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and the awards go to...
Apr 03, 2014
News Briefs: Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Scandal, and Orphan Black Are All Peabody Award Winners
Plus: The Mindy Project is headed to Hulu, ABC delays Astronaut Wives Club, and Wil Wheaton gets his own show.
liam neesons!
Mar 12, 2014
Comedy Central Renews Key & Peele for a Bigger Season 4
Season 4 will be 22 episodes long and two characters may be spun off into their own animated series.
who had today in the office pool?
Jan 08, 2014
News Briefs: Stan Lee Will Guest-star on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Plus: Americans really like football, Denis Leary is back at FX, and a Pushing Daisies vet is headed to NBC.
ha, ha, and what?
Oct 30, 2013
Comedy Central Wants More Key & Peele, Drunk History, and Brickleberry
Sketches, inebriated reenactments, and grumpy bears will all be back.
marathon fan
Aug 23, 2013
The Great Fall TV Cram, 2013 Edition: 10 Shows to Catch Up On Now
Now's the perfect time to prepare yourself for the impending onslaught of fall TV—especially with regard to newer shows you might have missed out on last year.
'80s Party
Dec 19, 2012
TV.com's Top 100 Everything of 2012, Vol. 2: Items 90-81
In this edition: Jumps between realities, the best Bar Mitzvah entertainment a few bucks can buy, and an ORGY!!!!
L'Carpetron Lives
Nov 28, 2012
News Briefs: Comedy Central Renews Key & Peele for Season 3
Plus: Necessary Roughness is close to surviving, NBC is developing an Americanized Downton Abbey, and Zucker is back.
Stars, They Watch TV Just Like Us!
Jul 16, 2012
Celebrity High-Five: Ken Marino's 5 Favorite TV Shows
The comedian and Party Down alum names his top five shows.
Status Update
Apr 24, 2012
What's Renewed, What's Canceled, and What's Still In Between? (2012 Edition)
We'll continue to update this story as more renewals and cancellations announced, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often for updates.
Season Pass or Fail
Mar 08, 2012
The 4-Episode Test: Smash, Luck, The River, and More
Find out what we're sticking with and what we're deleting from our DVRs, then tell us what YOU'RE still watching in the comments.
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