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  • How are people ok with this???

    So I stumbled upon this show by accident while babysitting kids. After watching two episodes I was actually so upset I made this account just to write a review. I honestly don't know what else to do.

    First off, the show is about karate and there are ZERO Asian main characters?

    Secondly, the owner of the dojo is a middle age white man in yellowface (which i would have less of a problem with if they at least had one non-racist Asian character to offset the stereotype)

    Third, the shop owner next to them (Falafel Phil) is also an extremely racist depiction of a central Asian man who's from "hachmakistan" and there are no other characters from Central Asia

    Fourth, the one proclaimed "smart" kid on the show is stereotyped as being weak and socially awkward. I have been personally made fun of for being a "nerd" and it's stereotypes like this that make kids think it is ok. Also in the two episodes I watched the teens AND adults made numerous condescending jokes about nerds making it seem like hurtful comments like these are somehow ok.

    I know this isn't the only show that does this, I just felt like this one had a lot of factors combined. All I can say is that I was very disapointed in Disney after watching this show. Please do not support this show or let your children watch it!
  • best show ever

    I know a lot of people don't write about kickin it these days but I'm gonna change I found kickin it on Netflix and my eyes were glued to the screen I mean when I thought I couldn't find a better show on Netflix I found kickin it and I am so glad I did.
  • It was good

    I liked Kickin' It when it had Eddie, Jerry and Kim in it but now they are gone and its getting boring, i think that Olivia Holt made the show good since she was the only girl but when she left to go on I Didnt Do It kickin'it started losing viewing but I Didnt Do It is better anyway i think so i dont really mind. I dont really watch it any more
  • Well..

    The show was good but could have been even more on karate, they do others stuff that has nothing to do with the topic and then end up fighting people with Karate. What the heck???
  • keepin it up

    Kickin it is a really good show it has good jokes lots of action and fighting which i like it stinks they got rid of Eddie he was my favorite character i don't know why they got rid of Eddie and, with Eddie the show was classic then everyone grew up and they got rid of Olivia Holt i hope she comes back And keep this show up to air.
  • kickin`it

    kickin`it Is a really good show but it sucked that they got rid of eddie its better when its original then Olivia holt leaves but I belive she comes back because the last episode of kickin`it she was still there but im really sad they ended a great show like kickin`it and also I have the same last name as jerry ARIAS I have great moves my self lol






  • kickin'it season 3 should be called ain't cuttin'it with out Eddie and Bobbie

    I've seen all of season one and two at least 4 times each; having a family of 5 with young kids, who love this show, the writing and all the characters. Genius.

    We were all so happy to to see season 3 on Netflix until we watched the title and Eddie was gone and no Bobbie? Big bummer, big double bummer. Although I think there's one episode with Bobbie?

    The show only works with the whole group, including the writers.

    One of our favorite shows by far. I wish the whole gang was back together churning out great episodes again. We miss you Eddie!!
  • use to be better

    i thought this show started off really good , but now its getting worse , they ruined jacks character of being the guy who can take out any one, theirs hardly any more fighting now without olivia holt, im very disappointed , they could atleast use another girl to fill in
  • USED to be a good show

    This show started out so great, but after season one, it went downhill. But it REALLY STARTED TO SUCK after "Spyfall" then it OFFICIALLY SUCKED after "Return of Spyfall" and "Wasabi Forever". Now the show's gotten obessed with goverment spies. NOW I JUST WANT THE SHOW TO END!!!
  • I never really understood this show

    The plot is too hard to follow. The actors are bad. Enough said.
  • best show ever (for now)

    once they take Olivia holt off nobody is gonna watch the show
  • Terrible show

    This show is terrible


    Jack: annoying Mary sue that is super great at karate, everything good happens to him. the whole entire world revolves around him.

    Kim: token female/ obvious love interest

    Milton: stupid nerd (unnecessary character)

    Eddie: stupid fat kid who sucks at Karate. there is no point of this character other than to have a black character int the show. the characters didn't even care when he left. (They would if any other character did) I hate him.

    Jerry: Comic relief. He is funny at times

    Wasabi: old guy who tries to look young.
  • This show sucks big time!

    I hated this show. There is rarley any funny moments, the settings felt unbelivable and cheap and the plot is just too confusing for me to handle.
  • Not the best but not the worst

    It was good in the beginning except some episodes,this show has some problems. the way they meet jack he crashes through the wall in the dojo in reality he'd be in juvy for vandalism.

    also how they beat up adults (who looked way tougher then all of them) in the fish episode.

    Eddie was kind of a useless character didnt have much going for him he was kinda the kid to show off disney's racial diversity and he was fired after season 2

    Oh yeah Kims leaving after season 3 so basiacally the show is gonna fall out by itself

  • Best Show

    Watch this Earles (Rudy) Is one of the most Hillarious actors and figured out what a haircut was after Hannah Montana. Leo Howard (Jack) Is a Great Actor Too. Funny and is the best in the dojo

    Olivia Holt (Kim) Is the 2nd best who is a black belt and ends up dating Jack in like June.

