Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil
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Kick Buttowski lives in the suburbs but makes the best of it by entertaining himself with daredevil stunts. Whenever his stunts don't pan out, he's quick to pick himself up and get back on the horse. Kick faces obstacles but nothing gets him down especially since he looks up to Billy Stumps.
  • One of Disney XD's Best Series

    Before I watched this show, I did not like it. I was bored so I decided to give it a try. Thank goodness I was bored that day. I like this show. Yes, it has fart jokes but not too much as other cartoons do. This show is made for boys. So what.

    The characters is are pretty likable, the plot is unique (no superhero or secret identity stuff), humorous jokes, outstanding voice acting, great animation, and unexpected twists.

    Too bad it got cancelled. I was looking forward for a season three. Oh well, good things never lasts. Kick Buttowski: Suburban Devil is Disney XD's first animated series; it is one of kind and one of Disney's XD best series.

  • A pretty good show that is underestimated a bit.

    What do you guys think of Kick Buttowski - Suburban Daredevil (on Disney XD).

    It's a great show, there are plenty things I love about it...

    Kick's stunts, determination and passion

    Kick's relationship with Kendall (which is way underestimated too much!)

    Kendall Perkins (although most episode depict negatively except Hand in Hand, Roll Reversal, Dancing with the Enemy, Clothes Call, and Rank of Awesome) - she is way underestimated and hated by some fans of the show who don't give her much of a chance!!

    What I don't like is the crude humor in some episodes especially from Brad and his goons, Mrs Chicarelli, Kick's family, and most folks in Mellowbrook. Episodes that are cruel, unbearable are Brad's Room, Power Play, Poll Position, Brad's Dairy, Swap Meet, The Kick Stays in the Picture, Stay Cool and Free Gunther, along with Pinch Sitter, which is a great episode until the cruel ending! Those episodes are atrocious!

    But that doesn't stop me from loving Kick himself, him and Kendall together, along with Wade!

    The characters I love best in the show are Kendall, Kick, Gunther, Wade, Scarlett, Mouth, Principal Henry, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Billy Stumps, Rock Callaghan and Emo Kid.

    Overall, It's a great show that understimated a little too much. Most people, like me, love it while others don't.

    But for me, I personally enjoyed the show!! And I always love Kick-x-Kendall!!

    This show will always be my top favorite cartoon forever! It kicks major BUTTOWSKI!

    What do you guys think?moreless
  • An awesome show!

    Guys please stop telling bad stuff about it!

    And by the way, the real name of kick buttowski is Clarence buttowski.

    I'm a kid, all of kids when enjoy this awesome program!

    If you still don't get,watch this episode called switching gears. Of course all cartoons and shows have bad episodes!but there very few for kick buttowski.

    And all the guys who hate the program,they have got 'thumbs down'!
  • Kick Buttowski? More like Kick Disney XD's Butt For Creating This Show.....

    Disney XD creators must've gotten drunk while coming up with shows, cause Disney XD is horrible. We need Toon Disney back! Got it Disney XD?
  • Too rad (in a way that`s bad)

    First off, Disney XD already has a skateboarder show (Zeke and Luther) and Kick (if that is a real name) takes everything to the extreme. I think that the show is all exreme to the extreme, if you know what I mean. All the characters feel monotoned down to 1 of 10 and the plots feel forced, too forced if you ask me.

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