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Comedy Central will keep the laughs coming, even though it just renewed Brickleberry. Boom! Brickleberry, you just got a call from George BURNS! Anyway, the network that wants to make you chuckle renewed three of its original series today, reports HitfixBrickleberry will be back for a third season, Key & Peele will return for a fourth season, and Drunk History will toast to a second season. 

Animated comedy Brickleberry comes from Daniel Tosh and follows a bunch of rangers and one crass grizzly bear cub who bases his humor on Tosh.0

Sketch-show Key & Peele stars Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key as they tackle race, sports, and fat guys ordering way too much pizza. 

Drunk History started as a web series and brings in impressive guest stars to reenact stories from history as told by totally sloshed people. 

And now that I've told you what each show is about, I will reveal their official, indisputable rankings, relative to one another, as based on personal FACT:

1) Key & Peele. Though it's inconsistent like all sketch shows, when it does good, it does GREAT.

2) Drunk History. This seems to be hit-or-miss for lots of people, and for me it's mostly miss. It does manage to bring in fantastic guest-stars, though. 

3) Brickleberry. Ugh this show. 

Agree? Disagree? Don't care? Let me know in the comments!

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