Kicked Out

ABC Family (ended 2005)


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  • Stupid and unreasonable...

    ...I'll give you a report of what I've seen in the episode:A total dumb ass gets his entire room packed up and sent to an apartment and he finds he's ben "KICKED OUT!".Before he goes to his apartment,they steal all of his money and his cell phone (yet for some reason give him $1500.00 dollars which can very well be a TON more then he had...).

    He must learn with no lead how to buy the right furniture (he buys a two person bed because he aparently plans to sleep with someone),cook his own meals (they don't care if he burns down his appartment and dies),and get a job.Later that night his parrents throw a party to express how happy they are that he's gone while he gets to watch...yeah,it's basically a big flashy way to say "We hate you!".

    And it's all with no warning!He never saw this coming!My god!This is stupid!Kicked out is a cruel cruel show that teaches leeching teens how to live on there own the same way a mother sparrow shows its babies how to fly...tossing them over the edge and hopes it gets the right idea...
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