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Writers off the storyline?

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    In S2 Ep 22 "Kickin' It ON Our Own" The Sensei of the Black Dragons takes Jack & Kim's blackbelts because he say tjat he does not view Rudy as a real Sensei. Was not Jack already a blackbelt beofre he came to town? And did not KIm get her blackbelt under the Black Dragons' Sensei? Also can one Sensei remove the belts given by another Sensei?

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    1) Yes Jack was

    2) Yes KIm did

    3) IDK
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    Keeping track of previous plot lines has never been one the strengths of the writers on "Kickin It." There have been quite a few situations where plots and dialogue in one episode don't fit with dialogue from another episode. I believe that the writers either don't think their audience would notice or that they won't care about the inconsistencies. Rudy has signed a baby for the first time - twice. The episode where Rudy takes the job with his uncle ended with Jack and Kim skipping practice to go on their first date. Than recently, I saw another episode end with Jack and Kim going on their first date. I have to believe that someone noticed the inconsistencies but simply decided not to fix it.

    I think the series has reached the point where the jokes and plots that were funny when the characters were younger don't ring true now. The actors are obviously older and more mature but sadly, the story lines don't reflect that. I recently caught part of an episode that revolved duck poop. I have to believe that the DisneyXD target audience (age 6-14) can handle stories a bit more sophisticated than that.

    Based on the Twitter posts of the cast recently as they wrapped season 3, I doubt there will be a season 4. Olivia Holt has moved on to another series. The young people in this series are very talented actors. It might be good for the rest to move on to other more challenging projects.

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