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  • One of Disney XD's Best Series

    Before I watched this show, I did not like it. I was bored so I decided to give it a try. Thank goodness I was bored that day. I like this show. Yes, it has fart jokes but not too much as other cartoons do. This show is made for boys. So what. Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil is about Kick is determined to become the world's greatest daredevil with the help of his best friend Gunther in their suburban neighborhood. Finally! A series that is not about magic or hiding a secret.

    The writing is surprising good. The jokes are very witty and the plot is simple, yet it has so many twists. This series is not afraid to take some risks. What I like about this series is when Kick makes a mistake, he fixes it. In other words, there's are so many heartwarming moments that is very touching. As for the animation, it is very cartoony and wacky. It is great for flash animation. The characters are realistic and easily reconcilable. Kick is bold, adventurous and tough--yet, he has a soft side. Gunther is the opposite of Kick. He is cautious, happy, and has some quirky and hidden traits. There are other characters such as Kendall, Brad, Emo Kid, Wade, Ronaldo, and Wacky Jackie. Each of them has something to present and has a certain relationship with the main character.

    The intro is very catchy .The rock music score suits the series very well.

    Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil is very enjoyable and very original. Too bad it got cancelled. I was looking forward for a season three. Oh well, good things never lasts. Kick Buttowski: Suburban Devil is Disney XD's first animated series; it is one of kind and one of Disney's XD best series.

  • A pretty good show that is underestimated a bit.

    What do you guys think of Kick Buttowski - Suburban Daredevil (on Disney XD).

    It's a great show, there are plenty things I love about it...

    Kick's stunts, determination and passion

    Kick's relationship with Kendall (which is way underestimated too much!)

    Kendall Perkins (although most episode depict negatively except Hand in Hand, Roll Reversal, Dancing with the Enemy, Clothes Call, and Rank of Awesome) - she is way underestimated and hated by some fans of the show who don't give her much of a chance!!

    What I don't like is the crude humor in some episodes especially from Brad and his goons, Mrs Chicarelli, Kick's family, and most folks in Mellowbrook. Episodes that are cruel, unbearable are Brad's Room, Power Play, Poll Position, Brad's Dairy, Swap Meet, The Kick Stays in the Picture, Stay Cool and Free Gunther, along with Pinch Sitter, which is a great episode until the cruel ending! Those episodes are atrocious!

    But that doesn't stop me from loving Kick himself, him and Kendall together, along with Wade!

    The characters I love best in the show are Kendall, Kick, Gunther, Wade, Scarlett, Mouth, Principal Henry, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Billy Stumps, Rock Callaghan and Emo Kid.

    Overall, It's a great show that understimated a little too much. Most people, like me, love it while others don't.

    But for me, I personally enjoyed the show!! And I always love Kick-x-Kendall!!

    This show will always be my top favorite cartoon forever! It kicks major BUTTOWSKI!

    What do you guys think?
  • An awesome show!

    Guys please stop telling bad stuff about it!

    And by the way, the real name of kick buttowski is Clarence buttowski.

    I'm a kid, all of kids when enjoy this awesome program!

    If you still don't get,watch this episode called switching gears. Of course all cartoons and shows have bad episodes!but there very few for kick buttowski.

    And all the guys who hate the program,they have got 'thumbs down'!
  • Kick Buttowski? More like Kick Disney XD's Butt For Creating This Show.....

    Disney XD creators must've gotten drunk while coming up with shows, cause Disney XD is horrible. We need Toon Disney back! Got it Disney XD?
  • Too rad (in a way that`s bad)

    First off, Disney XD already has a skateboarder show (Zeke and Luther) and Kick (if that is a real name) takes everything to the extreme. I think that the show is all exreme to the extreme, if you know what I mean. All the characters feel monotoned down to 1 of 10 and the plots feel forced, too forced if you ask me.
  • I'd kick Disney's butt for creating this

    It's so stupid. Gosh. Right down the very title (Kick Buttowski? Could you make it more obvious? Don't answer that, please), it's so idiotic.

    Maybe I'm saying that because I'm not a boy and I'm not a child, but still.

    I don't have any to say, but this is stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid!
  • It`s good but I could never call this superb or perfect

    I like this show. It`s good it`s about a great show by any standards. I love that it`s a new idea and that this show tries to break the laws of physics at every chance it gets. I also like the main charcters a guy who just wants to live life to the fullest and a sidekick. But the reason it`s not good is becuase there are some bad things. One I can`t convice myself that any of this could ever happen. Two bysides from those 2 characters there`s no one else in the entire show I like. Also sometimes Kick is just a complete unlikeable jerk to the people around him. When it comes down to it I enjoyed the crazy stunts. But the best part of the show is they bring in someone to represent science and they go above and beyond to make you hate him and say that his science wouldn`t ever stop me from doing my stunts. And I loved every minute that guy was on screen.
  • Come on!