    Milton The Nerdy One That can be funny at times and is the worst in the dojo

    And Mateo Arias (Jerry) The funny "Cool Dude" That knows spanish yet failed his spanish test.

    Alex C. Jones (Eddie) Got Fired after 2nd season

    Watch this show i give at a 10000 out of 10
  • Dissapointment

    I thought at the beggining that this would be decent then about a month into the series it took a fall and never recovered.

    Disney XD's BEST SHOW EVER!
  • Suggetion

    I think Somebody insane one if the greats of karate should be in an episode i think CHUCK NORRIS
  • this show sucks

    and of course Jason Earles seems more mature than the rest of them. Everyone else is a teenybopper and that guy is almost 40 years old and he does ***ing look it. someone like Leo DiCaprio who still looked like he was 15 well into his 30s could have pulled this off but Earles is showing his age even while he is pretending to be a teen and perving around the high school kids.

    if they were good actors it wouldn't matter much but they are all part of the new school of Disney acting that includes Miley Cyrus and Raven where emoting is replaced by yells and screams and comedy is replaced by emulating dumber and dumberer.
  • Only Saw A Few Episodes, And Honestly, That's All That's Required For Me

    The only good thing in this show is that I do enjoy Jason Earles as an actor. He was probably the only good thing about Hannah Montana, and in this show, his role is much more mature than when he was playing Jackson Stewart. Other than that, this show runs across the typical team cliches and predictable and unfunny Disney sitcom formula. We have the rebellious hero, the fat kid (who is black, which I will give slight credit), the gay basket-case, the Lola Bunny-esque female, and the idiot nerd guy. Let me just talk about the nerd guy for a minute. Milton is one of the worst nerdy characters I have ever seen. He's portrayed by a terrible actor whom looks very similar to Lucas Cruikshank, and is just disgusting as hell. I don't know why Disney XD made the decision to put this actor in the main cast. They should've put someone else in there, but honestly, if a show if this inept, I don't see the point. Also, I caught an episode that really pissed me off. Its the episode entitled "Dummy Dancing" and I will probably have a review posted of it soon enough. Sorry to be on a tangent, but that's what happens when you talk about a show that is this inept in quality. Kicking It should be kicked right in the crotch.
  • Funny and not just for kids!

    While I have to admit that not every episode is a "home run," the vast majority are entertaining. Disney XD is supposed to be targeting boys 6-14. However, the writers will frequently sneak in one or two funny bits that the kids won't get but their parents will laugh at. The "Kung Fu Cop" episode was full of references to the 70's that I'm sure floated right above some younger viewers. That episode was hilarious! The karate stuff is the best you'll find on television (broadcast or cable). There's chemistry between the characters and they seem to fit well together in the plot. The writing is good. However, even the kids will pick up some of the patterns that have developed. You can be a bad guy or make a mistake as long as you were there when you were needed or you did the right thing at the end, etc. I also didn't understand the purpose behind the confrontation between the characters Jack and Milton on the beach including Jack physically threatening to do something with Milton's monocle. SOOO out of character. I'd also suggest that the writers keep track of events. Rudy mentions in the episode where he is inducted into the Seaford High Hall of Fame that he signed his first baby. However, he tells us that he autographed his first baby in the episode where he confronts the wrestler. Even the younger kids watching the show can pick up on that inconsistency. The show is full of talented young actors in funny situations. Keep up the good work. . Give Jerry a few more IQ points. Mateo is good but being that stupid gets old.

    Update: I was sorry to see that in addition to Jerry not being very smart, we see he's not very loyal either. In the episode where Jack and Jerry get jobs at the shoe store, they agree that they'll only work there if both are hired. We see Jack stick to the agreement and the result is Jerry is hired as well. However, when the manager fires Jack and promotes Jerry, he simply celebrates his promotion. Later, he explains how he stayed because "for once I got something you Jack summed up Jerry by saying "you're He really summed it up correctly. Jerry is dumb enough to allow the robbers in to the store for the dumbest reason but some how was smart enough to figure out the manager was behind the thief. The show has lots of talented actors in desperate need of better scripts. I know that the show is supposed to be geared towards younger viewers but even eight year olds aren't that stupid. I've noticed lately that Disney XD press releases regarding ratings haven't mentioned this show. While the announcement about the 2nd season renewal was announced early in September last year, there has been no announcement about a 3rd season.

    Update April 2013. I was hoping that the characters would develop and evolve in Season 3. Not going to happen. We actually have Jack "sharing" deodorant with Jerry by rubbing their armpits together. Really Jack, really?!? And let's have him fight a little baby to show him "there are And let's have him LOSE! I think it's time to find some new writers. The target audience is young, not stupid. I'm guessing that someone decided that season 3 will be the last and we're not really worried about quality story lines. I would think we could come up with better stories. The cast is talented. Let's give them some decent scripts.
  • It's not bad but...

