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  • Brilliant and really funny...when it's not dumb and sleazy.

    Keroro Gunso is a mostly clever show with plenty of funny moments and fantastic characters. No other anime series have had so many characters I care so much for, except for Detective Conan. The Keronians and the humans. Aside from being funny it has some great action scenes every now and then, and the romantic elements are for the most part really sweet. I have never cared about romance in animation, for some reason, you know those hardcore, slightly crazy fans who desperately want characters to become couples. Well, I now care so much about some of the characters I really want to see them get together, Momoka and Fuyuki and actually Dororo and Koyuki. I know many people want Giroro/Natsumi. But for some reason, I'm not interested in this romantic subplot, I guess because it's played so much for laughs and there are so many sleazy moments. Besides, he's in his 30's or 40's and she's 13-14.

    Speaking of which, if I had to rate the show a month ago, I would probably have given it a perfect 10. But the show has progressively shown other sides to itself, sides that I'm not particularly fond of and in the last couple of days I have seen some episodes that...well, I was disappointed that the show would "go there". I initially got into the show because it seemed like a sweet, lighthearted alternative to so many other hyper violent anime shows with questionable to perverse material. The violence here is pretty tame, no blood and when it is featured once in a while, it's comedic. But the innuendo, holy cow, it's not particularly subtle either. Episode 99 Part A has 3 seconds of a very awkward situation that looks like fellatio, and it made me feel...uncomfortable in so many ways. Episode 11 gets real creepy towards the end with two perverted aliens, and episode 197 Part B is just insane with erection gags and penetration and drills and whatnot and it's just...well, I don't know what it is, inappropriate to say the least. I do NOT mind the gay and lesbian characters on the show, I think that's great. There are some lesbians in Natsumi's class including Koyuki. Tamama and Kululu are both gay or at least bi-sexual for the latter, and they both love another character in the platoon. The Koyuki episodes are so sweet. Episode 111 Part A is one of my favorite episodes.

    But hey, hey, hey, I complain about innuendo, and yet episode 111 Part A is one of my favorite episodes? When Koyuki basically says "Let's get to third base tonight", that doesn't bother me. And it's simple, Koyuki is such a sweet, nice, naive character, she doesn't fully know what it means. I'm not an uptight jackass, and I think the PTC are some of the biggest morons ever put on this earth, really how is a discussion about breast feeding in "Ponyo" labeled as "sex". Something wrong with those people, so they're saying that when they were breastfed by their mothers they were having....never mind. Anyway, let's be real here, Japan has some pretty twisted, sadistic, supposed erotic pornographic material, some of it animated. So every time the show has some pretty objectionable material, I envision some dirty old man drawing this, panting so much his pacemaker struggles to keep up with him. In other words, I don't believe that NO ONE noticed how wrong certain moments look like.

    It's strange how it flip-flops, one moment it's inoffensive and harmless, then it just goes crazy with this really inappropriate content, and I wouldn't mind if it wasn't so darn obvious. The Yatterman 2008 series and even Arcade Gamer Fubuki, with all their gratuitous shots of breasts and panties didn't bother me. Why? Well, I'm not quite sure, maybe because I feel this show is targeted to children to a bigger degree than Arcade Gamer Fubuki. I haven't seen as many Yatterman episodes as I would've liked, but that show never went as far as Keroro sometimes does. Lately it has really spun out of control with numerous innuendoes, especially Natsumi gets into some embarrasing situations, like constantly losing her top or bra, and the Giroro erection gags has got to stop, an upcoming episode has a volcano rise from the ground and shoot out molten lava in the background as he gets excited. These jokes are hardly brilliant, just subpar Austin Powers stuff. I guess it wants to have it both ways and in the end it's an uneasy mix of harmless cuteness and questionable material.

