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Kiana's Flex Appeal

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In 1995 "Kiana's Flex Appeal" began it's run on the recently launched cable sports channel ESPN2. Soon after that the show became the highest rated show on that channel. The show featured instructional strength training, aerobic training, and sport specific training segments, along with many helpful tips from Kiana Tom, the star of the show. The show encouraged its viewers to enjoy an active lifestyle. Kiana had a lot of help from fitness experts and athletes like Monica Brant and Tatiana Anderson. Kiana and her cast members always looked great and the beachfront, tropical scenery was always beautiful. The show ran daily during the weekdays and finally ended in 2001.

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  • Kiana's Flex Appeal aired on ESPN and ESPN2 from 1995 to 2001. It feature the beautiful Kiana and her beautiful cast members performing exercise sessions.

    Kiana's Flex Appeal aired on ESPN and ESPN2 from 1995 to 2001 I believe. It feature the beautiful Kiana and her beautiful cast members performing exercise sessions in tropical beach settings in Hawaii, etc. Kiana and her cast always wore sexy exercise apparel and demonstrated strength training and agility training programs for viewers to learn from. There were many creative messages that Kiana would deliver during each show providing helpful information to the audience. Guest stars like Monica Brant, who won MS. Fitness USA and is a prominent fitness model, made the show a launching pad for their careers. My wife and I always watched this show.moreless
  • I really should feel guilty. It's an exercise program. You're supposed to work out along with it. So why have I spent so many mornings simply watching it, slack-jawed, sitting on my couch? Blame the mesmerizingly gorgeous Kiana Tom!moreless

    You know, exercise programs are pretty much a dime a dozen. They start to all look the same: An impossibly chipper host/aerobics instructor with an impossibly toned body working out on an impossibly beautiful beach with a gaggle of impossibly buff acolytes. I've seen 'em all....then came Kiana. Granted, the basic formula is still the same, but Kiana herself is what distinguishes this show from all the others. Yeah, she's impossibly buff, but she somehow makes it seem attainable. And for someone so incredibly gorgeous, she really comes across as accessible and down-to-earth. The exercise routines are sensible and Kiana really seems to care about her audience's health.moreless
  • "Kiana's Flex Appeal" is hosted by Kiana Tom, television host, internationally renowned fitness expert, author, actress, wife and mother. Kiana's Flex Appeal airs daily on ESPN Classics and is the highest rated show, reaching 80 million homes worldwide.moreless

    Kiana's Flex Appeal is a lifestyle health & fitness program that reaches 80 million homes worldwide on ESPN every morning. Her show debuted in 1995 and is still airing daily around the world including the entire USA, Canada, the Orient, Europe, Mexico. As founder of the trend setting fitness series, Kiana has written thousands of exercise routines and personally created the timeless segments: home gym, pro gym, target training, aqua flex training. Kiana is Founder of the "#1 rated fitness series," "Kiana's Flex Appeal" ESPN, Author of "Kiana's Body Sculpting" book (St. Martin's Press, NY), Recipient of the United States Sports Academy Award, named one of the most significant graduates by the UCLA Alumni Association and is Role Model to millions of viewers worldwide. Kiana was interviewed on behalf of the President's Council on Physical Fitness, Ms. Shape Magazine, Emcee to the Governors Ball at the inaugural "X Games" and is a proud supporter of the United States Physical Activity for Americans Program. ESPN developed numerous other series for Kiana including: "Kiana's Too Fit 2 Quit," "Summer Sizzle with Kiana," "Kiana's Hot Summer Nights," to name a few.

    The "Kiana" Brand has been a success and is evident in the press/media: Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA, Access Hollywood, USA Today, TV Guide, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Fit Magazine, Men's Fitness - all refer to Kiana as the "The Queen of Fitness," "The Fitness Guru," "Princess of Power." In addition to "Kiana's Flex Appeal," Kiana hosted ABC "Super Bowl Nightlife," Host and Reporter for the Extreme Sports shows, "X Games," "Extreme Energy," "Fitness America Pageant Series," "Blade Warriors," "King of the Mountain," news anchor for Turner Broadcasting, made guest appearances on the Drew Carey Show, Family Law and in Eminem's Grammy Award winning Music Video of the Year "Without Me." Kiana co-starred in her first movie, "Universal Soldier: The Return" with Jean Claude Van Damme, Sony Columbia Tri-star Pictures.