Kickin' It

Season 1 Episode 3

Dummy Dancing

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 15, 2011 on Disney XD

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  • Don't Agree With The Other Fellow Reviewer... This Episode Should Drop Dead

    Here's what I assume is a perfect moral to teach your kids: whenever someone posts a video of you that is totally embarrassing on the Web, throw a temper tantrum so offensively stupid while screaming like Fred Figglehorn that it will automatically make people laugh and feel content. No. Just take that moral and shove it in the hole where brown, vomit-inducing waste gets released. That is a only applicable to stupid brainwashed children who want to feel inspired by Truman (Reed Alexander), the guy who I am referring to, after watching it.

    Sorry for putting that into graphic detail, but, I don't think I need to talk about how bad and illiterate this episode is, because I fear that children will become so invested in this terrible show that it will make them unprepared for society. It will also have an affect on anyone who finds it remotely decent, unless they have a respectable opinion. If you like shock value in your children's sitcoms, just consider this episode the highlight of your personality and character. Don't take it for me, a guy who enjoys sitcoms that are actually funny and don't try to bash you over the head with drama.
  • Oh gosh, this episode was just drop dead hilarious!!!!!!!!

    I thought this was a perfect episode of Regular Show, although I wouldn't say that Fat Chance was better, because Fat Chance was better but this episode was just drop dead hilarious. OK there have been pranks going on at the school, but the Wasbi Warriors think its Truman, a mean kid does it but it was really Eddie. But Truman made him do it because he's got footage of him dancing. The part when we found out that Eddie was doing the pranks was so shocking that my jaw dropped to the floor, I did not see that coming. /the funny parts was the video of Eddie dancing, Jerry's hair turning hair pink, Those parts were between drop dead hilarious and funny. Now the drop dead hilarious parts were when Milton ran into a moon project and said "The moon is no longer wedged into the dark side." Or something like that. Truman throwing a tantrum when he found that the Wasabi Warriors got the video, and Jerry talking to the dog at the end. And the subplot was drop dead hilarious. Now I'm not gonna give you guys the funny parts, because there are so many. Now the scene with Jack getting passed the lasers was probably the edge of yuor seat moment. Overall 10/10.
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