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  • Not as great/funny as I would hope but it has its moments

    Few various ep (12, 14) COMEDY CENTRAL
  • I'm so happy this is still on!

    Keep em coming. It's just a refreshing type of comedy noting we haven't seen before but there's not alot of comedic shows out there like it at the moment so it gets a 9 for that fact that its diverse and current.
  • You will get hooked

    I was sceptical at first, but i few episodes in, i was really in to it.

    Indeed as 03bgood said, it's not as funny as Dave chappelle, but then again, that one is hard to top.

    The sketches are varied, and really good special effects actually.

    They both do hilarious characters.

    Downside would be that they maybe focus a little to much on the Black and white stereotypes.
  • The New Chappelle's Show?

    So far this is a funny show, it might not top Dave Chappelle's sketch comedy show but it is funny!
  • Hilarious Sketches.

    I loved this show. The sketches are extremely well thought out and hilarious. The reason I only gave it a 9.5 because live, they are not very funny but since most of the show was sketches it was still good. The Hell's Kitchen spoof was the funniest so far in my opinion.