Kid Nation

Season 1 Episode 4

Bless Us and Keep Us Safe

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2007 on CBS

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  • Our future behold.

    I never write to forums often, but I wanted to voice my opinion on episode 104, how it relates to the problems in our world today and how it will continue to cause problems for generations. Its amazing to see the majority of society still involved in teaching children how to stay close minded and show no respect the other human beings of the world. Religion is a tool that teaches children how to break into groups for acceptance in the world and makes them feel they dominate the people without the same beliefs. It was sad to see this display of hate and anger towards other religions and beliefs at such a young age. If we just would sit back and quit trying to make negative drama for ourselves we could use that time to focus on fixing our economy, education system, medical care support, alternative fuel and energy, and many other things. I hope you parents take a minute out there look outside the box and give your children the capabilities of perceiving all, not just trying to be the best at football or a beauty pageant. We need change and it starts at home. Don't let TV raise your kids.
  • kids argue about religion...

    Well, this episode was mainly about religion. It was interesting to see how the council dealt with religion. I didn't think it was a good idea to try to place all of the religious ceremonies into one. They're kids, they'll get offended and they'll think they're beliefs are right and they might even become rude. Also, it's inpractical to have a Hindu trying to worship his way while Christians are trying to worship their way at the same place and the same time. I like how the girl (I forgot her name) got everyone together for a prayer and they all were tolerant and accepting. That was beautiful. It almost seems we need to take a hint from these kids. They can live together with different religions and not fight. Meanwhile, Taylor is being lazy again and everyone is getting mad at her. I think she should be impeached. Overall, entertaining episode and another great installment of Kid Nation.
  • it was okay

    I did not like this episode to much as the ones before it. The kids bringing religion into the town of Bonanza was not the best idea because religion is what starts a lot of the wars in the world. In the end the kids who are religious were able to pray together i thought that was a big accomplishment for the kids. In the show down blue got upper class for the third time, red got merchants and yellow and green had another fight for cooks but yellow finished the challenge first so they were cooks and green was declared laborers for the third week. The show down was building a puzzle. The kids also completed the show down in less in 30 minutes so they got the choice of either holy books or a miniature golf course in the town. This time the council decided to let the kids vote for the one they wanted since the last couple times the kids weren't to happy about there choices and the majority of the kids voted for the holy books. At the end of the show when asked if anybody wanted to go home Cody wanted to go home, so he got to go home, and then there were 38. Also in the town council meeting Taylor acted like the a queen and the council gave the $20,000 gold star to Morgan.
  • Kids chose between miniture golf course and religious books.

    Kids chose between miniture golf course and religious books. This is really the only part I saw of this one (there were a few other bits but I totally forgotten them) Anyway, the kids faces lit up like it was Christmas morning when the wooden fence dropped to reveal the miniture golf course. But when the set of religious books was unveiled, a few of them seemed happy, but most of the kids looked like a kid who opened up a package of underwear and socks on Christmas morning.

    It was clear these kids were manipulated into chosing the the books because without them, all you would have seen is kids playing miniature golf! The book they read from and the host is clearly forcing these kids to make decisions they would not otherwise make. I suspect several of the kids are in cahoots with the producers, steering the agenda. This show isnt about kids on their own building a society - its about kids being manipulated by adults so they can sell advertising.

    The ratings continue their slow steady decline. It wont be long before KID NATION joins PIRATE MASTER in the graveyard of failed 2007 reality shows. Watching even 5 minutes of this was a very painful experience. I might be able to watch 3 minutes, at most, next week during a commercial break for Pushing Daisies, provided CBS doesnt pull KID NATION by then. Any more and my eyes may start to bleed.
  • Breeding alcoholics one child at a time...

