Kevin Hill - Season 1

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  • Losing Isn't Everything
    Kevin goes head-to-head with Sarah's birth mother Melanie when she decides to sue him for full custody of her daughter. Dame gets Veronica's help to represent an eccentric, brilliant academic being sued by his neighbors and Nicolette helps her friend fight for his recently deceased, homosexual father's right to a military honor-guard funeral.moreless
  • Sacrificial Lambs
    Sacrificial Lambs
    Episode 21
    Kevin gets the surprise of his life when Sarah's birth mother comes back with her new fiancé, a pastor who wants to file for sole custody of Sarah. Meanwhile, Jessie and Nicolette take on a huge corporate client in a class action suit, alleging that they advertise in a questionable way to children. Later, Veronica represents a model, Laine Broderick, who claims that her agency is the reason for her health problems.moreless
  • Through the Looking Glass
    As Sarah gets her first haircut, Kevin agrees to help the barbershop owner to help save her shop to not be destroyed to make room for a large development. Dame realizes that his assistant might have more than a professional interest in him. Kevin later connects again with Sandra.
  • The Monroe Doctrine
    The Monroe Doctrine
    Episode 19
    Kevin is annoyed he is letting his new girlfriend Monroe take over all of his free time and leaving Sarah out. George thinks about getting a new job. Kevin helps Veronica defend a woman suing her fiancé, a plastic surgeon, who made unwanted fixes on her.
  • In This Corner
    In This Corner
    Episode 18
    After Dame's client loses confidence in him, he enlists Kevin's help behind Dame's back. Kevin tries to defend a professional boxer from going to jail over a deadly barroom brawl while at the same time keeping his feelings in check about how he feels Dame has handled the case thus far.

    Kevin is also fighting a battle outside the court room as his on again, off again relationship with Monroe causes George to consider quitting after Kevin breaks a promise to him.moreless
  • Only Sixteen
    Only Sixteen
    Episode 17
    Kevin has a tricky case, because his client, a psychiatrist, is being sued for special therapy methods.

    Kevin's ex-girlfriend Monroe tries to get back to Kevin, for dumping her way back. George also finds a date, that turns out to be disappointing.
  • Cardiac Episode
    Cardiac Episode
    Episode 16
    Kevin meets Sarah's birth mother, to convince her to give up all her rights about Sarah. She agrees, when he helps her in order to get out of prison. Meanwhile Kevin starts to date a model, but keeps Sarah a secret.
  • Occupational Hazard
    Occupational Hazard
    Episode 15
    The parents of a young soldier killed in Iraq sue the school where he was recruited, without notifying the parents. Kevin has to face the anger of the military and 'patriots'.
  • A River in Egypt
    A River in Egypt
    Episode 14
    Kevin sues his former law firm in the name of the widow of an old colleague, who claims that the firm forced her husband to work till death.
  • Man's Best Friend
    Man's Best Friend
    Episode 13
    Kevin has to defend his law school mentor against a sexual harassment lawsuit against a female student.
  • Homeland Insecurity
    Homeland Insecurity
    Episode 12
    Kevin and Veronica try to defend a woman who is put on the terror watch list by mistake. Kevin dating tactics get published by a newspaper columnist. Nicolette looses a bet to Veronica and now has to keep an eye on Jessie's college.
  • Love Don't Live Here Anymore
    Kevin and Veronica defend a bigamist husband who's seeking joint custody of his children from multiple wives.
  • The Unexpected
    The Unexpected
    Episode 10
    Kevin's nanny gets sued for assault when he intervenes a gay-bashing. Kevin now dates a movie star.
  • Going for the Juggler
    Kevin juggles two women when Evelyn (the movie star) comes back into town while he is dating Monroe McManus. Nicolette and Kevin defend Serena, a dance instructor, being sued for breaking up an engagement. But the defense is complicated by the judge's bizarre rulings. And Kevin goes all out and hires a party planner for the baby's first birthday.moreless
  • Full Metal Jessie
    Full Metal Jessie
    Episode 8
    Jessie has to fight harder than ever before to keep her son's custody. Kevin fights for a cheerleading squad, getting him involved with a beauty of the opposing council.
  • House Arrest
    House Arrest
    Episode 7
    Stranded at home after catching Sarah's flu, Kevin is stuck coaching from the sidelines as Veronica is left to defend a school teacher who was fired after the administrator learned of her porn star past, but when she finds herself across the bench from Dame, she quickly gets into trouble when she ignores Kevin's warnings about his friend's ruthless tactics in the courtroom.moreless
  • Snack Daddy
    Snack Daddy
    Episode 6
    Kevin has a female client who accuses Grey & Associates of sexual discrimination. He is in the corner, but finally uncovers a smoking gun.
  • Gods and Monsters
    Gods and Monsters
    Episode 5
    Kevin and Veronica join forces to defend a Hockey player, who lost his job after attacking an unruly fan. Their client gives up in the middle of the case and Kevin tries everything to find out why.
  • Homework
    Episode 4
    Kevin tries to get temporary custody for Sarah, but the court's social worker shows him, that he isn't prepared at all to be responsible for that child. So Kevin is forced to call one of his ex-girlfriends, he once left without a saying a word, because she works as a pediatrician. Meanwhile Kevin and Nicolette have to defend their client, who made investment deals consulting her deceased father!moreless
  • Making the Grade
    Making the Grade
    Episode 3
    Kevin and Nicolette are forced to pair up to defend the owner of a high end dating service Andrew LaFleur, who is sued about making empty promises. Kevin is in desperate need of a preschool space for Sarah, while Dame is getting involved with Veronica after they visited a basketball game together.moreless
  • The Good Life
    The Good Life
    Episode 2
    Kevin has to defend rock star Carly Austin, who is afraid to loose her parental care for her daughter. Kevin is confused, when he learns more about her private live. Meanwhile Dame tries to get Kevin back on the dating market, but Kevin is occupied by the fact that Sarah calls him daddy.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Kevin Hill is one of most successful young lawyers in town and enjoys his life and work in any way, when the death of his cousin leaves him with a 10 month old baby girl Sarah. He has to start an entire new life within a few hours. He has to get a Nanny, but finds George and his firm thinks he might loose focus and so he quits and joins a small independent law firm, where he will work with three women, which have much more respect for his situation than he imagined. If things weren’t bad enough, he has to go to court against his old employer with his first case.moreless
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