    Even though the show wants to have it both ways, putting some of the underage female characters in peculiar, humiliating situations, they still can kick butt. I like that the girls are stronger than the guys. The characters are by far the best thing about the show, I like all of them except Saburo because he is such a bland character and is just there to be a pretty boy and another love interest for Natsumi. The frogs are great and have unique personalities, selfish Keroro, cute psycho Tamama, lovestruck soldier Giroro, traumatized ninja Dororo and twisted, perverted Kululu, or Kururu as it's pronounced. I wish the show would...just do something with the relationships, I mean, they're hardly doing any progress at all. But hey, I love Momoka's various schemes and operations. And some of the characters are really...I won't say stupid, but really, Natsumi can't figure out that Giroro and Koyuki loves her? And Keroro can't fgure out that Tamama loves him? Oh, but the entire platoon figures out that Kululu is gay for Giroro in the third episode the writers play around with this plot?

    Keroro Gunso is a terrific show, okay it's a bit hit and miss, but hey, that's anime for you. I don't expect top quality from every single episode, with over 300 episodes, a lot more if you count the episodes with two different stories as 2 episodes instead of 1, there are some absolute terrible duds and a fair amount of mediocre episodes. But when it's funny, it's really funny. I wish I could give it a 10, but the innuendo involving underage girls sometimes really bothers me, and the later seasons have an even higher mediocre episode ratio. But still, this is one cool show, I have no idea why it's not more popular, the ratings are in a freefall even in Japan. Regardless, any show that makes me stick around this long is something of an achievement. Oh, and I wish Melody Honey would appear more often.
  • This is one very cute anime, I'll tell you what.

    How can you not love Keroro gunso. It stars cute little frog like aliens, trying to take over the earth. Which they call pekopon. But everytime, they try to they fail. And to top this off, they are friends with a japanese family. And One of them, Giroro is in love with the daughter of the family, Natsumi. Keroro loves to build gundam models more then he loves to invade. Tamama loves his sgt, and snacks. But his temper is so quick. O=O So over all, if we can make it past a **** USA dub, I think that SGT frog will be a hit anime here as well as it has been a manga. And a hit anime in japan.
  • What do you get when you cross... 1. An alien invasion 2. Frog like creatures. 3. A somewhat avarage Japanese family. 4. Gundam models 5. And a nattarator who doesn't know when to shut up. If you were expecting a

    I've never been that great at writing summaries so please refer to the one on the top. Okay, after watching several episodes of Keroro I have been successfully hooked to the show. Every single platoon member has a incredibly different personality from each other and each and every one of them are pretty much enjoyable(except for maybe Kururu). Kero, the rambuncious frog sergeant that has been housed under the Hinata family(I'll talk more about them later). Private Tamama, a cute yet sensitive frog who can shoot beams out of his eyes and mouth. Corpral Giroro, a wepon heavy battle master who is not afraid to take action. Major Kururu, an intelligence officer that creates all of the platoon's inventions but does not have the best personality. And finnally Lance Corporal Dororo who has somewhat followed the way of the ninja. The Hinata family, who has taken up Kero as a family member of somesort. Fuyuki Hinata, a 13 year old boy who is facinated by the occult. Natsumi Hinata, a tough yet fair older sister who dislikes Kero calling him "idiotic frog" all the time. And Aki Hinata, the spunky and "dynimite" mother of the Hinata family who enjoys Kero's presence due to his personality. I could go on and on about characters, but that really wouldn't be the point of writing a review. The character's voices all sound terrific, and the way they are ment to be. Honestly I don't think they could have picked anyone better for these frogs(except for Kururu). The animation is not the best but it's in no way the worst. They seem to pay more attention to the writting than to the animation(atleast I think).
    Some amount of the jokes are from the japanese letterings in the show that fly out of nowhere. The funny stuff is also found when the nattarator does his job, replying to what is hapening on the screen. Several jokes come out of the platoon as well. Overall a pretty funny show, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't have the occasional heart. I could go on and on about all the great things about Keroro. But if you really bothered to read all the way through this review, then I don't want to waist your time. Great show, great characters, what are you waiting for, I'm going off to watch it right now.
  • Keroro an alien from Keron is trying to invade but now is stuck in the Hinatas house doing chores. And you get watch his many funny attempts to invading earth with is platoon: Giroro Tamama Kururu and err... Dororo.