    If I could score any lower I would. The accents are stupid and he's probably the last straw of the disney writers brainstorm its do stupid come on disney just 1 good programme would be nice
  • Best Disney XD cartoon


    Kick Buttowski lives in the suburbs but makes the best of it by entertaining himself with daredevil stunts. Whenever his stunts don't pan out, he's quick to pick himself up and get back on the horse. Kick faces obstacles but nothing gets him down especially since he looks up to Billy Stumps.

    Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil is defentily the best Disney XD cartoon I ever watched. The other cartoons on XD are just boring and a waste of time to me. I really enjoyed this show. However, one thing that lowers my score that Disney XD kept rerunning the same episodes over and over (and the majority of them are season 2). Other than that, it is a superb show (it is not the perfectest show I ever seen though). The animation is great. Voice acting are great as well. The characters are mainly funny especially Gunther. But I don't really think the farting joke (whenever someone eats ligen berries) are needed. The music is very perfect for the show itself. It fits well on the show especially when Kick does stunts. I think season 1 was perfect, but season 2 was a great season. I don't think season 2 is not bad, but can Disney XD seriously stop re running the same season 2 episodes over and over? That's why season 1 is a bit better and I hasn't these episodes from that season in ages. Overall, despite that problem, I thinkKick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil is a superb cartoon and it is way better than the other XD animated shows in my opinion. 9/10 (would have gotten a 9.5 though)

  • Move out of the way,Rocket Power!

    Disney XD is known for it's terrible comedies. However,they decided to add some cartoons to it,and the result ended up as a awesome cartoon. This is about a guy named Kick who basically is a daredevil and goes on adventures with his friend Gunther. Now,Kick is a combine of Evel Knevel and Tony Hawk and he is a lot better than the Rocket Power kids. He does WAY better tricks than them(he even played piano on the road!). Gunther,however,is annoying,but can be funny at times. The brother is supposed to be like Terrance from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends:A older brother who teases his younger brother. Brianna is supposed to be the sister and is like Anais from The Amazing World of Gumball:a smart young sister. I don't mind the parents,but the dad is annoying at times. The animation,however,is just terrible. It looks like an arcade game back then. The music of the show is just awesome. There are shows that don't need that type of rock music like Johnny Test or All Grown Up,but this show needs it,and it gets it. All of the episodes feature Kick doing a very awesome stunt that features either skateboarding in a library or playing the piano on the road. In my opinion,this is what Disney XD needs: A great cartoon featuring stunts and a show that makes laugh. This better last longer.
  • It's actually Disney XD's only animated series that I find enjoyable

    I don't watch this cartoon very much on Disney XD but I should because I really like it. I've probably only seen like 10 episodes from this show and that's it. I should watch this cartoon more often because it's actually enjoyable and the only cartoon I'll watch on Disney XD. "Jimmy Two Shoes" is just an alright cartoon but "Kick Buttowski-Suburban Daredevil" beats that cartoon by a lot. "Kick Buttowski-Suburban Daredevil" is an animated Disney XD series that I should watch more often since it's enjoyable while "Jimmy Two Shoes" is a show only worth watching sometimes. Also, I would rather watch "Jimmy Two Shoes" than "Kid vs. Kat" because that cartoon is rarely enjoyable. I think all of the voices fit the characters perfectly except for Gunther. The voice for Gunther doesn't match at all in my opinion and I think it would be great if they picked a voice that would actually match him. Kick Buttowski (of course, the main character of this show) is my favorite character in this cartoon and he brings me a lot of laughs in this cartoon. Kick's older brother is alright but not my favorite character. I think that's the only thing that made me give this show a 9, Gunther's voice not matching him. Well, I would recommend this show and it's worth watching on Disney XD and I think it's pretty funny to watch. Overall, it's pretty much the only Disney XD animated series that I find totally enjoyable and I should watch it more often sometime soon because I really like this cartoon. 9/10
  • It's a decent show actually.

    Soo, yeah, this show follows the adventures of a young dude named Kick Buttowski who loves x-treme stunts and dresses like Evil Knievil (sp?), and his family & friendfs. We have his parents who yeah are typical parents, his brother Brad who is your typical bully who enjoys to beat Kick and foil his plans & his sister ]Brianna who is yeah, spoiled and all. then you have his 2 friends Wacky Jackie, a crazy obessed fan of Kick's stunts and Gunther, his fat viking friend, who is my favorite character. Perfect comedic timing with Gunther.

