Keroro Gunso

Season 1 Episode 2

Momoka and Tamama Move Out! / Momoka and Tamama Land at the Hinata Household

Aired Saturday 6:00 PM Apr 10, 2004 on TV Tokyo



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    • From: Momoka and Tamama Move Out!

      Keroro - My dad never even hit me. Dissection is out of the question. If I die, I cannot invade the Earth. So I am not really abandoning my comrades.
      Comrades - (in Keroro's head) Abandoning your comrades is so cruel! You are not fit to be squad leader! Then I will be the new squad leader.
      Narrator - Not fit to be squad leader!
      Keroro - I was about to betray my subordinates' trust and lose my place as squad leader! That was close... I must act immediately!

    • Keroro - I already ran into Natsumi-dono... "School" is a really scary place. Fuyuki-dono! Where are you, Fuyuki-dono?! I want to go home!

    • Momoka - Hinata-kun, I lo...
      Fuyuki - Lo...?
      Momoka Nishizawa - Lo... Lo... Lo... (thing in Momoka's bag farts) Slient fart...? No! it's not me! I wouldn't...! My digestion system is a bit strong, and even if there's a sound, it doesn't smell... And I like vegetables more than meat... Oh, but potatoes are good in autumn... And matsutake mushrooms are even better... But this isn't even autumn.... I don't even know what I'm talking about. Goodbye!
      Fuyuki - Nishizawa-san is really different....

    • Fuyuki - I will now start the first Occult Club meeting. But... I'm the only member, and I'm also the president...

    • Narrator - Enter, new character!
      Private Tamama - Whew, that's refreshing! Since I drank so much cola this morning, it made me fart. (starts jumping across the screen farting) Oh, did I tell you that I'm really confident of how my farts smell? The average Keron has a smell rating of about 9,500 pohekoki, but I have a rating of about 5 times that much, or 50,000 pohekoki. So the smell is really something else... right, Momo-cchi?
      Momoka Nishizawa - WHY, YOU!

    • Narrator - Fuyuki now understood......the saying, "A pet resembles its owner."

    • From: Momoka and Tamama Land at the Hinata Household

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    • From Momoka and Tamama Move Out!:

    • Keroro: Opening Theme Song
      Early in the episode, when Keroro is vacuuming the house, he sings "The password is... Afro and Sergeant. 3, 2, 1, Fire!" which is part of the opening theme song.

    • Keroro's Gundam models: Gundam
      When Keroro is thinking about looking for his subordinates, he starts to make a Gundam model.

    • Keroro's Mouse Pad: Gundam
      When Sergeant Keroro is looking on his computer to find his subordinates, the mouse pad for his computer has a picture of a Gundam.