Keys to the VIP

Tuesday 12:00 AM on The Comedy Network Premiered Oct 31, 2006 Between Seasons



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Keys to the VIP

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Set in Toronto's nightclub scene, this game show pits man against man in the game of seduction. Two players go head-to-head for three rounds where they test their skills at winning over women in the real-life battlefield of a club. There are four judges who decide the winner and critique the player's games. The show aired on The Comedy Network for three seasons.

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  • Episode "Rodeo Ryan Vs. James B-Boy Caution Jones "

    This show disscus me, in particular this eposide. The panal of four mentioned Ryan's game is "Like being robbed by a midget" which is a derogatory and racist word for a person who has dwarfism. Let me tell you four I have racist and derogatory names that each of you deserve to be called and want the eposide pulled immediately and a public appology.
  • It's basically four douchebags serving as the judging panel for a competition between two "playas". Typically armed with contrasting styles, the two contestants demonstrate different schools of thought on how to pick up women.moreless

    This show is AWESOME! I've seen my share of Blind Date/5th Wheel episodes, and I can assure you this show blows them all out of the water!

    Sometimes you learn something about men & women, but most of the time, you'll cover your face in horror while peeking through your fingers! DEFINITELY worth a watch!
  • Four self-styled pickup artists judge and critique the in-field performance of two contestants in a real life nightclub setting. The winner and his friends are treated to a v.i.p night out out on the town, and the loser is ... well ... embarrassed.moreless

    This show does exactly what it sets out to do. If you think the idea of two regular guys completing pickup challenges in a nightclub in an attempt to out-do one another is stupid, you won't like this show. If - like me - you think that sounds like the perfect way to kill a half hour, you won't be disappointed. The judges know what they're talking about, some of the contestants are extremely impressive, and there are some truly hilarious screw ups. I say you should give it a shot, especially if you live around the Toronto area. Contrary to popular belief, the show is not fixed. However, it would theoretically be possible for a contestant to have female friends come to the bar and pretend to be his pickups... but don't let that small possibility ruin the experience! The show is definitely worthwhile.moreless
  • Pathetic!

    If there's a worse show I haven't seen it and thank goodness for that because if I ever saw something worse my eyes would probably melt. Who puts this garbage on TV and on top of that who are the people who are actually entertained by this brainless parade of dirtbags? It's on the comedy channel but it has nothing at all to do with comedy but on top of that it doesn't belong on TV at all because it's just four dirtbags talking to each other taking poorly produced video of guys using pick-up lines on girls in a Toronto club and the whole time everyone's pretending this is a "reality" show where they don't know exactly what's going on. Please. This show rots.moreless
  • Yuck!

    Keys to the V.I.P. is such a disgusting show that I wish I could somehow give it less than 1 out of 10. First as other people have said here already how is this on a channel called Comedy when there is no comedy in the show?

    It is just a reality show with four douchebags watching other douchebags try to impress girls in a bar. But it isn't a reality show either because obviously everyone on the show knows exactly what's going on and knows that there are cameras there.

    This show is just an insult to everyone and I can't believe anyone would watch this without having a gun to their head.moreless

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