    Overall: It's a pretty decent show actually with some great humor (especially from Gunther), and yeah, it's worth trying out. 8/10.
  • Kick...Kick...Kick Buttowski

    When I first saw the previews I just thought it would be an ordinary, stupid cartoon that is weakly written and with mediocre jokes. I gave the show a shot and was surprised to see that this is a very impress cartoon show. The show is funny with nice, clear animation. This cartoon will become popular if it keeps running within a few years. Kick Buttowski is a kid who tries to become the world's greates daredevil with the help of his overwieght friend, Gunther.That's all I'm going to say. If you would like to see a blend of animation, humor, and rebel, I prefer you watch Kick Buttowski.
  • A good show that is not just for the boys.

    I wasn't sure about this show when I saw the previews, but I saw the first few episodes with my little brother, and we both enjoyed ourselves. It's a show that can not only be funny, but action packed too. The animation is good, and so is the voice work. At first, I wasn't sure about the main character, Kick, having such a deep voice for a kid. But I've kinda grown to like it. And of course, you've gotta love the music, especially the theme song. As soon as you hear it, it WILL be stuck in your head for at least a day. An enjoyable cartoon, that's not just for the boys, and when you compare it to some of the other Disney xd cartoons (Jimmy Two Shoes, Kid vs Kat), it's one of the best cartoons on Disney right now.
  • This show is reasonably decent.

    When I first saw the trailers for kick Buttowski, I was reasonably skeptical (I mean, it came after the trailers for other such stupidity as Kid versus cat and Jimmy two shoes). But when I watched a few episodes of Kick, I was fairly surprised to see that, in a weird way, it actually made me want more. I found the antics of kick (not to mention his big butt and masculine voice in the body of a pipsqueak) and Gunther to be, dare I say it, relaxing. At any rate, Kick definitely serves to roll a little deoderant over the stench on the name of Disney XD that was created upon the conception of that abysmal show known as Zeke and Luther. And any show that is able to perform that feat deserves at least a season 2.
  • Disney XD gives us a surprisingly awesome show worthy of its action-block reputation.

    If you're an animation fan, then you've likely heard tales of the dark age of Disney Channel. I refer to the period when animation, on what was a channel for shows with the spirit of their predecessors, was waning and being replaced with live-action shows that many felt were overrated, namely Hannah Montana. While traces of live-action linger on Disney Channel and its sister network Disney XD, both networks started with a step in the right direction with the introduction of the outrageously popular Phineas & Ferb. Since then, cartoons have been given new life on the networks with new shows like Kid vs. Kat, Jimmy Two-Shoes, and the latest addition to the Disney XD line-up, Kick Buttowski.

    You might have seen some previews and felt that the show really looked influenced by a classic Nicktoon from the late 90's to early 2000's. I refer, of course, to the show known as Rocket Power. I feel that saying so isn't a gimmick because Kick Buttowski really hearkens back to that Nick classic. Sure, you can argue why Disney would decide to look at some of Nick's old shows and wonder what made them so outrageously popular back in their day. A lot of newer cartoons on Disney take us back to the time when hand-drawn animation dominated and the shows were not just full of tangents. Well, they still are, but just not as severely.

    Alright, I've said that Kick Buttowski hearkens back to Rocket Power and you're probably wondering how so. You're in luck because I'm going to write about those similarities in just a moment. The show centers around the title character in his attempts to spice up life in his quiet neighborhood through numerous extreme stunts that one expects to defy the laws of physics. Even though Kick's stunts often don't succeed on the first attempt, he is a character who refuses to accept defeat and gets right back up and tries again. In comparison to many of the newer cartoon characters who are either really annoying or cry about very insignificant things or are a mix of both, Kick Buttowski really stands out as a total badass. Pair that will with his hilarious and seemingly unfitting deep voice and you'll agree. I also find him a character to admire.

    "What I do, I do for little brothers everywhere." –Kick

    It's not all physics-defying stunts for Kick, however. He also finds himself dealing with the rude yet typically not-quite-bright older brother on a regular basis and a cast of characters who seem familiar yet are quite refreshing at the same time. An evil old lady librarian and an instructor who wishes to haul Kick off to reform school are only part of the offering to date and they do stand out from many antagonists we've come to expect in this day and age. The older sibling who wishes to spoil the fun is not new to Disney (see Candace from Phineas & Ferb) but the show of sibling rival is presented in often over-the-top methods that end with someone getting hurt. Just the way many like it.

    Many of the stunts in the show are not just for inspiring awe in the youngsters but they're presented in such a manner that you will laugh regardless of whether or not Kick succeeds. Things are often exaggerated and it's all very surreal. In short, the show is very cartoony. What I mean by that is, and this is something that everyone should keep in mind with these shows, it's a cartoon so it doesn't have to make sense. It's not just Kick against the mundane world, as you might expect. Along for the ride is his buffoonish friend, Gunther, who provides a lot of silly dialogue and flatulence jokes, which I know might turn some people off. Combine that with the fact that Kick often ends up only in his underpants after many of his stunts and you'll see that there are a number of gags in the show that will merit a slight groan of disgust. With that said, it is nice to see a show that doesn't really heavily on potty humor. (I'm looking at you, Fanboy & Chum Chum.)