    The best anime EVA!
    And the best show about invading aliens ~^-^~ I love Kururus inventions and the way Dororo is always depressed about something. I believe this is a must watch anime that any anime lover (girl or boy) can enjoy. All my friends who know about it like it. I think the art in it cute. And the story is funny. Even though the anime keeps changing artist and are some flaws in the art sometimes but other than that its a great anime. And I highly rec amend it to anyone who likes anime. And maybe people who dont like anime.... idk its just good show and Manga
  • Nothing like it, but the greatest anime I've ever heard of!

    I'm still getting introduced to anime. This anime wasn't the first I've ever seen, but it was one of the greatest anime's I've ever seen. It's my total favorite and I'm a real big fan of this show! I've already read all the manga's up to date and I've only seen the japanese episodes, only a few though. Even though I don't even understand japanese, it's really easy to tell what's going on. It's very funny and it parodizes many familiar shows, games, movies from both America and Japan. Worth watching or reading, take it from me, I'm always looking around for updates, reading forums, and just draw pictures of this anime. I really enjoy this anime.
  • Easily a classic. Perfect manga, anime and first movie.

    Started out reading the manga, and the Anime is everything I expected it to be. Perfect manga and anime, with a balanced amount of comedy, action, drama and more! This anime stands in a place of its own. I've learned many things about the japanese culture from the anime and manga, so it can teach you something. The main character Keroro is extremely hilarious, and emotional. He is what makes the show so funny. His team of crackpot friends are just as great from Zeroro right to Tamama as well as the Lord of Terror, who doesn't exactly understand human practices. I believe this show can set standards for comedy in anime.
  • good show

    This show is very cute indeed! I like a concept of tiny alien frogs that live in a house on earth! It's has a lot of characters like Keroro,Giroro,Tamama,Kuru ru(personal favorite), and Dororo(other personal favorite). There's also a few main human characters in this series as well (like Natsumi, the girl that Giroro talks about all the time).

    I like these kinds of anime because even though it's an anime, that doesn't mean that it has to be serious (like most of the anime on Adult Swim that I think is boring by the way).But the point is, I like this show for its colorful characters and comedy.
  • a very cute anime indeed

    omg I love this show it is so cute and so funny my fave character is Kururu and dororo anyways the series is about a frog like alien who is befriend by two human named Fuyuki and natsumi and ends up taking shelter in their house hold which leeds to many bizare things but not only did one alien show up but many many more. Keroro (the dumb leader), Giroro (the angry military man), Tamama (the gay private who loves Keroro), Kururu (the peverted inventer) and Dororo (the emo ninja) make up the origional five but soon you meet many more keronians. Plus with each keronian you gotta match a human since they got their friends.

    Keroro's 'kid' is Fuyuki, the occult obsessed geek. They got a weird friendship.
    Giroro's (I guess) is Natsumi, Fuyuki's older sister. He loves her to bits but can't confess his feelings cuz he's stupid like that. And she beats up the frogs on regular basis.
    Tamama's is Momoka, who is SUPER wealthy and has the hots for Fuyuki. Both have split personalities, one side being sweet' n innocent, the other being explosive and dangerous.
    Kururu's human friend is '623', a radio star host who Natsumi loves to bits but won't confess her feelings cuz she's stupid like that. He acts very. . . wishy washy.
    Lastly Dororo's human companion is Koyuki, a lesbian ninja who has the hots for Natsumi and takes any chance she can to touch and get physical.

    Bare in mind the Natsumi is like. . . 14 years old. So is the other major players but Fuyuki is two years younger.

    Lots of references abound towards famouse animes, and mangas. From Lupin the Third, to Pokemon, Gundam (MAJORLY since the creator used to draw fan mangas for Gundam) and numerous others.
  • Keroro Gunso For the win!!

    This show is very cute indeed! I like a concept of tiny alien frogs that live in a house on earth! It's has a lot of characters like Keroro,Giroro,Tamama,Kururu(personal favorite), and Dororo(other personal favorite). There's also a few main human characters in this series as well (like Natsumi, the girl that Giroro talks about all the time).

    I like these kinds of anime because even though it's an anime, that doesn't mean that it has to be serious (like most of the anime on Adult Swim that I think is boring by the way).But the point is, I like this show for its colorful characters and comedy.