Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil - Season 1

Disney XD (ended 2012)


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  • Frame Story
    Frame Story
    Episode 42
    Fed up with Kick's daredevil antics, Kick's principal threatens to expel him, if he performs any stunts inside the school. Kick agrees to comply with his principal's instructions. However, somebody decides to set Kick up. Will Kick get kicked out of school, or can he convince the principal he was set up?moreless
  • 11/25/10

    Frame Story - When Kick is accused of a crime at school he didn't commit he sets out to find who framed him and clear his name. And . . . Action! - When the famous TV actress from Teena Sometimes comes to town, Kick meets a professional stunt double named Scarlet Rosetti and helps her to become a daredevil.

  • 11/6/10

    Morning Rush - In order to keep from failing his class, Kick's teacher gives him an opportunity to turn in the homework he is missing, but a dog eats it the morning it's due. A Fistful of Ice Cream - Kick needs to get his dad a special kind of ice cream for his birthday.

  • 10/30/10

    Dancing With the Enemy - Kick and Kendell must work together in a dance competition so they must put aside their differences and combine their styles to win.
    Tattler's Tale - Mrs. Chicarelli is behind Kick and Brad stretch of groundings, so they work together to try and stop her.

  • Abandon Friendship! - Kick and Gunther's parents have a fight, forcing them to find new best friends. Braking the Grade - Kick tries to stop his dad from reading his report card, fearing that he has gotten bad grades.

  • Rank of Awesome - Kick tries to gain popularity on a new website that ranks awesome videos. A Very Buttowski Mother's Day - It's Mothers Day and Brad and Kick race try to make the perfect breakfast for their mother first.

  • Things That Make You Go Boom! - Kick battles Brad to win a radio station scavenger hunt. Kyle Be Back - Kick must overcome his annoying cousin Kyle if he wants to break a stunt record.

  • 6/21/10

    Exposed - When Kick loses his beloved helmet, he considers giving up being a daredevil. Wade Against the Machine - Wade gets promoted to a corporate job and Kick seeks Gunther's help in getting him demoted back to the store, but all his attempts just land in more promotions.

  • 6/21/10

    Mellowbrook Drift - Kick challenges the resident physics nerd bully to a winner-takes-all, gravity-defying race. Gift of Wacky - Thanks to her constant interruptions, kick wants to get rid of jackie, but when he learns he's the only guest at her birthday party, his plans change.

  • For the Love of Gunther - Gunther reveals that he has a crush on Wacky Jackie and wants to be a daredevil for her, so Kick begins to train his friend in the art of stunts. Father From the Truth - Kick doesn't want to take his un-cool father to "Bring your Dad to school" day, so he swaps him out.

  • Dad's Car - Kick is on the verge of being blamed for a scratch on Dad's car, and when he tries to fix it, the car gets away from him and leads him on a chase around town. The Treasure of Dead Man Dave - Kick is assigned an oral report for school and tells an adven turous tale.

  • 5/8/10

    Those Who Camp - Kick plans to brave the wilds and spend a night alone in the woods, but his big brother Brad has other plans.

    Dog Gone - Kick decides to be helpful and watch Mrs. Chicarelli's pet dog, but things take a turn for the worse when the pooch runs away from home.

  • 5/1/10

    Drop Kicked - Kick trains wth a former wrestler to stop being bullied by his big brother Brad. Box Office Blitz - After being banned from the multiplex, Kick tries to sneak back in to see "Zombie Motocross".

  • 3/27/10

    Runaway Recital - When Kick's dad forces him to learn the piano, Kick's boredom reaches an all-time high, until he decides to turn it into a stunt that spans the whole town. Trike X-5 - Kick's sister steals his first stunt bike and makes it girly, and he vows to get it back.

  • Battle for the 'Snax
    Kick's good friend Gunther may have to move away because his family's restaurant is not doing well. The restaurant is not doing well because the restaurant can't attract new customers. Since Kick doesn't want his friend to leave, he sets out to help the family restaurant attract new customers. Kick's plan includes creating an awesome new restaurant.moreless
  • Snowpocalypse! - Kick and Gunther attempt to save the school bus when it gets trapped in a blizzard by creating a cool snowmobile. According to Chimp - Kick comes across a monkey and brings it home to be his pet, but soon he learns that without chocolate bananas the monkey goes crazy.

  • Obsession: For Kick - A new girl moves into town and quickly becomes obsessed with Kick and his spectacular stunts, but the daredevil ignores the signs and advice from Gunther. Flush and Release - When Kick learns about a giant goldfish in the gully, he wants to tame it.

  • Kickasaurus Wrecks - Kick is hired to perform during the halftime show for a local football team, but when he's forced into a shrimp costume he sets out to make a better show, using a fire-breathing monster truck called Kickasaurus Wrecks. Battle for the Snax - Gunther's parents are forced to leave their beloved restaurant and move back to the old country, unless Kick can use his daredevil skills to bring in customers.

  • Kicked Out
    Kicked Out
    Episode 5
    Kick and Gunther perform a dangerous stunt together. Unfortunately, the stunt goes bad, and Kick and Gunther end up going off a cliff. Neither boy is hurt, but they do discover a cool, new hangout. However, when Brad, Kick's brother, finds out about the secret hangout, he tries to claim the space as his own.moreless
  • 2/27/10

    Knocked Out: When a popular talent show comes to town, Kick's opportunity to launch his career has arrived, but Gunther accidentally knocks him out just before the stunt. Not Without My Cereal: Kick is assured that if he looks after his younger sister, he will get a new cereal.

  • 2/20/10

    Kicked Out - When Kick's new hangout is taken over by Brad and his friends, Kick and Gunther does everything in there power to keep the newfound space as there own. Kick the Habit - Kick's family and neighbors think his stunts are getting out of control and they plan an intervention. Faced with the possibility of being sent off to military school, Kick vows to go stunt-free for 24 hours.

  • If Books Could Kill: Gunther accidentally returns Kick's new book signed by his idol Billy Stumps to the library. When the librarian refuses to return it, Kick sneaks in to get it back by any extreme means necessary. There Will Be Nachos: Brad throws a party while his parents are out of town and does everything in his power to keep Kick out, but he is determined to make it into the party and score some of Brad's famous nachos.

  • 2/13/10

    Dead Man's Drop: After Kick fails his latest stunt, he will not let anyone stand in his way on his quest to redeem himself and conquer Dead Man's Drop, not even his older brother Brad. STUMPED: Kicks idol Billy Stumps is in town to do a spectacular stunt at the Monster Truck Extravaganza with one lucky contest winner. With the help of his best friend Gunther, Kick must find a golden key inside a can of cheetah chug and make it to the stadium on time.