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  • The unprecedented feel-good television show "Kevin Hill" is deeply missed and must return to our TV screens!!

    UPN and Touthchtone Productions need to get together soon and thrash out a deal to reinstate "Kevin Hill" to our screens for its eagerly anticipated second (and even further) series. As business organisations, they should recognise the amount of money to be made from this ratings monopoliser. Ryan Reyes, brother of the creator Jorge A. Reyes, stated that Kevin Hill out-performed other shows which went on to get their second series, but could not go on because of a dispute between the two production companies.

    The show was right up there with the likes of "The Sopranos" and "24" as the most groundbreaking television series' to grace our screens ever.

    Everything was as close to perfect as you can get, from the writing and character development to the interesting, informative storylines and superb acting.

    The cast blended delightfully and you could tell that they really believed in the realism of their work. The charmingly charismatic star of the series, Taye Diggs and his beautiful co-star Christina Hendricks have went on to star in their other respective TV shows, Private Practise and Mad Men, but not with the same chemistry as displayed in Kevin Hill, despite the success of the aforementioned programmes.

    I have watched episodes of the Kevin Hill time and time again, as I believe it to be highly inspiring and informative, becoming more educated and enthused about Law whilst picking up the odd fashion tip! It also has a real feel-good-factor to it.

    "Kevin Hill" just has to return to television. If UPN and Toutchtone cannot resolve their differences then another production company should reap the benefits of re-launching this formiddable television show. Please!
  • i miss Kevin Hill

    sadly i only got to see a few episodes of Kevin Hill but my favorite episode was the episode Through the Looking Glass: when he helped that hairdresser from losing her store it was a sad episode but it showed me that Kevin has many sides and that was his good side. but sadly the show was canceled just like every other good show which annoys me but i really do hope that this show comes back for at least another season because it was a great show it was funny and heart moving. i really do miss this show. and i hope that it is brought out on dvd
  • the show was about a lawyer how thinks he has his life together living the single life and never have to worry about commeting to a relationship, but when he is called upon and found out his cousin who just passed away has inherted him his baby sara !

    just when you fall in love with Taye diggs they end the shows !! who's the moron that ended this show and let stupid shows like Laguna beach and the hills go on !!???

    this is completly stupid they ended a great show and kept the bimboos on those reality shows continue showing us how dumb and pathetic they are and when they start shouting its to show you they're **** what the hell is happening to good TV nowadays !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway Taye diggs great looks didn't gho to waste he appeared in the best show ever "Will and Grace" as a guest during the final season as will's hunky boyfriend!!
  • Kevin Hill is a high quality realistic show which should be reinstated on our TV screens

    As a stay home mum i am fortunate enough to watch Kevin Hill every week day and have found it to be a very strong and passionate show. I find it's character's to be both professional in their work as lawyer's as well as true friends when the need calls, in the last episode to air here in AUSTRALIA Kevin lost the custody case for Sara to her biological mother, i found my self both frustrated and sad all in one, as i thought the judges decision to tear Sara from Kevin was wrong and this frustrated and infuriated me then when it came time to hand Sara over i found my self moved to tears in an over whelming gush of emotion, so as you can imagine when i found out this was to be the last time we see Kevin Hill on our TV screens i have but one thing to say to it's produces " you idiots" you have a fantastic show here and because you cannot agree on schedules everybody has to suffer, Well done just another indication of how selfish people really can be.
    Please bring KEVIN HILL back !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yours Sincerly Wendy
  • Show has potential, mainly due to its cast.

    After seeing this I felt like it was really a poorman's Boston Legal and David E. Kelley's other courtroom dramedies. Although this aims to be a more serious take on the life of lawyers it isn't nearly as clever or as funny as many other similar shows. The cast, however, is quite strong and would most likely shine with better material. If you are looking for some drama in a courtroom look elsewhere.
  • AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...!

    i used to watch this show not in a regular basis but when i could.
    actually i liked it.
    it was an easy show to watch and appreciate.
    and even if they had the chance (because nowdays this chance is harder and harder to be found) to finish the season, what an end!
    the show seemed to slow down a little bit in the last episodes and then, bam! the last one.
    i watched it expecting how it would end but still...
    everything falls appart!
    everybody seems happy (finding new or former mates, having a privileged connection with her son, etc...) and what about the main character?

