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  • Stupid and unreasonable...

    ...I'll give you a report of what I've seen in the episode:A total dumb ass gets his entire room packed up and sent to an apartment and he finds he's ben "KICKED OUT!".Before he goes to his apartment,they steal all of his money and his cell phone (yet for some reason give him $1500.00 dollars which can very well be a TON more then he had...).

    He must learn with no lead how to buy the right furniture (he buys a two person bed because he aparently plans to sleep with someone),cook his own meals (they don't care if he burns down his appartment and dies),and get a job.Later that night his parrents throw a party to express how happy they are that he's gone while he gets to watch...yeah,it's basically a big flashy way to say "We hate you!".

    And it's all with no warning!He never saw this coming!My god!This is stupid!Kicked out is a cruel cruel show that teaches leeching teens how to live on there own the same way a mother sparrow shows its babies how to fly...tossing them over the edge and hopes it gets the right idea...
  • Same appeal as a traffic accident. You know you shouldn't be curious but you are.

    I'm chagrined to admit that I watched these. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a mindless 15 minutes and what with commercial advance and fast forward that's about all this is.

    I'm surprised at the beginning of every episode that there really are such lazy mindless slobs being raised in so many households. I grew up in a farming area where even the kids were expected to work and seeing that some kids today are raised this way is fascinating like a traffic accident.

    What really should happen though is that most of these parents should be indicted. How could they have let their kids get to their 20's without making sure that they were at least somewhat prepared for life?

    I think that the Kicked Out! approach is at best a quick fix way to solve their problem but its really no solution at all. What's worse is that the parents don't have enough shame about this. Can you imagine allowing yourself (and what has gotta be one of your life's greatest failures) to be televised nationally?

    This show would be superficial and silly if it weren't so pathetic (in the true sense of the word) How can these people have raise kids like this and how are they willing to admit it on TV?
  • I still call this continue to spoling. Oh, honey here is the key for your new appartment, here is the money for goodwill shopping, here is your new job. Are you seriouse ??? When I was in my 20th, I had to make it to another western country b

    I still call this continue to spoling. Oh, honey here is the key for your new appartment, here is the money for goodwill shopping, here is your new job.
    Are you seriouse ??? When I was in my 20th, I had to make it to another western country by bus, walk, and car rides with $50 in my pocket and small bag pack without speaking english just a few words. Every morning I had to get up hungry and walk for 8 hours looking for a job, I couldn't even afford bus for months. I had no one who could give me suggestions or ideas. I had to take any job which would give me any cash to survive.
    So, this show just doesn't make any sence at all.
  • 2 minutes of my life wasted

    Why? That's all I really want to know. Why would someone want to make something like this? It's not sad or even funny. A guy still living at home having to be kicked out on network television. So why would you watch this? I thought i'd never say this but i will just this once. Give me some reality tv instead! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • kicked out is my life!

    One of the most amazing tv shows! i heart kicked out! whatever happened to it? i hope it's not gone for good. i'll be really sad. i heart STAR! she rocked my life! i got kicked out, but not like them! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hot! rock on everyone and peace! dmb rules!
  • Pathetic

    I only watch this show in hopes that the past few episodes just weren't the show's best. Unfortunately I found out that they are! It's rediculous. Some random kid gets tossed out of the house and they turn it into a freaking gameshow! Terrible. Of cours no matter how much they kick and scream and holler and look like they're about to fail, they pull it together at the very last moment and win. That gets very boring. Like american Idol, the show looks good in the previews, but when you watch it, it's bad and you only watch to see the ones that fail, which their haven't been any yet.
  • Good concept, bad execution.

    The idea for this show wasn't bad, but the network didn't follow through with it. They set it up like one of those new game shows like Survivor. They should have just kicked the kids out, made them get jobs on their own, not helped them out with money or furniture or food. No apartment, no special assistance. If they had done it that way it would be more interesting and maybe would actually help some kids and their parents deal with their own similar situations.
    Instead, this show made a mockery of a potentially serious situation. It's just bad....