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  • childish anime

    this is like the dumbest and simplest anime ever.

    the concept is nice but the characters are way too simple and childish, the story progresses too fast at important story plots (which makes characters look dumb) and makes it seem like they skip necessary lines or scenes.

    the action scenes are also way too childish.

    this show can be rated "OK" for 6 year olds but anyone with half a brain that has seen an actual good anime show should agree.

    this show can't hold a candle next to bleach, soul eater, gundam seed etc. etc.
  • really awsome anime...a must watch anime ^^.

    (Im not gonna spoil the series telling all the details so ill only cover the basics)it starts in a place called calm where a teen named zed its always in trouble.Later on he finds a strange creature and follows it into a portal and travel into a whole new world.For me it had a very good story nice animation ect.the only thing bad about it was that it ended although there are rumors of a movie "in the works' acording wikipedia.So yea its a cool show with great caracters and storylines.One of the best animes a have ever seen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Kiba

    this is the best series anime i have ever seen.
    its a good story and i would like to see more of these anime
    i cant wait to see mroe of this thank you very much hope you make a new season for kiba i love it thank you once again cant wait for it to come out
    the anime kiba has been very interesting please make a new one it would really make it very good hope you make a new one maybe you can make one when everyone grows up and everyone became stronger with new villain and new shard spirits.
  • Great idea, bad realization

    This show has a great idea but it has a bad realization, especially in battles. I really don't like the way they do them, with fast moving cameras in which I can't see what is going on or putting an image and moving the camera along the image with screamings. When I saw the first episode I thought it was going to be a great show but this thing I've said make the show worst than it should be according to the story and the whole idea of the series. Anyway, I still recomend it if you like anime.

  • Bretty good but there a little bit short atleast i thin that.

    Episode 1-47 al were good but i wish that there would be some more episodes.I like that amil gaoul only obeys Zed.Zed is cold hearted but only a little and Noa is pretty wierd since he got to Neotopia ultimate rules come on.When amil gaoul get golden armors i think that he is cooler than he was before.Pronimo is a uselles key spirit don,t you think so ??.Sachira is pretty strong but a little bit slow because he ain,t so smart :D.Shadin is strong but slower and stuppider than sachira and i don,t like it,s body.When Zed and Hugh battled the last time i liked how he killed Hugh.
  • Kiba is the show that had a great idea, but had no decent following or advertisement. Anime equivalent to limited release movies that could have and would have become oscar winners if given the wide advertisement.

    Kiba is a great show, though slow to begin with, the idea of the show could easily become a cult following. Zed leads a life where he is constantly wanting more. In a world much like our own, Zed is known as a miscrient and trouble maker. Then one day Zed travels to another land, where small Shards give fantastic abilties to the Caster. Using these Shards, Casters create elemental attacks, to defend and/or spread their own beliefs. Strong Casters have Spirit Shards, Monsters that battle amongst themselves (or help its Caster defeat other Casters) and help ensure the survival of their Caster. Zed himself controls a Key Spirit, one of six powerful Spirits that are rumored to give great power to its weilder. A race begins to control the six Spirits and gain ultimate power. Each nation, of this new world, sets out to win, ensuring the survival of their ideals.

    With the different types of Shards, and the different Spirit Shards that exist, this show is equal to that of Full Metal Alchemist. With the different strengths of each Alchemist, Full Metal Alchemist could have become a story line making up a 3rd Person Fighter Video Game (see Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Virtua Fighter).

    The possibilities for this story are endless, with new characters, Spirits, and Shard 'Spells' appearing everyday. Differences in the abilities of the Caster and his or her respective Spirit allows for an intense and truly unique anime.

    Kiba shows the true excellence of imagination and creativity. An animator and story writer are only drawnback by the limits of their own imagination. The endless Spirits that appear, combined with the power of the Shard Caster themself, creates an endless possibility of battles and outcomes to be watched.

    From the chase to control the Key Spirits, to the Jousts of each nation, to Jokers and Saviours of each nation, this show is truly one of a kind. Given proper advertisement and funding, Kiba could easily become a great and long-lasting Anime, rivaling those of Bleach, Naruto, and Yu Yu Hakusho.
  • Good show. Got addicted since the first episode.

    Kiba is really good. Too bad not too many people know about it. Good thing is, I realised it was becoming more popular episode by episode. Many plots, many characters. It would be a huge plot hole if not for the deaths of them. Unfortunately some of the deaths happen to my favourite characters :( The plot changes pretty often although I kinda like it that way. There is also plenty of character development for those who live though. And the writers are good at finding new things to hide from us, which is good for the plot but bad for me :( The downside is that the word 'savior' has been totally abused.
  • My favorite series that's currently airing, and one of the top overall!

    Man, Kiba is such an awesome show. And I think it's so awesome because while it takes common themes and stories, it does them in a completely different manner.

    Take the Joust, for example (what, episodes 4-8 or so?). Yeah, the main character wants to fight in it. But, in a normal shounen action show, what would the reason be? To prove his strength? To show off? Just to get to beat someone up? Nope. Zedd wants to fight to test his strength, to find out how strong he really is.

    I mean, yeah, the show has its share of clichés, but it uses them in a way that's new and interesting.

    Of course, given the clichés it's applied so far, I am not looking forward to Zedd and Noa's reunion...