    (don't read this if you didn't watch it)

    well, he ends up all alone.
    he loses the baby girl for two lousy parents (i liked wayne brady in here; it's changing from "whose line..."), the one valuable girl he had found lately (toni braxton that i like, anyway...) feels that he's not ready and leaves, and here he is sitting on his own, watching videos from him and the baby, holding one of her favorite toys.
    and there won't be no further episodes to save it!

    great! i now can feel the joy and happiness all around!
    and i have to go to work...

  • A positive and powerful role of a black man dealing with real world issues for a change.

    This was (is) a great show! A very positive image of a educated black man who took on unexpected responsibility. Add the dimension of the playboy image who found that the only pereson he could trust with his adopted daughter was an outstanding twist of fate. This is an irony that mainly black caribbean men can truly appreciate.

    We need to see more of people dealing with every day issues with out the need to interject violence or sordid affairs in order to attract a wide audience. I am not typically attracted to 'soap operas' but this show had me hooked.

    Great job from all of the cast. The image of a responsible black man is what I can appreciate and we need to show this more in the media.

    Great Job Taye Diggs!!
  • This was a great character driven show, the lead was very believable and the actors were great

    I am very unhappy that a great show like kevin Hill was pulled for the line up. This african american show was a step in the right direction, to prove that black men are responsable adn hard working. For years we were written and lowdown dogs. That is show put us in a great light, a man that takes care of a family memebers child after his death. A lawyer. All the things young blacks kids need to see. But they take it off. But Dancing with the stars and Flavor of Love is still on. I need justice.

  • I'm really sorry this show is over...

    I didn't like this show at all in the beginning, I really thought it was stupid. I don't know, I didn't really like shows with lawyers and stuff like that.

    And suddenly, I started watching that show(this usually happens to me :D) I think I wouldn't watch this show if it wasn't for Sarah and other stuff. You see, what's really interesting for this show is that it's not just about court, lawyers etc. It's actually about Kevin's life, his love problems and... fatherhood.

    I actually can't believe this show only ran for 1 season. I couldn't believe when I watched the last episode. I'm really sorry for that.
  • What nonsense is this on my TV!

    Hopefully they will never bring Kevin Hill BACK! I hated it! It made all successful (black) males look like hounds on the prowl or something - I\'m surprised Mr.Hill didn\'t catch an S.T.D!

    It was terrible! Not once was he with a \"normal/average\" person - not once! Everybody was model this or Exe that! And the worst part about it none of them were black women, most of them were mixed or something. What\'s wrong with black women??? Why didn\'t he date any???

    And My Gosh don\'t get me started on the little girl - she went from nice dark skin baby to mixed baby in 2 minutes Flat!What was up with that! I wanna know what happen to her!! Did she have a MICHAEL Jackson complex??!

    Another thing I hated is the fact that he never lost a case! COME off IT! All Lawyers lose cases or have to make compromises! It was just to Hairy Fairy for me!

    What was UPN thinking!??? Well it was something to watch if nothing else was showing...
  • Kevin Hill, played by Taye Diggs, is a hard-working laywer with all of his chips in the bag and a little girl to raise. A GREAT pilot for a show.

    Many shows that get cancelled after one season deserve the punishment of not even getting a second chance on the screen, but Kevin Hill surely was not one of them. The "ratings" that forced the show to be cancelled were higher than some shows that were allowed to stay on for two seasons or more. Day in and day out, Taye Diggs portrayed a well-dressed, head-strong black man doing his job as a lawyer to his utmost potential. At the same time, he struggled with the everyday temptations of a man in juggling women, being faithful, and trying to raise a little girl while keeping his own life. There were beautiful women that Kevin Hill fell for, and there were repercussions for having a litle girl tot take care of and trying to chase those women. It was realistic, and tastefully proving that a man can be a successful ladies man and raise a child at the same time.
  • I loved that show!