    The chracters are too annoying and try too hard at being funny.The episodes used to be epic and I adored it until after the episode Road to wassabi it got kinda old and boring so now they keep using same stories and plots over and over again and it's sorta getting old now.The only thing I like about the show is that it's different to what people have been coming up with lately.lately everyone has been making shows that are all about people being famous and they have a stupid sidekick and 2 or 3 other people supporting them but this doesn't have that cuz it focuses on karate which was mainly the reason I watched it.this show needs better writers but keep the good work.
  • Love this show!!!!

    I am a mom and love watching this show with my kids. My little girl is in love with Jack. I have to say some episodes are funnier than others but on the whole we laugh non stop.
  • Great show

    Dissagree with me all you want but this show is the best and more funny
  • This is an awesome show on Disney XD, but it has some problems.

    I think this is a subperb show on Disney XD. I mean its not a 10 is because there were 2 bad episodes in this show. Now this isn't that best show on Disney XD. I'm in the band is still the #1 best Disney XD show,but sadly it ended :( Now there are no annoying characters in this show. MY favorite character would have to be Rudy. He's Jason Earles and he was Jackson Stewart on Hannah Montana. And he just absolutly hilarious in this show. Now i so this show aired on Disney Channel. Now it has aired on Disney channel but not that long. Now i like the martail arts in this show. I love karate shows and movies so this why i like the show more. So I think the theme of this show is absolutly awesome!!! Overall 9/10.
  • Feh, regular teen humor.


    Well, although I like this series more than anything else on Disney right now, this show is kind of annoying okay, let's evaluate it step by step:

    Characters: B

    Jack: Jack is the main character, an expert in Karate (I'm seriously impressed by the choreography). I like him, except his voice dub, here in Latin America he sounds like an 8-year-old kid, but that's not the point. A

    Milton: He's cute. The nerdy, skinny guy of the gang. Nothing to say. A

    Jerry: He's annoying. Point. I hate him, totally, for a 15-year-old, he's too stupid. Also, as a Mexican, I find his cultural references humiliating and annoying. C-

    Eddie: Okay, at first I thought he was the "Cory in the House" guy, hahaha. He's... okay. He acts like a 10-year-old, but he's fine. I just think it's bad to put the black guy as the idiot. Just saying. B+

    Rudy: I kinda hate him. He's annoying, personally, he looks like a 30-year-old child molester. His humor is irritating and childish. C

    Plot: C

    Don't have anything to say about it. It's cool. One of the best ideas Disney has had in years. Renovating. Well, the plot is okay, but the script, I hate it. The character's dialogues are completely annoying, a common factor on every Disney series, and more particularly from "It's a laugh" productions. And still, the laugh track, it must go on at everything they say. Everything! So:

    Series: A Production: C- Laugh Track: F

    Show's Total: B+ Fine.

  • "Kickin' It" can possibly be Disney XD's new hit comedy show

    Most of the shows on Disney XD aren't that great... I mean, they're not bad but they just aren't enjoyable enough. The most Disney XD shows I've ever seen is "I'm In The Band" and this new Disney XD comedy show "Kickin' It". Jason Earles (who had the role of Jackson Stewart in "Hannah Montana") is now in this show and he still brings the same humor that he brought in "Hannah Montana". All of the characters in this show are very likeable and aren't annoying at all which makes me enjoy this show more. I wasn't so sure about Disney XD having a comedy show about karate when I saw the promo but Disney XD may pull it off with the comedy show "Kickin' It". This is the funniest show I've ever seen on Disney XD (right next to "I'm In The Band). The stars in this show are Leo Howard (Jack), Dylan Riley Snyder (Milton), Mateo Arias (Jerry), Olivia Holt (Kim), Alex Christian Jones (Eddie), and Jason Earles (Rudy). The episodes that have aired so far have made me laugh so hard. Like I said, I think Disney XD can actually have a hit comedy show called "Kickin It". This show is very funny, has enjoyable storylines, and have no annoying characters. Overall, you have to give this show a chance... trust me, it's not as bad as you might have expected and it's now my favorite Disney XD show (right next to "I'm In The Band"). 10/10

    This show is great. While it does still have the lame popculture refences and sort of kiddish writing that plauges its couterparts like Shake It Up, its still great and enetaining show. The popculture is few and far between and never cheapens the experince unlike other shows of its caliber. This show made me get into the Disney sitcoms again.

    The actors are a godsend. There not perfect but they deliver there lines way better than most child actors could. And Jason erals is by far the best. He was execllent on Hannah and he does not slow down here. I do wish he was more of the main focus.

    The karate is great. I am no expert but the choreography is amazing for TV buget. This show has a few negatives.

    The character that runs the reptile shop is written poorly and needs a better dynamic with earls. He just comes off as an annoying prick.

    And it still has alot of pandering to kids but still its a show for kids I actauly like to watch after Hannah.

    I really wish this show got more noterity than it does. Hope it won't end like Corey in The House
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