    In this age, we've come to see many shows and movies presented in CGI animation and it's become so familiar that a show in a traditional style is a nice change of pace. Disney appears to be taking another step in the right direction because this is yet another cartoon they've aired that has been in a 2-D or Flash style as opposed to the CGI that Nickelodeon is falling under these days. (See Back at the Barnyard, The Penguins of Madagascar, and Fanboy & Chum Chum.) If I may get off topic for a moment, I will just say that it looks like DreamWorks is trying to take over the network that brought us classics like Rugrats, Invader Zim, and Danny Phantom. Back on topic, I will just say that the character models look great, everything animates fluidly, and there are a lot of stylized pseudo-3-D backgrounds during a lot of the high speed action. If I may, it's kind of like the visuals from the Paper Mario games: 2-D characters in either 2-D backgrounds or 3-D backgrounds. I just really like the 2-D style that this show and of Disney's latest outings have taken. I find it to be so bold, so brilliant, and they all work on so many levels. I prefer the stylized traditional characters as opposed to the strangely flawless, clean, and, let's face it, occasionally downright ugly 3-D models. That's a contradiction, I know, but what I really mean by that is that some 3-D characters look more detailed than a traditional style but at the same time, they can look chunky and aren't very easy on the eyes.

    As I've said before, Kick has a deep voice that is obviously too gruff for a kid but at the same time, it's hilarious to hear him speak. On top of that, the show has some very good dialogue, and overall writing for that matter, such as:

    "You just made my revenge list…AGAIN!" –Kick

    The other characters speak in voices that are to be expected: the rather nasally older brother, the sweet mother and, occasionally, sister, and a large friend to name a few. The show's audio track, much of which is a mixture of rock and even metal, sounds great. Combine that with one of the most rocking and flat-out awesome theme songs ever and you've got a winner.

    Clearly, there are a lot of things about Kick Buttowski that I like but is there anything in this show that isn't quite ideal? Well, yes. As I've mentioned, the gross humor will definitely turn some people off and we've also got some annoying side-characters, something that isn't new to television. There is the issue of voice acting and I know not everyone will agree with the choices they went with. One can always say how Nick and Disney are ripping off cartoon ideas from each other these days but since the show seems influenced by a cartoon from the last decade, many of today's audience won't know the similarities.

    All things considered, Kick Buttowski arrives on Disney XD as a welcome addition to the network. You will find some issues that may not be agreeable with you but even then, the folks at Disney have decided to give us more of something that's both familiar and fresh. With Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon both succumbing to the weight of newfangled CGI and increasing hate, I look forward to what Disney has to offer us in the animation department. If they continue to produce shows like this, then I feel that animation will not fade away.
    Animation: 9.0 – The 2-D style with pseudo-3-D backgrounds look very stylized with fluidly animated characters and the background effects just look so dazzling in this age.
    Sound: 9.0 – The rocking theme song is just the start of a treat. You've got a hilariously voiced protagonist with a load of other great sounds.
    Fun Factor: 9.5 – I find the show to be so intense with a lot of humor mixed in, both slapstick and with traces of potty humor. Even then, the show still delivers some awe-inspiring tricks with a lot of very well done writing.
    Appeal: 9.0 – Disney XD is known as an action-heavy network and Kick Buttowski fits the bill quite nicely. It has a style such that just about everyone will find something to like about it. It's also one of the most accepted cartoons in recent history.

    Final Score: 9.3 – In my opinion, one of the best cartoons in recent history. Kick Buttowski is a lot of fun and seeing a protagonist like Kick is just so inspiring. Despite a few hiccups that keep this from a perfect score, I highly recommend the show for action enthusiasts or people who are just looking for a laugh.
  • A decent show, nothing more, nothing less.

    This show centers around a small, suburban boy who dreams of becoming the world's greatest daredevil. Every day he risks his neck and brings extremeness to his otherwise dull life, along with the assistance of his best friend, Gunther.

    The show definitely has its funny moments, and Kick's tough guy persona gives him some pretty interesting lines (i.e. "You just made my revenge list- AGAIN!"). But some of its humor could be disturbing, if not totally gross. In just the first two episodes, Kick accidentally gets himself naked one too any times, and they barely get away with some of the dirty jokes in the show. Kick's friend Gunther appears to be the stereotypical fat dude who's around simply for fart jokes. It's like he's a younger version of Owen from TDA.

    But overall, my brother and I both like the show. And, who knows? When Phineas and Ferb comes to a close, I'm going to need a new favorite cartoon to latch on to.
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