    I watched almost every episodes of "kevin hill", but I has to cut in to watch another show in year 2005. I had no choice to watch my another favourite show after all and I did manage watch only few episodes.

    I was so sad when I heard that kevin hill will not make its second season.

    I wish that I could email to upn president to give kevin hill a second chance!

    But, nothing will happens at all! I was so mad that show got canned already! I was so disappointed to see that show go.

    I wish there's dvd of kevin hill and I could watch all over again!

    it would be that great!
  • What's wrong with todays society when it can't show a successful man raising a little girl while he tries to find someone to share his life with? Single women do it all the time so why the double standard?

    Kevin Hill is inspirational... from the women he works with raising their children alone to the ones trying to find love. They all just want to live happily ever after and get over the hurdles of life with only a few scars. The storyline is addictive, the cast couldn't be any better. Every person I know watched this show when it was on and couldn't wait for the next one to air. Anyone could relate to at least one character which is a magnificent feat in the world of televison.
    Many men don't step up to care for their children and Kevin Hill wants to do this!! How many women go on numerous dates hoping to find that one they will spend their life with? I think cancelling this show was a slap in the face to the way the world is today.
    I mean c'mon people, if there can be a show based completely on the lives of gay people and another one about two men raising a young boy and both of them being very successful, then why not show this true to life show? Bring this show back and let him raise this baby!!
  • not bad

    it is not that interesting it was kinda nice at first and then started gettimg boring the story is supposed to be of a lawyer but there isnt much stuff related to law anyway the story is repeated again and again in every episode kevin hill has to fight a case and juggle his cousin kid with his numerous girlfreinds which he keep changing almost everyday. the end was kind of abrupt it did not feel perfect. well it was kinda killed too soon it was ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

  • I miss this show.

    First off let's start by establishing that this man is SO sexy. I love his dark complexion. It's like chocolate. You know every woman loves chocolate.
    Anyhow, I loved this show. His Manny was hilarious too. I watched this show faithfully. I loved to see him win a case.
    My fave was when he was representing a bunch of cheerleaders. Oh the trouble he gets himself into.
    That little girl is adorable. You can tell they loved that baby. I was so sad at the end when he lost the baby. He tried so hard to win that case, he and his colleague. They just couldn't do it. I almost cried.
  • Just get back ..

    I just Got one thing to say .. and i think iam saying this for all in Denmark who has seen this show !! bring it back!! thats it.. And why did you stop making it ? i mean it was so good .. great actors, great script, great everything.. so i am a little bit angry.. i want Kevin Hill back.. i mean you cant now.. we have just seen the last episode in Denmark and Kevin is loosing Sarah!? and now you cant making more cuz you know is more like you end it with taking Sarah from Kevin .. But go on make something happen .. I know it seems a little girly, but i miss Kevin Hill (i mean the show) .. do something .. plzz
  • Open minded.. a young black lawyer compelled to raise his close cousin baby while struggling to keep up vibrant social life..

    First, there are not a lot of quality shows on television now. I am so sick of this reality phase...There are only a few good sitcoms left. This show had so much potential and positive images. Different from the typical stereotypes. Please bring it back!!! Kevin Hill deserves another chance.
  • The show was about him and the baby. Why would it end with him loosing the baby. I'm tired of drug mothers leaving their children and as soon as someone does there job, they want to come back. It;s time to show they can't do this.

