Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil - Season 2

Disney XD (ended 2012)


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Episode Guide

  • 9/22/12

    Kyle E. Coyote: Kick must catch his cousin Kyle to attend the Gnarly Games, but when Kyle consumes an entire case of Cheetah Chug it becomes easier said then done.

    Locked Out: After sneaking out to see a movie, Kick comes home to find that a new security system robot, and must dismantle it before his dad wakes up.

    Rocked: Rock Callahan becomes Kick in an action movie, where he must defeat The Dark One and save Mellowbrook.

  • Meathead Justice / Bwar-Mart

    Meathead Justice: Kick saves the DiPizzi twins' lives and now they are indebted to him, but when they don't live his side he must find a way to get them out of his life.

    Bwar-Mart: Kick and Gunther must get a new meat slicer for The annual Battlesnax salted meat festival, and must a viking department store and risk becoming its employees for life.

  • Roll Reversal / Only the Loan-ly

    Roll Reversal: Kendell inadvertently claims the title "Mellowbrook's Top Daredevil", and when Kick challenges her to a rematch she only agrees to participate in an all girls Roller Derby, forcing Kick and friends to disguise as girls to compete.

    Only the Loan-ly: Kick borrows money from Brianna, but has trouble has a hard time repaying her.

  • Crumbs! / Stay Cool
    Crumbs! / Stay Cool
    Episode 31

    Crumbs!: Kick is trusted to watch over his mom's fresh baked cookies, but dad will stop at nothing to get them.

    Stay Cool: Kick and Brianna break the air conditioner and Brad takes the blame.

  • Meathead Justice / B War Mart
  • Big Mouth / Last Fan Standing

    Big Mouth: Kick and Gunther seek the help of Mouth to see a live television broadcast.

    Last Fan Standing: Kick can't get a wink of sleep when Wacky Jackie and Cousin Kyle compete over who is his #1 fan and throw him a celebration in honor of his latest stunt.

  • Brad's Diary / Sew What

    Brad's Diary: Kick finds his older brothers diary but when dad enacts "Brotherly Law" in the house, he must fight the urge to read it.

    Sew What: When Kick's grandmother comes to visit and gives him a new jumpsuit for a stunt, he is torn between making his grandmother happy and risk hurting her feelings.

  • Say Cheese
    Say Cheese
    Episode 28

    Say Cheese: There mother is devastated when Kick, Brad and Brianna destroyed the only picture of all three of them together, so to make it up to her they must take a new one.

  • 10/13/12

    Bad Table Manners: Kick and Dad compete in the ultimate ping pong match.

    Petrified: Kick tells scary camp story's, but fears they may be coming true.

  • Brad's Diary / Sew What
  • Bwar and Peace
    Episode 26

    Kick and Gunther visits Gunther's old country and he is mistaken for a viking warrior.

  • Say Cheese / Pinch Sitter
  • Bad Table Manners / Petrified
  • 12/2/12

    Bad Car-ma: Dad's beloved car is towed away, so Kick and Dad work together to get it back.

    Goodbye, Gully: Gordie tries to impress his father by attempting to destroy Kick's favorite hangout.

  • Bromance / K-Nein
    Bromance / K-Nein
    Episode 24

    Bromance: In order to see a new movie Kick tags along on Brads date to make sure it goes well. K-Nein: Kick rescues a safety dog that stops him from doing stunts.

  • Trash Talk / Nerves of Steal

    Trash Talk: Kick is caught littering by Officer Irwin and is assigned highway clean-up duty, but a pesky rival makes Kick's job more harder.

    Nerves of Steal: Kick is framed for stealing his neighbors possessions and organizes a neighborhood watch to prove his innocents.

  • Trash Talk / Nerves of Steal
  • 5/19/12

    Swap Meet: Kick lost his mothers anniversary present at a swap meet and must track it down before it's sold.

    Bee Awesome: Kick is recruited for the school spelling bee when Kendell gets food poisoning, and the Principal helps him prepare in through unusual training methods.

  • Swap Meet / Bee Awesome
  • Jock Wilder's Nature Camp / Poll Position

    Jock Wilder's Nature Camp: Kick and Gunther go to nature camp and are paired up with two different counselors. While Gunther gets Jock Wilder, Kick is stuck with his overly cautious brother Larry Wilder.

    Poll Position: To stop Kendell from winning a class election Kick gets Wacky Jacky elected instead, but soon discovers it was a mistake.

  • Poll Position / Jock Wilders Nature Camp
  • Sleepy River Wild / Power Play

    Sleepy River Wild: Kick agrees to go with Gunther to "sleepy river" water park, and when Gunther falls asleep Kick looks for some adventure, but gets more then he bargained for.

    Power Play: Kick must protect Ronaldo from danger until the school play of Romeo and Juliet or he will have to take has place.

