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Kevin Spencer

Season 7 Episode 1

Treble Charger

Aired Sunday 11:00 PM Oct 31, 2004 on CTV
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Episode Summary

Treble Charger
Kevin Spencer wins a contest from a music television station and gets to spend a day with famed Canadian band Treble Charger.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

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    Greg Lawrence

    Greg Lawrence

    the voice of Percy Spencer/ Narrator

    David L. McCallum

    David L. McCallum

    Marty the Bartender

    David Elver

    David Elver


    Robin Smith

    Robin Smith

    the voice of Afroman/ Widow Coulson/ Alcholic Welfare Man

    Luigi Saracino

    Luigi Saracino


    Thomasin Langlands

    Thomasin Langlands

    the voice of Anastasia Spencer

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Lucas quit as Pepper's cameraman early in the program. Later in the Junos, he's back and rolling his camera and who's talking on the mic? It's Pepper once again.

      • Allen the Magic Goose didn't pop in during this episode. Kevin was strangely doing fine without him in this episode. It's not like Kevin being in an episode without Allen.

      • It was never explained how Kevin won the contest to be Hanging with Treble Charger. There's a strong possiblity Timmy, the computer hacker set up Kevin to win the contest since he can hack into pretty much anything he wants.

    • QUOTES (15)

      • Anastasia: I can't believe I banged all of them. (all Treble Charger members)
        Percy: All of them?
        Anastasia: Yea.
        Percy laughs
        Percy: I can't believe you f'd the drummer. What a loser!
        Kevin and Percy point and laugh at her

      • Airport clerk: Reason for traveling?
        Percy: Kill Chilliwack.
        Airport clerk: What?
        Percy: I, uh I meaning me...(begins to sweat) Not Percy, Dave. Dave I's flying out west to kill all members of the band Chilliwack...I mean business... No pleasure...F#*k!
        running back
        Percy: Why did I do that?

      • After opening intro ends
        Percy: Oh not this crap again.

      • VJ Pepper: Quit staring at my chest.
        Percy: I ah...was just trying to read the logo on your shirt.
        VJ Pepper: There's no logo on my shirt.
        Percy: Well that's all for the best anyway since I don't even know how to read. Who's the idiot now?
        VJ Pepper: Let's just go.

      • Percy's Mom: Get the f#*k out of my house and never set foot back in here again. And if you get a chance...kill Chilliwack!
        Percy: (to Anastasia) Those were her last words before she died.

      • VJ Pepper: Oh my god you just pissed your pants.
        Percy: Does that excite you? Because if it does, there's plenty more where that came from.

      • Gropes Lucas the camera man but he ignores her
        Anastasia: Geeze, relax. I didn't know you was gay.
        Lucas: I'm not gay. (he gets nervous)
        Anastasia: You must be. No hetetrosexual man can resist the hypnotic lure of my glorious honey pot.
        Percy sucker punches Lucas in front of Sum 41

      • Percy: What the f#*k are you looking at Fonzie?
        Steve: Nothing.

      • Dave: No one's touching anybody.
        Anastasia: smirking We'll see about that.

      • Devon: I don't think we should be doing drugs.
        Narrator: Kevin said "The new guy is a pussy, the new guy is a pussy!"
        Devon: Fine. But just quit making fun of me.

      • Dave: Excuse us.
        Percy: Why, did you fart?

      • Anastasia: So what instrument do you play?
        Trevor: The drums.
        Anastasia: Oh, well good for you. You don't mind moving over so I can talk to them other fellas?

      • Anastasia introduces herself to Treble Charger
        Anastasia: I'm Anastasia but most people call me reall f'n good in bed...oh but I kid.

      • Percy: Family meeting.
        Anastasia: What's a "family meeting"?

      • Mocking Sum 41
        Percy: Every single one of you has a stupid haircut.

    • NOTES (12)

    • ALLUSIONS (9)

      • Pepper: ...the Junos
        The Junos', or The Juno Awards is an annual event which is categorised in the Canadian music department. Bands like Sum 41, Billy Talent, Treble Charger, and artists like Avril Laving, and Bryan Adams are all qualified for the Juno for best song of the year, album, and whatever else. The event takes place in April annually in a major Canadian city which Ben Mulroney normally hosts.

      • Anastasia: Oh but I kid
        This is a reference to Triumph the insult comic dog. Triumph always says something contreversial but after the crowd heat he always says "...oh but I kid!"

      • Percy: What are you looking at Fonzie?
        Fonzie is the king of cool on the popular tv comedy series Happy Days. The Fonz is known for wearing his leather jacket atop his motorcycle while saying phrases like "aaaayyyy!" and "sit on it!". Percy probably thinks Steve, from Sum 41 looks like Henry Winkler.

      • Pepper: We're gonna be Hanging with Kevin Spencer.
        Hanging is from Gonna Meet a Rockstar. Everything's the same except most people don't react in a threatening way like Kevin did with his homemade shank.

      • Percy: Family meeting
        The family Percy talked about is likely from the Simpson in the episode Bart's Dog Gets an F. Homer calls a family meeting when their dog destroys his expensive shoes.

      • Percy: Every single one of you has a stupid haircut.
        Sum 41's tvtome website.

      • Greg: Sum 41 wouldn't say that.
        Sum 41 are a punk-hip-hop rock band, also Canadian icons too, who got their first break with the Spider Man soundtrack It's What Were All About with help of Slayer guitar guru Kerry King.

      • Dan: This is Treble Charger
        Another Canadian band formed in 1992 as NC-17. A huge threatening lawsuit forced them to change their name to Treble Charger. They didn't get much fame and attention until American Psycho came along.

      • Percy: Treble Charger? They're just a poor man's Trooper if you ask me.
        Trouper is a famous Canadian rock band back in the days of ZZ Top, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, etc. Critics did not liked them at first until Raise a Little Hell. They're huge in the Maritimes.