    At first I was a little hesistant to watch the show because all I saw was another black man dating majority white women. But I got over that because I really like Taye Diggs. Every week it was something to look forward to. There was no heads up that the show was going off, and the part that was so cruel ,is that it went off when the show really started getting good. I think this was torture to us and we really need to see him get that baby back since the show was based on him and the baby.
  • kevin hill is a feel-good show and it brings to the television what is lacking today in everyday shows...substance. good actors, good storylines..what more could anyone ask for! please bring back kevin hill!!

    bring back kevin hill. not only is taye diggs an awesome actor...the show itself had a great meaning behind it. and it is exactly what the world out there needs today - to show that there are strong men out there who can and are willing to take care of children (even if they aren't biologically theirs!) plus, the season finale had me on my toes and i\'m still please bring back kevin hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I loved this show! It had potential and showing Taye Diggs in barely anything more often would have been better!

    This show had so much potential. The story line was great. Taye Diggs was obviously the best part of this show. He is so HOTTTTTT! He brought alot of women viewers.

    I liked the gay nanny, I liked the baby girl. Dame was hot too!

    I enjoyed the competition between Kevin and Dame. When Kevin started to "grow up" and take responsibility, it begin to make Dame do the same.

    I would have liked to seen him get the baby back and fight for what was his, not just let her go away quietly. The truth was is that her momma let her go and should have stayed away.

    Please bring this show back to UPN!
  • A show where I most admired the actresses and the lifestyle, but still it was a really good show, with the wrong ending...

    Kevin Hill might not be the best written show, but although it works a sad theme, it’s mostly a funny show.
    So let’s get to the main character Kevin Hill. He’s one of the most successful upcoming lawyers in New York. His life plays between hot bars, clubs one hand and his office and the courtroom on the other. Basically he works the whole day and afterwards he parties and searches a nice girl for a one night stand. So his life always worked since he graduated from collage. But now your shoe starts and his live changes, because he gets custody of a new born child from his deceased cousin. So what does he tries first? He tries to get the child right back to the child care. Well that didn’t work, so he sees himself forced to take her. But his job doesn’t allow him to spend time for a child, but a baby needs a lot of time. So he hires a Nanny, of with he’s shocked first, but learns to appreciate him. Well and Kevin also has to search for a new job. But that isn’t that easy even he’s the best. Most firms tell him that they can’t afford him. So his last chance is a small independent law firm. He finally gets the job, because he has to take of Sarah, the baby.
    The most finny scene and dialogue in the whole series is, when Jessie introduces Kevin to the other members of the company, where he already knows Veronica. And both recognise each other. When ask about if they have met, both only say once. But we all know how and why. I so had to laugh about that scene.
    The team Kevin, Jessie, Veronica and Nicolette all struggle with their lives. It’s their past, their love life or their children the struggling with. But still they are a quite successful team and Kevin is able to hit back at his old employer.
    There his old buddy Dame gets in more and more trouble.
    Well the end is sad and I thought, even when the series had to end, I think that it was the wrong ending. Kevin really gave up everything and he deserved it to watch over Sarah.

    So what makes this show good and what makes it bad? Here’s a list. I start with the positive parts:
    1. Absolutely good looking actors and actresses. And all styled till the last button. I so liked that.
    2. Very well chosen locations.
    3. A realistic story around the child.
    4. A critical debate about the schools, the job and the gay Nanny.
    5. The actors all matched their roles and the roles made a good mix.
    6. The law cases brought up weren’t that unrealistic.
    7. The harsh critic about the patriot act and it’s consequences to harmless people. (I liked that, I would have liked more of that)
    The negative parts of this show:
    1. The ending.
    2. Dame. I liked him as person, but his storyline I liked less.
    3. The relationship from George and the street worker.
    4. The short living of this series.

    As a resume of this show I need to say, that I liked this show most, because this show showed us not only a story it mostly showed us a lifestyle. That’s also the point I liked most. Maybe the show would have been better of in a second season, where Kevin would have been without Sarah. More lifestyle lives without the drama. I don’t know, but I could imagine it.
  • What is wrong with this serie???!!! It was soooo great, why did they remove it? And plus the last episode was soooo sad and unexpected!!They should defnitely bring it back!

