Keroro Gunso

Season 1 Episode 1

I am Sergeant Keroro! / Keroro Lands

Aired Saturday 6:00 PM Apr 03, 2004 on TV Tokyo



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    • Narrator And so, Sergeant Keroro was officially posted to the Hinata household.

      Natsumi Hinata - DON'T GIVE IT AWAY!

    • Narrator - Her interest in an alien's lifestyle comes from her dedication to her job... I believe... Hopefully...

    • Natsumi Hinata - Are you really an alien?
      Sergeant Keroro - What are you talking about? I am just a slightly overgrown and slightly mischievous normal frog. I have never even thought about invading Pekopon.
      Natsumi Hinata - I-It looks like he really is an alien.

    • (First words of the series)
      Narrator - 2004 A.D. The earth was suddenly attacked by mysterious extraterrestrials. The hordes of UFOs covered the sky... The cruel and most heartless invaders... The fleeing people... The significant difference in technology. The police and defense forces stood no chance, and fell. And then... The Earth met its new rulers... or so they expected.
      Invader - Or so they expected!

    • Sergeant Keroro - I am the one they call number one in the universe... Sergeant Keroro!

    • Natsumi Hinata - Hurry up, you idiotic frog!
      Sergeant Keroro - 'Idiotic frog' is too harsh!

    • Sergeant Keroro - Natsumi-dono... when my room is completed, I will give you a priority invitaion into it. As a maid.

    • Natsumi Hinata - What's up with it being better than my room...?
      Sergeant Keroro - Well, this much is normal on Planet Keron. Hmm? What's wrong? Na-tsu-mi-do-no?
      Natsumi Hinata - I'm not jealous at all...
      Narrator - But actually, Natsumi was jealous.
      Natsumi Hinata - Don't give it away.

    • Fuyuki Hinata - First an alien, and now a ghost! Amazing!
      Narrator - This was one scene from the everyday life of the Hinatas. Sergeant Keroro and the Hinatas first met a few weeks ago. More details will be given later. Do not change the channel.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Sergeant Keroro: Dance man
      "Songs must be by a singer with an afro. Dance man!" When Sergeant Keroro says this when explaining the things in his room, that quote is a reference to Dance man, who sings the ending theme "Afro Sergeant".

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