bearing a strange resemblance to Ayanami Rei of Neon Genesis Evangelion), which threatens to bring about the end of the world with March Impact.moreless
    • Kururu, The Best Method in Space / Momoka, White Top Operation
      Kururu passes on to his platoonmates his new 'life policy' - do something you don't normally do. After seeing Natsumi and Fuyuki react to Kururu's revised behavior with gratitude, the other Keronians take to this new attitude with great zeal - Keroro in particular gets the wrong idea and winds up doing a lot of needless and ultimately annoying things. Even his personal attempt at triggering the Pekopon Invasion goes awry when his congenital ineptitude gets the better of him. March 14 is White Day, the day that boys who received Valentine's Day chocolates (re. ep 45) get to give something back, and Momoka gets a box of cookies from Fuyuki, which she proceeds to display in her private vault (the cookies that is). However Momoka is looking forward to something more - the perfect date with Fuyuki, and Paul enlists the Nishizawa Peach Group's vast resources to create the Super Version Simulator, a virtual reality chamber to determine every possible outcome of Momoka's date with Fuyuki, taking into account every possible situation, down to possible interference from practically every other character in the show... save for one...moreless
    • Natsumi, The Hot-Blooded Earth Soldier / Giroro, If I Don't Do It, Who Will?
      After doing some digging around in his tent, Giroro comes across a dvd of the Keroro Platoon's press conference before they left for Earth. While watching, he realizes just how far the Keroro Platoon has fallen from their original duties. The Keroro Platoon decides to go back to its old ways and take over the Hinata house. But how can they get past Natsumi Hinata, the demonlord of the house? Or will a serious fever take her down for them? An irregular fever causes Natsumi to go bedridden, with the Platoon fearing for her life. Giroro's love for Natsumi gets the best of him once more as he battles with a Space Cerberus.moreless
    • Keroro Platoon, Retreat! Farewell, Pecopon
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