    What is wrong with this serie???!!!
    It was soooo great, why did they remove it?
    And plus the last episode was soooo sad and unexpected!!They should defnitely bring it back!
    The actors were great, the stories n various law cases were always original and interesting!
    Is there a chance it will come back?
  • Advertise

    Kevin Hill though unrealistic in many aspects did have a bit of realism, a lot of humor, good story lines, and heck -- a very attractive cast.

    The legal issues were current and the show was entertaining & catchy...what more can you ask for?

    It was among my top 3 of 2005. If it didn\'t get the ratings, I believe it was more due to advertising the show then the actual content of the show.
  • why did they get rid of this show? they need to bring it back! i watched it every week on point even when my tv had problems i found a way! i dont understand why it was cancelled, someone please help me understand what was wrong with this show?

    this was a great show! please bring it back! I loved the show, it had humor, romance, maturity and it felt like i could relate to it, everone i have talked to has liked this show! it was amazing and then it was just gone. Kevin Hill is an amazing actor and the show was great, it definately needs to be brought back

    I love this show and I can\'t believe it\'s over. Please tell me how a network without any heart, could kill the only show they had that gave them some. Kevin Hill was awesome and funny. It was light and refreshing. It was a breath of fresh air, in a world of stupid reality shows!!! Bring it back, Bring it bck, BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • extremely dissapointed!!!!!! when a good show comes gets tossed to the side...when there are FAR MORE Shows out there that are going no where and are about nothing...this show had great plot and potential!

    extremely dissapointed!!!!!! when a good show comes gets tossed to the side...when there are FAR MORE Shows out there that are going no where and are about nothing...this show had great plot and potential! I love this show! It was one of the best shows on the UPN network....Better than half of them on air right now!
  • Great show about a cousin becoming a father and a mother not wanting her child untill months later when she finally decides to turn her life around after meeting a preacher clamming that he wants to be her father but actually wants a instant family and I

    I think feel that, that show was the best show on television ever, and the suspence, and the betrayal, and romance, and lets face it \\\"Kevin Hill\\\" was sexy. Bull, thats bogus that it did not come back. Hater\\\'s they shall pay for the what they did to that wonderful show, and that little baby that he was fighting so hard to keep and then at the end to have her taken away from her without a fight going down oh heck no. That was so underappreciated.
  • Everytime a good show comes on TV somebody takes it off the air. Please bring it back on TV. I loved the show.

    It is a fantastic show which I wish never had gotten taken off the TV. Kevin Hill played such a wonderful lawyer but especially a wonderful Dad. He really loved Sarah. George was a mess. I could use him as a nanny if he lived close by. Hopefully the show will come back on soon.
  • Kevin Hill is a bachelor and an attractive African American man who is a successful lawyer. He inherits his deceased cousin's daughter and has to make changes in his lifestyle to fit her in. The show is about how this inheritance transforms him and makes

    I must say that when I found out that UPN had decided to cancel Kevin Hill, I was HIGHLY upset!

    The show was great and had everything a good drama needed! The show was interesting, sexy, boasted a great cast, depicted a positive African American male in a lead role and the show had great/meaningful stories!

    Every Wednesday night, my brother & I would watch Kevin Hill with a few friends in complete silence (until the commercial breaks) because we were sucked in by the stories. We were/are loyal fans who have NEVER missed an episode. Or...maybe we missed an episode(s) that convinced UPN that this show was a failure??? I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT!

    I NEVER watched any shows on UPN until Kevin Hill premiered and now I remember why. They have poor judgment when establishing the difference between a good show & a bad show.

  • I miss that fine Man

    Kevin Hill was a great show, you could see this hot man every week with a cute little baby what else do you want?
    Seriously though great cast every week it kept me coming back 2.8 million viewers enjoyed the show that has to count for something. Maybe the 2.8 million viewers should not watch any UPN show to prove a point.
    I hope the network reconsiders because really it was a great show!!
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