Keroro Gunso

Season 1 Episode 6

Momoka Love-Love Operation / Momoka Ghost Operation

Aired Saturday 6:00 PM May 08, 2004 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • Keroro and presumably all Keronians are all fresh water frogs, so the salty sea water is bad for them.

  • Quotes

    • Keroro (screaming in pain) - This water is all salty! The internet didn't say anything about this!

      Tamama - Well, that would be common knowledge....

    • News Reporter - (about the space octopus) The mysterious creature found in the southern seas... Has yet to be identified.

    • Momoka - I'm so glad that you all enjoyed it. I guess it was a worthy purchase.
      Fuyuki - What? Purchase?
      Natsumi - What?
      Momoka - That island. I also had that hotel built.
      Narrator - Momoka's "Getting Close to Fuyuki-kun and Having a Lovely Trip Together" operation was kinda successful. Total expenses... 50 billion yen!!

    • Tamama - We destroyed the invaders and also became millionares!
      Keroro - But we feel like we are not helping out! We would like tasks that are more fufilling!
      Fuyuki - Alright! Then build breakwaters so that we don't need to worry about big waves!
      Keroro - That is our specialty!
      Tamama - Yes! (building sand castle) A watchtower!
      Keroro - That is really cool!
      Momoka - Both of you... (starts stomping on sand castle)
      Fuyuki - The Sergeant and them must be having fun.
      Momoka - (Keroro crying and Tamama pulling on Momoka's leg) Don't interfere with my business!

    • Keroro - Just wait a second!
      Space Octopus - No~~!
      Keroro - Damn...
      Tamama - It got away.
      Keroro - It got homesick after seeing the ocean?
      Tamama - Young ones these days are so weak!
      Momoka - I have a feeling that I've seen that thing before...
      Fuyuki - It's nothing! It has absolutely nothing to do with you!

    • Narrator - To recap the first half: The Sergeant and friends are visiting a tropical island to the south. Recap over.

    • Fuyuki - They're dried out like prunes!
      Keroro - I had a vague feeling that something was wrong... But it felt so pleasant and comfortable...

    • (about Aki)
      Narrator - Three! Two! One! If you are an adult, why don't you try out this swimsuit? The luxurious fabrics and flashy accessories create a gorgeous atmosphere. (-100 flashes on Momoka's head)

    • (about Natsumi)
      Narrator - She is cute, with the appeal of an older woman. The sharp color usage makes her look more stylish. (Giroro goes flying across screen with blood coming out of his nose)

    • (about Momoka)
      Narrator - The "innocent girl" look is the key. Peaches were used as the motif. Although it is summer, she went for a spring look.

    • Tamama - Sergeant-san, that's called seawater, and it contains high amounts of salt.
      Keroro - What? Such information was not on the net.
      Tamama - Well, it's common knowledge...
      Keroro - It's just big and useless. I will have this filled in when we have completed the invasion of Pekopon.
      Fuyuki - Sergeant! 70% of the earth's surface is covered by ocean.
      Keroro - Maybe we should call off the invasion.
      Tamama - For a reason like that?

    • (looking out the window at the ocean)
      Keroro - Wow! What a big puddle!
      Tamama - Sergeant-san, you're just like a child that hasn't forgotten his pure heart!

    • Fuyuki - And you might be dissected if someone finds you.
      Keroro - That again?! You are a demon wearing a human's face!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • W Bag: McDonalds
      In the beginning of the episode, Fuyuki is eating some food, which the bag, fries container and cup have a "W" (upside down M) on them, with the McDonalds colors; red and yellow. A reference to the worldwide franchise McDonalds.

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