    So Bonanza City has to decide how to worship and the citizens of the city have to continue to work together to create a better town. Nothing, of course, goes as expected. First, I myself had some issues with the religious aspect. I understood 100% the motive behind coming together and learning of the different religions. I also understood the sentiment behind simply praying together. I'm glad that they made it a bit less formal and allowed volunteers to come. I'm also happy they chose the religious texts. However, though I was raised Roman Catholic, I am now, as an adult, undefined (I suppose Athiest/Agnostic would be appropriate). I would not feel comfortable attending if "God" was used. I would, however, be ok with inspirational readings, etc. So, that being said, it was difficult to watch the kids being so divided and not open to LEARNING about the different religions and coming together for inspiration. As long as they could leave when specific prayers came about, all would be fine. Secondly, Corey was the cutest thing. I teach 7th and 8th graders and I witness their dramas on a daily basis. However, to watch this 10 year old act out, not only because of his longing for his parents but for his girlfriend...I was in shock, in awe. He reminded me of Corey and Topanga from Boy Meets World. The two most disturbing parts came one, with the increasingly annoying Taylor effect, and second, with the "shots" and use of the saloon to wallow away. One can only tell that she is indeed a spoiled young girl. She has no life experience to prepare her for this. She's lazy and literally acts like a pageant queen. I cannot wait for her dethronement. Her behavior sets a terrible example for others. Second, I don't like the influence the saloon has had on them. She's taking shots!?! And so did Corey when he was depressed about his girlfriend! What kind of message does that send? Drinking is not only cool but it's also great for self-medication. I know it's just root beer and I'm sure I'm overreacting. Still, it's just...well...a depressing wakeup call to the rest of society. Anyway, it sounds negative but the show was average, fine, funny at times even. Kudos to the "mother" of the group for winning her gold star. It was well-deserved.
  • Some kids are trying hard while others are still just being lazy.

    So I thought that by now the kids would get the idea that this town is only going to work if everyone helps out. And some of them have while others (mostly the yellow district) still act like they are on some kind of vacation. Taylor is really starting to get on my nerves. The other kids really need to dethrone her. She's acting more like a dictator than a leader. Hopefully next weeks elections show her that she isn't well liked. And if she says Deal with it one more time I'm going to scream.

    Morgan, Michael and Zach are probably still my favortie kids. They are so helpful and caring. I loved when Zach stood up to Taylor during the town council meeting. Morgan revcieved the gold star this episode and I think she deserved it. She brought most of the kids together to whorship in their own unique way.

    Standings after this episodes show down
    Blue district - upper class
    Red district - merchants
    Yellow district - cooks
    Green district - laborers

    And they won the reward. The kids pick the set of Holy books instead of a mini golf course.
  • Several surprises for me on this episode. The kids loved doing shots with root beer. Taylor was the first I saw doing it. She was herself with fewer people around her this time. I hope the elections next episode will be enlightening.

    Religion is a huge influence on society as we see with these kids. I somewhat frowned upon the host when he brought up condemnation with the books of faith being absent. I honestly believed that the children would take the golf set. They actually seemed well adjusted until faith was brought up. I also was surprised with one kid (Cody?) leaving. I believe he was the one who had a letter from a girl and got homesick. Morgan supports the people around her and is a positive person, but I only had her in the peripherals being a leader. I went for Zach, since the camera was all over the guy.
  • Well...

    Pushing religion on little kids didn't seem good to me at all. I personally thought that everyone should split up according to religion to prevent chaos, but as you saw not the best partnership when it came to religion besides the group prayer at night. Taylor is getting rather annoying and demanding so I wish she would just leave since she tends to be the source of chaos and has from the first episode. Also as a note for Taylor it's not that nobody likes your food it's just that you either make way too little and obviously never clean any of the dishes. Lazy...
  • A lot of the kids are really starting to shine, but they are outdone by the lazy arrogant Taylor.

    If this was Survivor like, she would have been gone a week ago. The only good thing is next week they have elections, and Taylor might finally get a reality lesson. The kids are really great, they are learning valuable lessons in life, except for one person who feels she does not have to be a part of the crowd because she is a princess and the world revolves around her.
    Please, I hope the kids not only get her out of power but treat her the way she treated them when she falls from power. She will put on the waterworks, but this kid needs a reality check, and so do her parents for letting her get away with this in life.
    If I was a betting person this review will get someone who disagrees with it, either a member of Taylors family or someone without the backbone to post a review to show me and others the error in our thinking.
    Just as I suspected, someone without the guts to post a review hides behind the fact they disagree with my review.
    If my daughter behaved like Taylor, she would not get out of the house except for school until she learned respect for others, and she would get the message.
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