  • Sleepy River Wild / Power Play
  • Free Gunther / Attic-a

    Free Gunther: Gunther becomes grounded and kick want to break him out.


  • A Cousin Kyle Christmas: Kick must find a Christmas present for his cousin Kyle in a snowstorm. Snow Problem: Kick must find a way to recuse his family when they are trapped by an avalanche.

  • K-Nein / Bromance
    K-Nein / Bromance
    Episode 16
  • Sister Pact / Shh!
    Episode 15

    Sister Pact: When Kick can't keep a promise to Brianna to get into a girls club he must find a way to get her in to earn her trust back. Shh!: Kick tries to catch a escaped animal in the liberty before the Liberian catches him.

  • 10/29/11

    Brad's Room: When Kick's room is destroyed he and Brad must find a way to live with each other until there dad can fix it. Dude, Where's My Wade?: A health comes to the Food n' Fix to inspect it, but when Wade goes missing it's up to Kick and Gunther to find him.

  • Dead Man's Roller Coaster: Kick and Gunther find an abandoned amusement park, unaware that it may be haunted. Kick or Treat: Kick and Gunther tries to trick-or-treat at a creepy old mansion to prove it's not haunted.

  • 10/15/11

    Sleepover: Kick and Gunther fight Brianna during a sleepover for control of the living room. You've Been Brad'd: When Kick tries to do an impossible stunt Brads nonstop pranks get in the way.

  • 9/23/11

    Gym Dandy - When dodgeball gets banned at school, Kick tries out for the school's sports team but runs into trouble with Couch Sternbeck and her rules. Detained - A new vice principal comes out of retirement and serves Kick and his friends with detention.

  • 8/6/11

    Kyle 2.0 - To get tickets Dirt Bike Mike's Demo-Cross, Kick has to stick close to his cousin Kyle. Kart to Kart - Kick wants to go too "Go-Go-Go-Kart World," Mellowbrook's go-kart track owned by former champion racer Eddie Clutch, but Gordie Gibble buys the track and bans the Buttowskis.

  • 7/25/11

    Pool Daze - During a heat wave,kick and Gunther head to the local pool to cool off, but when Brad keep them and the other kids in the kidde pool it's up to Kick to lead them in a battle for freedom and fun. Live-In Wade - When Wade is kicked out of his basement kick invites him to live with the Buttowskis. But Kick soon finds out that Wade isn't the best house guest.

  • 7/16/11

    Hand in Hand - Kick and Kendall's hands get stuck together with cave sap and now must race to get the solvent at Ronaldo's lab without anyone seeing them. Luigi Vendetta - Sick of Brad's bullying, Kick seeks the help of Luigi Vendetta, who promises to "take care" of Brad for good.

  • Stumped Again - Kick must choose between being with his idol in a monster truck show or helping Gunther with a coming-of-age ritual. The Kick Stays in the Picture - Kick asks for Jacky's help to become the new face of a skateboard company.

  • Faceplant! / Sold!
    Episode 6

    Faceplant! - Kick competes on a games show to win $50,000, but when he keeps losing he turns to an unlikely rival for help. Sold! - Kick auctions himself to raise money to replace Gunther's prized clock.

  • Truth or Daredevil
    Episode 5
    Kick cleans out his grandfathers garage and discovers that he was a military spy. In a flashback Kick becomes his young Grandfather and sets out to take down a dictator.
  • 5/21/11

    Switching Gears - Kicks bike is destroyed right before the big annual BMX rodeo so he decides to use an untamable bike known as Mustang Menace. Garage Banned - Brad forms a band to meet girls, but when they hog the garage Kick forms a band of his own to get it back.

  • Clean ... to the Extreme - Kick accidentally breaks Gunther's Dad's Foosball table and has to do multiple favors to replace it before Gunther's Dad and his friends get home. Stand and Delivery - Kick becomes the new delivery boy at Battlesnax, but an unknown foe known as "The Dark One" is out to destroy Kicks perfect delivery record.

  • 5/7/11

    Kickin' Genes - When Kick finds out that his mom was a famous speedboat racer, he asks for her help in an upcoming stunt. But soon starts to feel overshadowed by her rising fame. Clothes Call - Kick is dragged into clothes shopping with his mother.

  • Say Cheese; A Very Buttowski Mother's Day
    When a Buttowski sibling feud destroys a precious family heirloom, the kids must bound together to replace the heirloom, or risk disappointing their mother. Meanwhile, Brad and Kick take part in a bitter cooking competition to see who can impress their mother. However, the game changes when Harold enters the competition too.moreless
  • 4/30/11

    Mow Money - Kick and Gunther fight over the last ticket is see their her, Rock Callahan, live on stage. Love Stinks! - When Brad gets a new girlfriend Kick enjoys his new nicer persona, but soon finds out that she is just using him for a cheer leading stunt.