Kicked Out

ABC Family (ended 2005)


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  • Same appeal as a traffic accident. You know you shouldn't be curious but you are.

    I'm chagrined to admit that I watched these. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a mindless 15 minutes and what with commercial advance and fast forward that's about all this is.

    I'm surprised at the beginning of every episode that there really are such lazy mindless slobs being raised in so many households. I grew up in a farming area where even the kids were expected to work and seeing that some kids today are raised this way is fascinating like a traffic accident.

    What really should happen though is that most of these parents should be indicted. How could they have let their kids get to their 20's without making sure that they were at least somewhat prepared for life?

    I think that the Kicked Out! approach is at best a quick fix way to solve their problem but its really no solution at all. What's worse is that the parents don't have enough shame about this. Can you imagine allowing yourself (and what has gotta be one of your life's greatest failures) to be televised nationally?

    This show would be superficial and silly if it weren't so pathetic (in the true sense of the word) How can these people have raise kids like this and how are they willing to admit it on TV?