Kick - Season 1

SBS One (ended 2007)


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  • Kick Start
    Kick Start
    Episode 101
    Broke and unemployed, performer/singer Miki takes refuge with her parents, Takis and Dora, on working-class Hope Street.

    Wannabe entrepreneur, Hoa, is planning a karaoke spectacular.

    Uni student Layla fences against Jackie and it’s love at first sight even though Layla is engaged.

    Teenagers Tatiana and Taghred try to enlist Ozzie’s help in getting to the soccer trials.

    Finally, after the police visit Miki’s house, her no-nonsense mother, Dora, forces Miki to apply for a ‘real job’ as a receptionist with the local GP, - conservative, 30-something Joe.

    Neither Joe nor Miki seriously think Miki can do the job but there’s a spark between them and she gets the job.
  • Issi, Ozzie, Oi Oi Oi!
    Miki agrees to go to Europe with Nico. Meanwhile, Joe and Jan put their house up for sale.
  • Crunch Time
    Crunch Time
    Episode 12
    Niki is offered a stand-up gig in Greece, and Joe is offered his dream job at a hospital in the city. However, neither of them want to commit, with their unspoken love for one another.
  • Get Up, Stand Up
    Get Up, Stand Up
    Episode 11
    Nico scores a standup-gig for Miki at a trendy club. Unfortunately, when Joe shows up at her show, he's stunned to find out that most of her schtick is about him.
  • While The Cat's Away
    Miki and Joe become closer than ever after a misunderstanding over professional conduct.
  • Baby, Believe Me!
    Baby, Believe Me!
    Episode 9
    Dora hears wedding bells when she believes that Miki is pregnant from Nico.
  • Playing With Fire
    Playing With Fire
    Episode 8
    When Miki realises she is pregnant from Joe's brother, Ravi, she starts to freak out.
  • And The Singer Is...
    Miki has convinced Joe that she no longer holds on to her showbiz aspirations. However, when the singer from the band at the Hoperoos benefit dance drops out, Miki starts to panic.
  • Love The One You're With
    Joe is irked and slightly jealous when Miki starts going out with his younger brother, Ravi.
  • Get It While You Can
    Miki sets up a date with Nico, in order to prove to Joe that she has an active sex life. To retaliate, Joe arranges an evening out with Jan. Meanwhile, Hoa ignores Lien and Suong's warnings about his business partnership with Amen, and Tatiana rebels when she's undemocratically appointed captain of the Hoperoos. Elsewhere, Layla and Jackie are frustrated in their attempts to be alone together, and Ozzie is arrested on an underage driving charge. Miki pretends to Joe that she and Nico enjoyed a night of passion, and Joe, whose sex life with Jan is non-existent, is very jealous.moreless
  • Attitude
    Episode 4
    After lashing out at the casting director, Miki becomes the attraction of suave Nico who has fallen for her fiery attitude. Tatiana, meanwhile, is dissuaded from being in The Dead Fish after hearing their taste in music, and Osama is determined to return her to soccer. Layla is torn between her fiancé, Sharif, and Jackie. Drunken Jana puts Hoa's plans of recovering an abandoned restaurant in jeopardy.moreless
  • I Feel A Tingle
    I Feel A Tingle
    Episode 3
    Miki has an audition for a part in a movie, but her boss and next-door neighbour's football team hopes smash her chances at the audition. Meanwhile, Hoa is determined to show off new young chef Jana, while Tatiana lands a gig in a band, putting her soccer dreams on hold. Layla learns to fit in with Jackie, but will it all become too much for her?moreless
  • You Can't Stop the Music
    Miki's eccentricities prompt Dr Joe to replace her as receptionist, but soon Joe will see his huge mistake. On the teenage front, Tatiana rejects the offer to join a real football team because of the coach's racist comments. As revenge, Tatiana builds her own rival football team. As night descends, Hoa's karaoke party gets a visit from the police and Layla can't face Jackie.moreless