Kevin Spencer

CTV (ended 2005)


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  • Good Show actually

    Kevin Spencer was a good show, but the last season wasn't the best one even though i really like The Missing Links. The end of the show was terrible, they just killed off all the characters which was very bad and sad. It wasn't clear if Charlie Plunt died or not but he probably did because Percy took his hat after the fire in the house when Pornman and Afroman died. Kevin Spencer is one of my favorite show and i own several seasons on DVD. I actually think that there might be to much drinking and talking except for stories. But that doesn't make it a worse show. The best season was season 2 and the worst was probably season 8 because it only contains like 6 episode and only 2 of them are good. I still like Kevin Spencer and i watch it sometimes when i feel like it.
  • It was a wonderful show, and now it is not.

    It was a wonderful show that really related to the lives in the seamy neighborhood I grew up in. It was straight forward and realistic in depicting these lost people. This season, it seems that the writers have decided to give the show an intellectual flavour and they have failed miserably. The straightforward dialogue has been replaced with nonstop psychobabble and nonsense. Very unreal. Very pseudointellectual. Might as well be watching the Gilmore Girls or a Neil Simon play.